Vintage Wrapping Paper

I try to live a ‘green’ lifestyle, always doing my best to be conscientious about my consumption. One place where I noticed a lot of senseless waste was in gift wrapping. Huge piles of paper, that if lucky, would at least end up in the recycling. For a long time I switched to wrapping with old newspapers. They did the trick, but I missed having cute prints to choose from. I do appreciate a well wrapped parcel… This is how I discovered vintage wrapping paper.

One day while thrift store shopping, I stumbled upon a bin filled with wrapping paper. Some pieces were just single squares, others still in there original packaging. The vintage prints are so adorable!  This was the answer I was looking for. I could justify buying my wrapping paper from a non-profit thrift stores. Knowing that the money I spent would stay in my community, and be used in ways that help out so many people. Win Win!!!!
Here are a few of my favorite prints…







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  1. Heather D. Avatar
    Heather D.

    Very clever! I wouldn’t have thought to look for wrapping paper at Goodwill, etc. but will now! I love that bunny print in your pick. Enjoy the weekend!

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