What do you think?

Update ** Wow – so much food for thought – I received over 100 comments on Facebook and almost 40 here within a few hours! There is a lot to think about around this waitlist issue. John and I are having some good chats about this and what it would look like for our business, our creativity and – really- our time.  Right now we are concentrating on getting the rest of these customs finished and will revisit this idea later. **

I feel sometimes as though I’m in the ‘teen years’ of this business – not really a one woman show anymore but I still have a business that can easily be derailed a few weeks if one of my kids gets sick. One of the ‘growing pains’ I’m having is doll availability. I know that getting a doll is hard – some say near impossible – I get emails daily from moms that are frustrated at the ‘process’ of trying to obtain a doll (some call it a sport) and I really and truly feel bad for them. The reality is we can only make so many and now that I’ve stopped taking customs the amount available will increase each week – but with more people vying for the dolls in February then before Christmas – I don’t think it’s going to get that much easier to get a doll.

So – this brings me to my question. What do you think of some kind of wait list? I would only allow the ‘basics’ for a doll to be selected (ie skin, hair and eye color and ,of course, if you want a boy or girl doll) and would perhaps allot several dolls a week to go to the people on ‘the list’. The wait may be year(s) (this is something I have no idea on how long it would be – depends on how many orders come through)  – you can’t be as specific as a custom order – but you may rest in knowing that by the time your one year old is 4 – she’ll may have  a doll. I also think as we grow (and by this I mean both kids in school full time – ohhh the time I’ll have then!) we may be able to make more dolls and go through the list easier. What do you think? Is this madness? I still don’t know how I’ll go about taking the information in an easy and organized fashion (do I give preference to families with no dolls?)- but I’ll figure that out…

Thanks for listening to my little ramble – this is so cool that I get to grow the business with so many of you around!







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  1. brooke Avatar

    I think this would be hard to make fair, no matter how good it sounds! And I don’t know about waiting 3 years for a doll! I think it is just fun trying to get a doll on download days… sometimes isn’t fair when someone who has a huge family of dolls gets one, and those with none come away disappointed. Maybe a waiting list for first timers? May seem unfair, but maybe sharing the beauty of Bamboletta to those who haven’t experienced it would be great? I know I am trying for my first, but I have given myself almost a year to get one! So I guess, I love the idea, but have no idea how to make it “fair”. Good luck!

    1. admin Avatar

      Giving priority to ‘First time families’ is a really important part of this whole thing. I’m specifically doing this so first timers have a chance at getting one 🙂 I don’t think there will be one way of doing this to make everyone happy. I would hope that the families with multiple dolls understand this.

  2. Karen Avatar

    Ah, a wait list would allow me to breathe a sigh of relief! But, I may have to take up a new sport! ha! I would surely love to be on a wait list… and be quite happy waiting. I’d still expect to see your new creations each week 🙂

    Please put me on that list as soon as I can get on it! You mamas rock and are an inspiration.

    BTW, I am almost done with ‘Valentina’ (my homemade waldorf I started last week) — I was just hand-stitching her lovely head of hair and cursing my sore fingertips.

  3. Michelle Morra Avatar
    Michelle Morra

    I think this is a really good idea. I got 2 dolls from you last summer and at that time it was fairly easy to get them. But now it is madness 🙂 I would really like a boy doll for my son but he is only 4 months old so I’m willing to wait a while. I know my girls would also love a baby doll but at the same time we are a “waldorfy” type of family and I really try to keep toys to a minimum and simple. Your dolls are all so beautiful and at times I’m tempted to get more but for now we are happy with *Piper* and Callista! All this to say I think the wait list is a good idea 🙂

  4. Jennifer Avatar

    Hi Christina,

    I appreciate so much that you are trying to think of new ways to accommodate your customers. I like the idea of a wait list, but it is still fun to see the dolls and try for them (frustrating, yes, but certainly an event to look forward to!) Could you find a way to have a wait list for semi-customs, regular weekly uploads, and maybe some random postings thrown in, too?

    Also — have you thought of a lottery system? Where each week, people have the option to put their name into a lottery system for the dolls and then a certain amount of numbers are randomly generated according to how many dolls are available, and then those mamas have the options to buy the dolls? I think this would make the system a little more “fair” because it’s random…

    I don’t know exactly how that would work, just brainstorming here…I just recall some vendors doing that for limited baby carriers on another forum.

    Thanks for all you do.


  5. Jennifer Martinez Avatar
    Jennifer Martinez

    Sounds like a great idea to me!

  6. CanCan Avatar

    The first timers lottery sounds good. 🙂
    You are amazing!

  7. Petra Avatar

    I’m waiting on the comments explosion 😀

    Seriously though you have to do what is easiest for you. If you could get a wait list of first time mommas and allot 5 slots a week to their requests and then dedicate the rest of the time to RTG dolls which anyone can go for. Then if a first time Momma gets a RTG doll before her custom is done she can be taken off the list. Of course the logistics is the hairy part. And the hope that everyone is honest about NOT having a doll. I’m not trying to be a negative nelly I just have worked both customer service and IT Support for too long and can be a terrible cynic. The other problem with this is you will make the list and even if you clearly state “We will contact you when your custom is about to be made”, you are going to get countless emails from people going “How much longer? How much longer? How much longer?” For this to work you would have to have one of your helpers dedicated to it because it will be a beast to look after. Goddess, I sound awful don’t I?

  8. Twwly Avatar

    I think if you cap the wait list at one year and “encourage” people to drop off the wait list if they “win” one via upload race, that it’s a great idea. Will give a sense of satisfaction/security to those looking for it.

    Best of luck!

  9. Meghan Schmidt Avatar
    Meghan Schmidt

    I think a wait list is a fabulous idea!

  10. Julie Avatar

    What happens if you are a family with one doll and two children—and lots of arguing ;). Would you not be able to get on the list?

  11. Allison Avatar

    I think the idea of a wait list is a good one…with a small quantity of slots available periodically. And those who choose to wait whatever length of time it is, can do so…those who decide it is too long to wait, do not have to get on it. As for making it ‘fair’…well I don’t think that is possible. In time, everyone will get a doll. To punish those who HAVE gotten dolls in the past also is not ‘fair’. I don’t think you need to worry yourself about always being fair, you simply cannot please EVERYONE ever…but rather you should just focus on making your business run as smoothly as it can for your own sanity all while getting out as many dolls as is reasonable for you and your business. All of us Bambo-maniacs will ride this ride with you, Christina. You just keep on working your magic!

  12. CanCan Avatar

    PS, sound the trumpets when the customs come back! We have a singleton Bambo in need of a sibling. 🙂

  13. whitney Avatar

    I love this idea. I would wait for years! It’s so nerve wracking at each upload and this would be an enormous sigh of relief. -Whitney

  14. Debra Stallings Avatar
    Debra Stallings

    Add me to the list. I still am trying to find Sophie her first doll. It does not look like April 5th birthday is going to happen.

  15. Amber Avatar

    I think that a wait list is a good idea, and it’s something I would totally participate in. Some basic limits might need to be in place, but I think that’s OK. It would also provide a way to ensure that people who get the dolls are the ones who really want them – if you’re willing to wait months or a year for a doll, you know that this matters to you.

    It might take some tweaking, but I think it has real merit, for sure.

  16. alison Avatar

    i think it is so amazing that you are looking for ways to make your customers happy with not only the doll/product, but the process of buying and availablity of the coveted friends! you are such a busy mama, and we appreciate not only your hardwork and creativity…but your kind heart and all the love you put into each doll!

    i love the first timers lotto spot. but i am not sure i am so keen on a waitlist as the only way to get the dolls. maybe you could do say a certain number of “custom” dolls as a waitlist and then just make as many dolls as you can to add to instocks each week. i do like the random stocking idea still, not telling us when you are doing it, so it may free up some dolls to random luck and meant to be it ness, lol. like if you happen to check in, and there happens to be a doll… there you go. if not, check back and one day it will happen. i wonder if not announcing the stockings and keeping them random based on availability would eleviate some of the competition and sport to it. just some thoughts/ideas. can’t wait to se ehow it turns out for it all!

  17. Abbie Avatar

    I think it is a great idea, and will probably make uploads less stressful and upseting for bambo-less familys when they miss out, knowing they will eventually get one.

    You need to do what is best for you and your business and I am sure all will understand.

  18. Melissa Avatar

    I think a first timers list or a lotto is a great idea. As a mom who has yet to “win” a bambo for her daughter, it’s very sad to see other girls in pictures with 4-5 bambos and my daughter still doesn’t have one.

  19. Claire Avatar

    I love the first timers lottery concept!

  20. Cristina Nolan Avatar
    Cristina Nolan

    Wow–and you want our opinions? 🙂 Thanks for listening!:)

    I have a three year old computer and a semi-fast connection, and I live in a big city, where internet traffic is constant. I tried for about a month, and then I was able to get three dolls, three uploads in a row! I didn’t use any special tricks, I was just lucky! And I need to be, with 5 kids in my family to buy for. It can be done, you just have to be determined enough to do it! Believe me, I was disappointed when I did not get a doll on the first several tries, but really, I was so used to pointing,clicking and buying. Naturally, there is a lot of frustation, but if you really want a doll, it can be done. There are also Bambo Angels out there who will help. I myself have already tried for a doll for someone else. I will certainly be willing to help others as well in the future. Most of the “lucky” people have also offered their assistance to those who need it! Trying for a doll on upload day literally takes 5 minutes–5 minutes a week is a small price to pay for a Bamboletta!

    Waitlist spots would be a great idea, but I also think the uploads are working well! I think the waitlist could be a big problem with more than one child to buy for as well (if that is the only way to get a doll).

    There are some great suggestions already as to alloting spots on the waitlist, lotteries, etc.

    I do still maintain that everyone CAN get a doll on an upload, eventually. You just can’t always go for the most popular doll, and you have to try every upload. It WILL happen!

  21. Jodi Avatar

    I think it really would only be feasible with a reasonable wait time. As much as everyone who wants to purchase a doll loves them I just can’t see many people being willing to wait 3 years for one. Say someone discovers Bamboletta when their child is 6. By the time they get their doll that child is now 9 and may no longer want it. If a shorter wait period can be pinpointed, and known at the time a person puts their name on the wait list, it may be a better way to execute the idea. I’m also not sure I agree with prioritizing for first time buyers. Personally, we have a Little Buddy, but she is technically my 4 month old’s doll (as the doll reminded me of her). It’s hard enough having to explain to my (wonderfully understanding and patient) five year old why she can’t have a doll right away. There’s no way I could tell her she has to wait years for one. Perhaps one idea is more frequent uploads, but make some of them random. If people happen to be on the site at the right time it will (hopefully) cut down on the frenzy that is involved with the scheduled uploads because buyers who purchased a doll at the random upload are taken out of the “competition” for the scheduled ones. Whatever you decide to do just know that you will still have a following for your gorgeous dolls. I’m sure there are many who would be much more patient than I, LOL.

  22. Carli Avatar

    It seems like a list would be so much work. What if a family came up and you couldn’t reach them? Would you have to have to let a certain amount of time go by before you would go on to the next name? Instead, what about and upload or two a month that only people that don’t have a doll could participate in?

  23. Petra Avatar

    I need to put this out there. There are programs you can put on Firefox and other internet browsers that alert you the moment a page updates so a random upload would not really be fair all round because some people are more tech savy than others.

  24. Sascha Melnechuk Avatar

    Christina, I think this is a great idea. Love it, Love it, Love it!!! I would wait forever knowing that at sometime I would be getting a doll. I agree with others that it can get quite stressful and frustrating but also on some level exciting. I have to admit that I then also feel quite disappointed when I get so close and loose out by seconds. I hate to admit it but I do feel a little more frustrated when you loose out to people that have many of your dolls. I would love to see some way of giving preference to first timers (and maybe “locals” only because I am one – ha! ha!). I love the idea that you are thinking of ideas to help us all get dolls. Thanks so much for providing a little extra magic in so many children’s lives. What a great job you have.


  25. Stacey Avatar

    Oh, I think it would be a GREAT idea!! It would be nice to give families that don’t have one as of yet an advantage, but really I don’t think that will matter considering they’ll just have their friends order for them. 😉 But I would LOVE to be on a list!! I’m with Julie, I have two girls, so not sure what to do about that. But I guess I’ll focus on getting one first! Ha!

  26. Jodi Avatar

    Good point, Petra, as I didn’t know such a thing existed. Not at all tech savvy over here, LOL.

  27. Petra Avatar

    From a technical point of view the first timers only upload would be difficult. It would still be ripe for abuse and logistically… well it’s making the geek in me shudder…

  28. Elle Avatar

    Hi. Thank you for sharing in our frustration and letting us know your thoughts. I have wanted two of your dolls every since I found out I was having twins in 2008. It has been impossible to get them as you know. I would love to be on a wait list and think it’s a great idea to start with the families who do not have any dolls yet. I love that you are not going to expand your business and lose the heart and soul of your company in order to make more money. There is so much love and beauty in these dolls and I appreciate all the hard work that you and your family put into each one. I would love two girl dolls and hope to get on your wait list. Please keep us up-dated on your decision going forward. Thanks and good luck. I know these decision cannot be easily made.

  29. amy Avatar

    I think it is great of you to ask your fans what they think! I am not sure what the best way it is… I know that I have been a fan for a while, and we are still hoping to get a first dolly someday. I know that there are some people out there that have loved your work for a long time and have more than one dolls, and have more than one child. I guess a wait list would seem fair. At least then we would feel like someday we could bring home a beautiful doll. 😉

  30. Julie R Avatar
    Julie R

    I applaud you for wanting to make this easier for everyone. I’m sorry that you get stressed out about this. On the one hand, I think a waitlist would be good, but on the other hand, there is so much interest, the logistics of it seem really hard to keep up with.

  31. emily Avatar

    i have read and re-read and then gone through the comments. i’m just not sure. i think that you’d have to limit the waitlist time. i cannot imagine waiting a year on a list. and i know that my daughter would drive me nuts if she had to wait that long.

    i would love to see a few “newbie” uploads, where only mamas without a bambo can try. i wouldn’t want it to replace the weekly upload, but maybe be an extra upload.

    frankly, would the waitlist be one more thing that limits the number of RTGs. you’ve said that once the customs are done, you will be able to offer more RTGs. so, would the waitlist continue to limit the number of RTGs? and isn’t that kind of defeating the purpose?

    i love that you are trying to come up with ways to ensure more people can get bambos. and the waitlist is a good idea. but i think it needs some time limits to it. or people will be upset if this person only had to wait two months while she had to wait a year. 🙂

  32. Teryn Avatar

    I think a wait list would be great for first timers — I think everyone should have a doll (we are so, so grateful to have gotten our one sweet little girl just before all the madness started — we love her so much! 🙂 Would you still do RTGs? I just love to look at them every week 🙂 You do such a great job, Christina (and ladies!).

  33. Mery Avatar

    Cristina I think you should do what is best for you and your family. The waiting list would mean a commitment for years to come , instead of going week by week with the supplies you have on hand to make the dolls RTG, at your own pace. I believe the weekly uploads is keeping the Facebook blog so “alive” , I do not think that the demand for your dolls will slow down any time soon.
    Maybe one doll per household every 6-8 months , that way we will have a better chance , without that restriction somebody with a pretty fast internet connection and time can get a doll on weekly basis for whatever reason.
    But then again do what is best for you, what works for you.

  34. Diana G. Avatar
    Diana G.

    I think that having the absolute and complete freedom of RTG dolls is going to maximize the product availability. Having the creative license and freedom to design — with whatever materials you have on hand, with whatever picture has crept into your head, with YOUR vision, and your mood — puts the most product into the hands of your buyers.

    While I so love you and your heart for your tireless and thoughtful pursuit of making everyone happy, you can’t. No matter how you design them, approximately the same number of dolls are going to be created. The only way to change that remarkably is to change the number of people making them or the time spent making them by the individuals already involved. Short of that, there’s not much that can be done to boost the numbers. I think having total creative freedom will help. When you are given that free rein, you work faster because you’re working on what YOU want to work on.

    I also don’t think that all families with one doll aren’t still “first timers”. Many families have more than one child and are trying to get a doll for those children. While I understand the frustration of trying to get that first doll, how much more sad and frustrating is it to have one child feel excluded because they don’t have that special playmate that their brother/sister has?

  35. Jennie Avatar

    I think it is wonderful that you are thinking so much of your customers. While I like the idea of a waitlist or lottery (especially for 1st timers), I think it could logistically be very tough. I read on facebook your idea of letting people choose just the basics. Why not release another large batch of custom spots, allowing people to only choose the basics – gender, hair color, skin color, eye color???

  36. Leslie J Avatar

    I think a lottery for first time mamas would be great! Then the rest of the time can be RTGs. A wait list might get a little long and those waiting might lose interest over a course of a year or so. But no, you can’t make all the people happy all of the time. As long as you continue to enjoy what you do, that’s what matters most. I just started trying for a baby Bambo. I’ll get lucky one of these days. It’s a great cardio work out. My heart beats faster when I am trying for a doll than when I am running 12 miles.

  37. Tara Beyer Avatar
    Tara Beyer

    I LOVE the idea of a FIRST TIMERS LOTTERY!! Maybe I would actually have a shot at getting a doll 🙂

  38. Bj Chrestay Avatar
    Bj Chrestay

    I’m thinking in addition to uploads… What about a drawing on certain days of the month.. lasting for x number of hours. If you could do it just as you have posted this question.. making each “comment” an entry, each person permitted one comment or one comment per child… you could have the numbers pre-made from drawing to drawing so you’d just have to pull one out and see who was the lucky winner. You would be free to do it multiple times a month or draw multiple winning numbers from a single list if time and resources allow for it. You could also change it up a bit and have one drawing for a boy doll, one for a blonde doll, one for a buddy doll, etc.. that way people who want or do not want certain features could decide if they wanted to enter or not. The dolls could be semi custom or ready to go or it could change from drawing to drawing as well. This just throws out a truly random chance for people to get one. I know there will always be people who try and beat the system but I guess we all just have to have a little faith that more people are honest than not.

  39. Emily M. Avatar

    i would LOVE a waitlist. in fact, you described my situation perfectly! i don’t need a doll right now, but want one for my now one year old daughter when she is three or four. i’ve been thinking for a while now that i’d better start trying for her doll now, and it honestly gives me a headache. such madness! i also feel as if something’s gotta give or you are going to be totally burned out and quit this whole business in three-four years. you are a saint! i can’t imagine putting up with all this.

  40. Tiphini Avatar

    I think the idea is fabulous, especially for mamas who have not been able to “score” a Bamboletta thus far. I’m not sure how the logistics would look but I agree it could work. Ultimately though you need to do what you need to do for your OWN family and the rest of us will just have to learn to be patient. 😉

  41. Kristie Avatar

    Hmm, tough situation. Love the first timers waiting list – that is very fair. That said, some have more than one child or multilpes, some want to get ahead of the game as they are expand their human families (not to be mistaken for those expanding bamboletta families). There will be some getting friends and family to be on the list also. So lots of fair and unfair situations could arise. Let’s face it, all moms want to give their children the best.

    Maybe keeping the mix is a good option for now, RTG’s, first timer lists, fundraiser and contests.

    You are this quaint boutique operation over there and your capabilites will never meet the demands of all the women out there as your popularity grows. How wonderful to think it could happen that everyone could have such a special doll for their child. It could be possible…. Christina and the sewing mammas – you have big hearts.

    Hey, if you ever decide to expand westward, I would be happy to help create some magic out there, I’ve gotten really good at hand-sewing lately!

  42. Jane Avatar

    I am not even pg yet, but I’d love to get on a wait list for my future babe.

  43. Autumn Burton Avatar
    Autumn Burton

    I LOVE this idea! I’d be more than willing to wait if it meant there was a certainty of getting a doll.

  44. Melanie Avatar

    I LOVE the idea of a waitlist for first-timers. I did also REALLY like the idea of random continuous uploads, but wasn’t aware of the firefox auto-update issue. This may be problematic as well, but it just came to mind… what about a waitlist with a deposit? Maybe a $50 deposit would ensure that you only get serious buyers, maybe reducing the size of the list. A monthly or weekly draw (lottery) for first-timers with the option to enter based on doll characteristics might also alleviate some of the pressure. I am also frustrated by the process and was hoping that starting 6 months before my daughter’s birthday would be a sure thing, now 2 months in, I’m not so sure! For locals, do you ever sell them in stores or markets anymore? Maybe that would alleviate the issue a bit too…. perhaps an unfair advantage to locals, but with the “buy local” movement, it’s a little bit frustrating when I’m from just down the highway and I can’t get one! I find the adoption situation on FB an interesting one, as it illustrates that some are buying without the same commitment in mind. I know that there is a psychology around online time-sensitive purchasing as evidenced in online auctions etc. so maybe it’s the clamour/challenge that some buyers are interested in (on a certain level), as I have seen numerous times on the FB page comments like, “it’s the challenge I love.” How do you feel about the black-market “adoption” situation? If it’s not happening yet, I wonder how long before people are entering into the “challenge” for the possibility of a private re-sale at a profit. Not something you can control, but it might be alleviated with a waitlist and a deposit, or the random continuous uploads. Oh Christina I empathize with you, this must be a bitter-sweet success. I think what you do is amazing, the product speaks for itself, your clients love you and your staff and there is no shortage of demand for your product. As someone with very limited knowledge of business and economics, it seems the only way is to bring on more sewing mamas. Have you considered this option? I live in Sidney, BC and through word of mouth I know I could supply you with three stay-at-home mamas that love to sew!!! Maybe there’s an option for more word-of-mouth island sewing mamas to get on board?? I’ll still keep trying for my daughter’s dolly for June!

  45. Suzannah Avatar

    I like the wait list idea(s).
    I have been trying since the first January upload, sometimes the upload goes fast, sometimes it doesn’t for me. I think if I keep trying I’m going to get one (goal date 12/25/10). But it would be nice to be on a wait list if my luck doesn’t strike!
    I am excited for the bigger uploads to come when the customs are done! I just love seeing all the differences in the dolls. Such creativity! Great job all around Christina/John/Sewing Mama’s.!!

  46. Amy Avatar

    Hi Christina,

    I have to second Kristie. I think the first timers waiting list is a fair idea, but I have five children, so I can see how this could be difficult/frustrating for someone with several children wanting a sweet Bamboletta. I have been blessed to have gotten a Bamboletta for each of them. My husband did try to get one, but never succeeded. I actually managed to get them myself and I am NOT a particularly tech savvy person!!! 🙂 I don’t want mamas to loose heart! It will happen!!!!

    Christina, I think you will find the best answer for the situation (for now)!!! RTG dolls are wonderful! Your creativity seems boundless!!! When a child gets their Bamboletta, it is always as if they were just meant to be together! I love that!!! These are growing pains. I hope you will find the best solution for YOU and YOUR FAMILY!!!! We all love these dolls. They are worth waiting for!!!! 🙂

  47. Samantha Avatar

    Interesting idea, i would wait and then take my chances on upload day and remove my name if i was lucky. I live in England and that makes it harder to win a doll. Although my husband got one through his cart with an Email this week, so fingers crossed.
    Honestly and not wishing to offend anyone, i don’t like the group attempts at buying and then adopting them on.I thnk people are addicted to the excitment of winning a dolly and probably enjoy the gifting on of a doll. That’s unfair, i think husband and wife teams are understandable after all he probably witnesses your dssapointment most weeks.
    Sadly i think that a lot of people have lost sight of what these dolls are about, for me they are to be a treasured item, a loved companion. I want a bamboletta because she will be special, i want to avoid a stream of hideous plastic dolls. I found Bambos whilst looking for a special dolly a memory box doll. Bambos have made me read about steiner and waldorf schools, its simple… less is more!


  48. Sandra Avatar

    Once again, you are the kindest, sweetest person. I have been trying to get a doll since early December, I don’t think I have missed a single upload. I have 3 sisters who try as well. As much as I think a waitlist would be great, it wouldn’t stop me from trying the RTG upoads. It is so obvious how much love and care you put into your dolls, and how much concern you have for your patrons. It would never occur to me to e-mail you to complain about it. It isn’t your fault that the dolls are tough to get. We are here because we want these special one-of-a-kind dolls, not mass-produced ones. Parents need to get a grasp on that and realize that these dolls take time and every effort is being made to get them out. You don’t want to compromise their quality, or the quality of your life and you shouldn’t have to. Do they think you don’t want to sell as many dolls as you can? A waiting list poses all kinds of other issues. How do you maintain it, track it, etc., What happens when somone scores a RTG and then has to be taken off the waitlist? Imagine calling or e-mailing Toys R Us or Beanie Babies or Cabbage Patch Kid makers and the response you would get because you couldn’t get a doll! Obviously you love to make people happy, but your family comes first and your business is somewhere down the list. We SO appreciate all of your efforts to make people happy and while it sounds crappy, you may need to draft a letter to send those people who are sending you grumbling e-mails. All of your FB mamas would love to explain the deal to them and why these dolls are worth wating for. (Mind you, I am extolling these virtues without ever even seeing a doll!)Just think of all the dollies that could be coming to life if you didn’t have to read and/or respond to those e-mails. We thank you for everything you do and for being the sweetest CEO ever! You can rest at night knowing that you are doing the best that you can and that is all anyone can ask for.

  49. joy Avatar

    So many ideas. Probably just making it harder adding another voice. Whatever you chose to do, people will love these dolls and your operation and continue to support both. Your primary responsibility is to your family. Whatever works best for you will work best for every one else. That being said, the idea of a wait list makes me nervous for many reasons. While I am a first timer I am in need of three dolls! Depending on how long the wait is there is a chance a child may out grow the doll phase before their turn comes up. How would payment work? Would you pay when you put your name on the list? Or when your turn comes up? Either way seems problematic, I don’t’ necessarily have the cash on hand to order dolls for three Christmases away. Flip side is because of how my husband (and many others) get paid. I may not have the extra cash on hand when my turn comes up either. As it is when we have money we try, if we don’t get a doll we wait until the next time we have some cash and try then. Just my thoughts.

  50. Teri Avatar

    Christina, Hi!! We continue to love our Bambo babies and would love the idea of a wait list to get another one!! I haven’t tried to get one on the site because I think the pressure would be just too much for me and too much disappointment. (I take it so hard for some reason : ) With a wait list I think a lot of people would be more than happy to wait and not have that stress of typing so fast and knowing all of the little secrets to getting a doll so quickly. I always read your facebook but do not have an account on there so I cannot comment there. What about having a wait list but still listing a few the same way you do now once in a while. This may help with the problem listed in the comment above mine about the money issue? Either way, we love the dollies we have sooo much and will continue to be fans!!! Thank you!!! P.S. Just wondered if you got the box I sent? Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  51. ingrid Avatar

    You know I support whatever decision you make. Remember that it is your company. Tea and cookies and RPatz can only go so far in easing the stress. Everyone has an opinion and only John’s (and B’s and J’s, too) is really the important one in the end. Take care of you and the business will grow into whatever you make it. And if you don’t like it once you’ve done it, you can always change it:)

  52. pixie Avatar

    Without having read any comments some thoughts. If the list is over a few months long, those on the list will keep trying on the site, so the list itself won’t stop people from stalking and pounding the site. So maybe the list is short, and only lasts for say 6 months, and then every 6 months you take up a list again with X amounts of spots. So then those people who know they are getting a doll, stop stalking the store and free it up for others who don’t mind trying for a RTG. Totally just random thoughts here, #2 if you have a super long list like 2 years, a lot of people will disappear, lose email addresses, not have enough money when the time comes, and also I am sure you have thought about this but if for some reason you needed to raise the price of your dolls, even $5 because of postage etc and just time, I am thinking you would not be locking people into a price for 2 years, because it could put yourself at a disadvantage for your business. Having a lot of orders lined up is good for business of course, constant income and a way to get loans etc to make for bigger production.

    Really though, i say no list. People just have to get over it IMHO. You can still sell these “modified” and “simple” custom slots on the site like you used to, except sell enough to = 6 months of work and there you now have your “list” of sorts. If you took a true list and let anyone on it, it would be 0982093487389478723487634 long, and you have no way of making sure people on the list aren’t or are first time doll buyers, people can easily use different names and email addresses. I say keep the business simple, and instead focus on how to grow your business and make more dolls with more sewing mamas, and re-evaluate your business model, if you are able to make more dolls at once you can buy supplies in larger amounts hopefully taking down the individual cost on each doll, allowing you more money to invest… sydney will not stop babbling at me so I’ve lost all sort of concentration for saying anything… okay she’s gone.

    It’s supply and demand, you either A) Figure out how to raise your output or B) raise your prices. I just think the list is limiting your business and giving yourself way too much to deal with. If you had the ability to raise your production you might have more free time for things like customs that people love and enjoy. Maybe customs cost $200, because they require more of your personal time and attention. It just seems the problem is not giving people a “time” to get a doll, but figuring out how to make more dolls. Maybe you don’t want your business to get that much larger. Sydney is at the door cyring for me so I have to go, so frustrating to not be able to write anything intelligent when I want to ugh!!!

  53. angela Avatar


    Congratulations on your success. We love Bamboletta and you. I bought one of your babies as soon as Bella was born. I plan on buying a doll for her in the next year. As a busy mama trying to maintain peace in my heart and home I personally would find the download race much too much for me. I would love the idea of a waiting list knowing that the right beautiful doll will be made for my child at the right time. I believe that what you are creating with your dolls is magic and the right doll will always find the right family. Thank you for creating such a wonderful business everything is working itself out please do not lose heart. If you create a standard policy people will know exactly what to expect and that should help with the grumpy emails.

  54. cheryl Avatar

    I think the random # generator might help load the dolls everyone puts in for the doll they want and then let the randomness pick it. then it would not who could type the fastest but the luck of the draw. Also take time for your family, they grow up too fast! And don’t forget we all love you and your little company of hard working mamas…Thank you!!!!

  55. Angela Simpson Avatar

    I love your dolls. I personally think every single doll that you make is adorable and unique. I think a waiting list would be so much pressure on you to have that always looming in the back just like with the customs. I am still hoping with more RTG dolls weekly the intense disappointment of not getting a doll will lesson because there will be more available. I think you should just stick to your original thought and try a couple uploads a week with more dolls in it! You can’t please everyone and if they are not willing to wait and try each time than your dolls were not meant for them! Life is short and it is not worth all the stress in trying to please everyone! I say no to the list!

  56. Tanya Avatar

    I think that’s fab. Twyyly’s idea of a capped waitlist would be a great idea for customers, but I hope it might not be too much pressure. Thanks for all the hard work & the gorgeous dolls you’re making for children all over the world.

  57. Stacey Avatar

    I at first thought this was a great idea. But the more I think about it, I would just prefer more RTG dolls available per week. We’ll all get one eventually!

  58. Monica Avatar

    Oh Christina….growth is wonderful and scary. My business is FAR smaller than yours…but, I have been there done that trying to make everyone happy. I at one time had a wait list of greater than 6 months and it was a logistical nightmare…and required TONS of time. 🙁 As much as it will make some unhappy…I’d continue with your RTG dolls…I know you can find the perfect doll with a RTG…I did for both of my children. 🙂 Your creativity and ability to be artistic with FLOURISH with RTG dolls….and, that is part of the Bamboletta magic.

  59. Allison Avatar

    Hey Christina…this is a little off topic…but how would you feel about becoming a co-op (kind of). You could have sewing mamas in different parts of the country…like a Southern Sewing Team, a Midwestern Team, etc. I know you don’t want it to be a big operation- but I know I would love to become a sewing mama…and based on FB comments, seems like a lot of others would too! And you could still keep it small and you could still have control cause we could send them back to you for the finishing touches…for them to become real Bambolettas. I don’t know, just an idea! I used to do process improvement consulting at a big bank, so I would love to help you work on a process like this!

  60. September Avatar

    I sent you two emails in early December when I first discovered your dolls (and before I’d read enough to understand “the madness”), but have stepped back completely from even competing on upload days because — honestly — the more I see of your “heart” in making these dolls, the more concerned I feel for your well-being in the midst of all of this!

    The wait list would work so much better for my personality (quick decisions stress me SO much; dashed hopes really devastate me)… and my daughter is 14 months so I would be able to wait (hopefully just another 10 months, but even another 22!).

    But… PLEASE don’t do the wait list if it makes this feel more like a business to you, and less like an art. It is your creative love which makes Bamboletta what it is, and you won’t be able to maintain that if you are burnt out. (I can’t comprehend why you aren’t already!).

    As a mom, yes, I want a perfect doll for my baby. And as someone who can’t get online for each upload, and who feels SO stressed looking at the next 10 months thinking I “need” to get lucky… with the exact right doll… The wait list seems like such a ray of hope. But, as hard as it is to say this, I think I would be happier knowing that Bamboletta went on being authentically “Christina-ish” than that I got exactly what I want.

    *Although, honestly, I don’t know how I will ever convince myself to give Sae any other doll! Can a girl grow up with no doll at all?! Will I have to take a giant leap of faith and try to make my own?! :)*

    Blah… feel terribly for even taking of your time to read all of my thoughts. How do you do all that you do?!

    PLEASE take care!

    *And, if I can be so bold, please feel free to be more realistic about your prices. To me, they aren’t even close to reflecting the value of one of your dolls (materials, time, artistic expertise, love).*

  61. Jeanne Avatar

    Well, I’m a 1st time mama and I have to tell you, I think it’s so hard for some of us to get our hands on any of your doll. So for sure I would very much appreciate the waiting list idea. I would def. for sure want to be on the list, then if I want another 1 later-one, our option would be to get it 1st come 1st serve. As for the list, I thought one way you could do is to assign each of us a number, each week you just go down the list and list the numbers (the range) on the website. Perhaps those people can contact you for what they want. So at least, we have an idea how long it will take, so we won’t harass you w/all the emails.

  62. Laura Avatar

    I’m a grandmother,and nurse practitioner in pediatrics. I just recently learned about your dolls. They are Magnificent!!! I would love to be on your list to get one of these special little dolls for my 9 month grand-daughter,Poppy. Thanks for making our world a more tender and loving place to live. Whether I can get one of your beautiful babies or not, I pray for you to have great success in your business and great love in your life.
    Thanks again for your contribution to our world.

  63. Lori Lehr Avatar
    Lori Lehr

    I’m also a grandmother that just recently learned about these beautiful dolls. I have been trying to help my son and daughter in law with upload day. We wait every week for the new postings and position ourselves at the computers waiting so see their lovely face appear on the screen. I would LOVE to purchase the little darling and give her a home with my granddaughter. She lights up my life, and she lights up each week when she previews the dolls. We sill keep trying. Thank you for making dolls as beautiful as my granddaughter!


  64. Jessica Williams Avatar
    Jessica Williams

    Hi, I just wanted to post to let you know that I would give this doll the best little home! I love your dolls and I have 2 sweet girls that would love to give her a home 🙂

  65. Susan Avatar

    What I truly love most about your dolls is how each one is unique and “born” from your talents. Hence when I was looking at creating a custom doll (when the option was available) I couldn’t dream up a doll the way you could.

    You are an artist and perhaps your art should speak for itself in creating dolls that you and your team want to create, not what others want. I love that you have added a randomness option on today’s blog. I think this is a fantastic idea. I would prefer more dolls listed vs a custom doll waiting list. Keep in mind that YOUR life may change in the two to three years that someone puts their name down for a doll. I hope that you continue to love making these dolls the way we love adopting them.

    Susan (momma of two still hoping to adopt a Bamboletta doll into our family).

  66. Amy Avatar

    I love this new idea for random selection on a doll. We have been trying for so long! It would be great to bring this little angel home to my angel.=)

  67. Leila Avatar

    I like the idea! Because our doll “needs” are relatively specific and don’t come up that often that I’ve seen in RTG dolls (AA boy…though I know you said there are some coming up!!), I would definitely be on a waitlist for however long. If I were buying for my Caucasian daughter, I wouldn’t worry that much about the specifics of hair/eye color, etc. But with an AA boy and wanting him to have a doll that looks like him (since none of the rest of his family does), it becomes a little more important.

    Thank you so much for all that you do! You and your dolls are so amazing. =)

  68. Shelley Avatar

    I love the idea of a waitlist! Any kind of waitlist but especially a first timers waitlist. My daughter is only 16 months so I don’t mind waiting a year or even a little more. But at some point, I want her to have her baby! I don’t always have the time to get on the computer during uploads, plus the stress and disappointed of it just aren’t my thing. I can see how it would be fun for some, but for first timers it’s really frustrating! I would much rather just have a spot on a list and know that eventually we will get our doll. The way it is now I don’t know if we would ever get one.

  69. Christian Avatar

    I love the idea of the waitlist in combination with the random uploads, all get a shot of some kind. I am sure whatever you decide to do will be fine with everyone in the end! Keep up the beautiful work. Thanks!

  70. Carrie Avatar

    Hey Christina, as with most of the other mama’s, I love the idea of a waitlist, and particularly for first time mama’s. My daughter is almost 3 and was badly wanting a baby for her bday in June, but am sensing that it is likely to not happen. I understand how busy you are, and how badly there are so many people out there vying for your dolls. I can only imagine how difficult it is for you! Especially when you are trying to do all of this with little ones at home. I am busy enough with three children and not working (unless you count sitting at my computer trying to get a baby!!!). You are so sweet and seem to have never ending patience for all the questions and requests that you get. Perhaps if people are on a wait list, and still keep trying at upload times but if they happen to be lucky enough to get one through an upload then they come off the wait list??? Whatever you decide I am sure people will be happy with. I am just hoping to get one before Halle starts school, thats my time frame so I am looking at 2 years!! Good luck and I am sure everyone will be happy with whatever you decide!! Take care and most importantly look after yourself and your family first and foremost!

  71. Amanda Avatar

    I REALLY LIKE the idea of a waitlist. I’d wait a couple years… I bought a doll for my daughter when her little sister was born and I’d love for that little sister to have her own one day. Honestly I am not sure I would have purchased the first one if i’d have known I couldn’t get one for all my kids (I still hope to have another baby one day.) I am trying at the uploads though!
    Good luck with your decisions!

  72. BabyBean Avatar

    I like the idea of a waitlist. I think it will take the pressure off of the upload too. If about 1/2 the moms (or dads) are happy to sit and wit for their doll there will be less people sporting for the uploads. I think it goes without saying if someone is on a waitlist and they get one from an upload ahead of time they get bumped off the list. As a mom who is a newbie (both to bamboletta dolls and to my baby) I feel like if I’m going to get a doll for my baby’s 4th birthday I need to start trying now! I would happily sit on a waitlist. It could be simple for the preferences… People could simply say “similar to ______” and enter the name of one they really like. Then you could still have freedom to create whatever comes, but they’d get a doll with the same basics as one they likes without you needing to create a form or anything.

    Another thing you could do that I’ve seen on Etsy, is you could sell a “how to” kit to mama’s who are a little crafty… just a thought! A pattern and some fabric with a little pdf or something.

    I am so excited that your business is growing so well though. It is a huge inspiration!

    Take care,

  73. Nichole Avatar

    I’ve been trying for months to get one now without any success. I am amazed at how dedicated you are and how hard you work at trying to make sure that everyone (eventually) will have a chance at your beautiful Bambo’s. I’ll keep trying since my girls’ B-Days aren’t until October, lol.

  74. Amanda L Avatar
    Amanda L

    Hi, I know this post is old, and I’m not sure if you’ve started up a wait-list or anything. I’d love to be on it if there was! But I was thinking that a variation of your ‘Golden Ticket’ could work. If it was a ‘Silver Ticket’ and it gave you the opportunity to have first dibbs on a doll, but you still pay for the doll and shipping and everything. It just gives a chance for people without a fast Internet connection or the time to try and snag a doll every Friday. I tried for a couple of months and gave up and ended up ‘winning’ a rehomed doll. I think she’s gorgeous, but there are definitely other dolls I would have preferred, and I would have rather have bought a new one. The ‘silver ticket’ could be by lottery too and you only have a certain number each month, but it could give people a chance to wait until the perfect doll is ‘born’ and then use it. Anyway, I just thought that might be a fun idea 🙂

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