I know today is supposed to be Lucy’s post and I will post that tomorrow when I have a second. I have a few moments now that I wanted to stop by and say ‘hello’.  First off, thank you all so much for your comments and emails – you are all so sweet and kind. We’ve been taking things very slowly here and staying home – we are trying to give the boys as much rest as possible. Benjamin is doing allright, he’s older and it’s tough, but we are able to talk him through the bad times. I think he’s pretty stoked that he’s getting to watch TV-  it rarely comes on with him. Jasper has a tendency to hold his breath when he is upset or angry – he’s done this since he was a baby, it’s like he cries and then forgets to take an inbreath and then just passes out – scary stuff. Add this to the bad coughing right now and it’s been a tough few weeks. Anyhow, I am so blessed to have such amazing support around me. I’ve had dinners brought to my home and caring and kind phone-calls checking in daily – its been such a blessing.

Now to the dolls – I have to admit that my work has really provided solace to me during this time. When John takes the kids or when I get an hour between the children needing me, I sew.  I sew and prep the dolls and putter in my workroom. It’s my space – I feel an immediate relief and comfort when I am surrounded by my work and when I am creating. It’s been an incredible equalizer to the stress and emotion that I’ve been going through. I’ve been able to work on the site and it is almost done. Tonight Shoshanna will be testing it and fine tuning it. I’m sure there will still be a few glitches and spelling mistakes – so please, if you see any please let me know! Hopefully by Tuesday morning we’ll be able to go live – I’ll send out a newsletter.

Have to run. Thanks again for all the emails and good vibes, we can feel it over here! I’m telepathically responding to all of you – just so you know 😉







12 responses to “update”

  1. Leah Killian Avatar

    so glad for the good news, and so very glad you guys are being well taken care of!

  2. christina Avatar

    Thank you so much Leah-I will email you properly soon 🙂 I’m writting this from my phone while bf-ing J xo c

  3. Heather, Greg & Lucy Avatar

    Hang in there Christina and John. This will pass! Love from Guatemala.

  4. Ashley Avatar

    Oh I just pray that spring brings healthy children to our homes and beautiful hand made dolls to the homes of others. Our lovely “Pollyanna” has been comforting during this winter’s colds & flu.

  5. Maddie Avatar

    Good! It sounds like your boys are through the roughest bit, now all they need is lots and lots of tlc and attention to make them strong and proud and ready to face the world again. All the best en take care!

  6. Pink Sky Avatar
    Pink Sky

    Thanks for the update. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a speedy recovery for the boys.

    P.S. I can completely relate to the craft sanity breaks. 🙂

  7. Shawn Avatar

    So happy to read the update. I’m going to send you a picture of my son with the amazing toddler doll we just received. Samuel’s reaction to the doll was priceless!!! His smile was just perfect. He also let out the most adorable sounds as he reached for it! Oh so perfect. Thanks again.

  8. Jackie Avatar

    Oh Christina! I so hope everyone is feeling back up to snuff so soon. You are all in my thoughts!


  9. Aubrey Avatar

    So happy to hear that your boys are getting better. It is always hard to see your little ones be sick.

    And, on a completely selfish note, I can’t wait to see the new shop… =) Perhaps some more Bambolettas will find a new home soon with us!

  10. Jenna and Sasha Avatar

    goodness is whooping cough scary! i am respiratory therapist at a pediatric hospital and i see it all the time! good to hear the boys are doing better!

  11. Laura Avatar

    Oh that must be rough! So glad to hear thy are feeling better.
    We are holding tight for you to launch your shop then we will list your doll that is up for our next giveaway. I am sure this will create tons of buzz for you as well as Tot Trends Weekly.

  12. Maria Avatar

    Hi Christina, glad to hear that you guys are feeling better, we missed you and the boys on Easter, take it easy and good luck on your store, it sounds awesome!

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