Updates and the Word on the Street about Custom Dolls…

Hello everyone! I know that I say this over and over again – but I really do have the BEST customers ever. During these past few months of ‘growth’ (more like an explosion) in our business the thing that has  floored me is the community that is building over on Facebook. There are over 1,500 of you on there – cheering each other on when you get a doll, sharing pictures of things you make for your dolls, helping out newbies through the buying insanity that is upload days – it’s incredible. Just last week a mom posted on Facebook about how upset she was that her daughter’s dolls had been stolen, within the hour I received an email from another mom on Facebook – who after hearing the story of the lost doll – got together with a few others and pooled together money to get this woman a new doll for her daughter – how cool is that? Sadly I’ve had to take a bit of a step back from it lately – I was finding that  I was spending way to much time on there – and my time is pretty limited, especially lately . Petra – aka Bamboletta Helper – has been enlisted to help out on Facebook to answer questions and provide information. Petra has been a ‘fan’ of Bamboletta for years now – she knows as much about Bamboletta as I do!

I also thought I should make a ‘formal announcement’ about Custom Dolls,  I hate to tell you this but I will not be offering custom dolls for the foreseeable future. I feel that at this point in my business offering as many Ready to Go dolls as we can is the best thing to do and ,from a personal standpoint, keeping things as simple as possible is the best (and most sane) thing for me to do. I could get into the why’s and explanations of this decision, but I think it’s best to just leave it at that. We will be finished customs within the next month – once they are all finished, you can expect to see at least 20 – 30 dolls up on the site per week! This will include more boy dolls, babies, toddler dolls, blanket dolls , fairies and new little fun dolls that I’ve been itching to create. Now, this isn’t to say that I won’t EVER do customs again – just not now – with the amount of dolls we are making having the freedom and flexibility to create whatever it is we are ‘feeling’ that week is really important.

I’ve got to go now – I have a basket of dollies that need faces and a new episode of  ‘Lost’ to watch =) I will try to post on here more – really I will. I’m thinking of another doll giveaway in the next few days…. hmmm….







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  1. Krysta Avatar

    Well said Christina! I think with the way you have laid it all out there people will really understand what this all means to you. This is your hobby, your art and your business you should do what YOU want to do. I think it’s great that you have given yourself more creative freedom, in the end this is going to work out so much better :)xo

  2. Stephanie Avatar

    It sounds like you have really given the custom issue a lot of thought. I am glad that you have decided on what works best for you and can’t wait to see what amazing Bamboletta creations the future holds!

  3. Jennifer Avatar

    Thank you for everything you do. I am so glad to have found Bamboletta. Looking at all the pretty dollies is such a joyful thing to share looking with my daughter, and we couldn’t be happier with the beautiful creation that came to live with us last week. “Ally” has the cutest buns in her hair right now. Oh, it makes me feel like a child again to be so excited about dolls and all the amazing RTG’s that are in store… Congrats to you and the success of your business! Bamboletta is truly an inspiration.

  4. Carli Avatar

    The customs are overrated. Your creative freedom will make a better doll than following someones requirements. There is a RTG doll for everyone. I am also excited to see what you come up with next! Thank you for all you do!

    1. admin Avatar

      Carli – I think so too about the customs. The thing that happens as well is that people have such a clear vision in their heads of what they want – I mean the detail people get into is amazing – it can be stressful to try to fufill – that’s just me though, I am sooo detail orientated.

  5. Amber Avatar

    Your success is so well-deserved, and I think that anything that you can do to make things easier and smoother is totally reasonable. Bamboletta wouldn’t be what it is without you, and so you need to put your needs first. 🙂

  6. Alicia Avatar

    I am looking forward to seeing the beautiful dolls you create each week 🙂 My daughter loves her doll more and more each day and we cannot wait to bring a Bambo boy into our family.

  7. Stacy Avatar

    You rock Christina! So glad you put this together! Now we can just refer people to this post when they ask about the customs. Keep the magic going. The dolls are fantastic no matter how you come to get one (RTG, custom or adoption)! <3

  8. Cristina Avatar

    RTG fairies! Boys! Babies! 20-30 dolls a week! I can’t wait!

    I second everything said about the customs. Kids (and we moms) like what we like, and when we see the RTGs we know what we like pretty much instantly! Your plans sound so exciting!

    I wish I had read this post earlier too. We MISSED Lost tonight, and my husband is bummed. He is a fanatic, to the point of asking me to quiet down when I was in labor during the season premiere two years ago!!

  9. Jennifer Avatar

    Christina, I am really excited to see what wonders you have in store for us! I think the closing of customs and doing all RTG is FANTASTIC!!! You will have so much more freedom by only doing RTG dolls and just think, no more decision=making for the customers on all the little details on customs (cough, cough…you know who I’m talkin’ about here, lol!) I’m relieved actually that it’s going to be this way 🙂

  10. carey Avatar

    Christina, I am glad that you are following your heart. This is a decision that everyone needs to make at some point in their lives — doing what is best for themselves. Your RTG Bambos are always incredible. And I for one love the suprise of seeing what you and the ‘ladies’ come up with!
    Good on ya for being true to yourself!

    cheers, carey

  11. Jenny Avatar

    Thanks for putting it all out there Christina! I think that you need to do whatever it takes for you to continue to enjoy your work. I do hope you will have a RTG doll someday that is a boy with Asian eyes for my youngest. 🙂

  12. Nikki Avatar

    Thank you for everything you do. We really could not ask for more!

  13. Paula Morris Avatar
    Paula Morris

    You give so much joy to children and adults…thank you very much! I am looking forward to see “in loco” on of your creations.
    I agree with Carli, there is a right RTG for everyone!
    Cheers and all the best for you, your family and team.

  14. Samantha Avatar

    That makes perfect business sense and will hopefully mean i can secure a dolly for my little lady before baby number two comes along…sort of a bribe/distraction, iykwim 🙂
    Creative people need to be free to create!
    I’m looking for a blonde with pink or red streaks in her hair…but i’ll bet that i’m not alone.


  15. Valery Avatar

    You are loved and supported in all you do! Thank you.

  16. emily Avatar

    thank you, christina! i missed the customs craze! but i will say, that i think half of the excitement comes from waiting to see what the RTG dolls look like and if there is one that speaks to me or my daughter! i get so excited on preview and upload days! i can’t wait to see the new dolls that you’re going to offer! thanks so much!

  17. Amie C. Avatar
    Amie C.

    We all want what is best for you and your sanity. I look forward to seeing all the cuteness you will be creating in the future. *hugs*

  18. Sandra Avatar

    I think we all knew this was coming. You need to do what is best for your business, your family and your sanity. I have been trying to get a doll for months and have careful lists of what I’d like my custom to be….but I must say that without fail, there has been at least one beauty that has touched us at each upload. Sometimes they resemble our custom wish, sometimes they are completely different. The dolls you make are magical. They each have their own personality. All of your careful details make them come to life and “call out” to their future mommies. Don’t forget the “instant” gratification of seeing your baby and knowing she will be on her way in a short time. We thank you for all that you do and for your dedication. You make so many people happy everyday. This is going to be great for all of us. I can’t wait to see more beauties!

  19. kate Avatar

    As a mama of three, I just have to say thank you for bringing beauty and quality back into the world of dolls. So much of our children’s world is pre-fabricated and instant– I like the process of discovering the differences in your dolls, of the waiting (for me too!) to get one; sometimes, teaching patience and its payoff is a very good thing! You are bringing such joy to so many families– and you are doing it through your livelihood! How cool is that??

  20. Karen Avatar

    Your visions are so lovely! I could never have imagined some of the styles (particularly the dark hair with the purple-ish dreads!) you have created, so to me, all of your dolls are so individually unique and custom on their own. I do enjoy seeing each bunch of dolls ready to go home every few weeks — it is exciting. More exciting than knowing what to expect, I think. Cheers to you and your lovely business. You are an inspiration to all of us hard working mamas!

  21. Lisa Avatar

    Hi. I’m a little sad that you’re not offering custom dolls. I really wanted to order
    one for my little girl for her birthday in May. I love your dolls and am going to try
    my hardest to buy one when I make it to your site next. Take care and thanks for sharing your
    beautiful talent! L.

  22. Brenda Bell Avatar
    Brenda Bell

    Christina and Family~ I am glad that you made the decision that will benefit you and all of these dolls!!! All the dolls are beautiful and I know that everyone will one day find one for their family!!! What you guys do is so magical that even at my age I am in love with every single one. Can’t wait to find the next member of our family. Just don’t tell my husband!! LOL

  23. Jenifer Avatar

    Thank You for everything!!!!
    I am soooo excited for RTG’s 🙂 Especially the little dolls and blanket dolls! Gosh!!! I hope to have a household of Bambo’s 🙂
    I love them just how you make them, and you are amazing!

  24. Cheryl Avatar

    Couldn’t be more excited about 20-30 Bambolettas a week !!! Yippie! I am so doing the happy dance. I love the dolls you create! Love the fact you are taking your creativity to a new level. In doing what you feel that week, which in turn will be wonderfully relaxing, knowing that you can do whatever. We will still be snapping them up because they are so cute and squishable. Thank you for all you do !!!!

  25. Ingrid Avatar

    Wonder if that means one day we might see an all-fairies upload?! So glad you finally did this! Not only the right move for you but the right move for your business as well!

  26. Monica Avatar

    I am so happy for you Christina….as a “grandmama” to two RTG babies…I can assure everyone who is unsure…that when you see *your* RTG…you’ll wonder how Christina got into your head.

    I am so thrilled for your continued growth and excitement my friend.

  27. Jennifer Richard Avatar
    Jennifer Richard

    I know in my heart that you have made the right decision. I have watched you struggle with us Mommies wanting what we want for our babies. I know that I was one of those…I want this, I don’t like that….etc…etc…etc….

    You do what is best for you and your family and business, I will always be a Bamboletta stalker!!!!

  28. Tracy Avatar

    C – we love our custom and there are so many RTH dolls that we would have loved too! We were just happy to get one. I know by looking at my daughters doll that there is much love and attention to detail that goes into each and every doll, regardless of how it comes to be. I think you made the right decision and I think there is a little kismet that goes into each doll – and they end with who they are “meant to be” with. I so appreicate all your help with the shipping. With your busy schedule your communication is above the rest – you and your bamboletts and all the mamas rock!

  29. Hannah Avatar

    “Phew!” is all I can say! 🙂 I only hope I’m lucky enough to adopt another dolly in time for Marla’s first birthday; one to join three other friends (not to mention Marla’s three older sisters. Best of luck on this next part of the Bamboletta journey!

  30. Jennifer Avatar

    Very sad to hear about your not doing custom dolls anymore. I have always wanted to get a little girl doll for my daughter who looks just like her. Finances and life circumstances have kept me from getting one for her so far but I had hoped to save up and buy her one for her 5th birthday in a little over a year. Hmmmm maybe you will decide to make customs bu then. I can always hope.

  31. Sandi Fraser Avatar
    Sandi Fraser

    I’m so glad to hear that you’re going to be able to make so many dolls each week. I know a lot of people with be disappointed with no more customs, but so many will be happy just because they can get a doll! Good for you for making the right decisions for YOU 🙂

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