Twelve Days of Giving – Day 4!

Today our giveaway is for a green Snuggle Baby! The super soft velour and wool stuffed body makes the perfect companion for your little one to snuggle up with!

So, one entry per household and I will draw a name tomorrow at 1pm PST. To enter leave your name at the end of this post πŸ™‚

Good luck!!








726 responses to “Twelve Days of Giving – Day 4!”

  1. Melissa H Avatar
    Melissa H

    Gah, he’s so snuggalicious!!!! LOVE HIM!!!!!

  2. Christina Valencia Avatar
    Christina Valencia

    My little one would love to snuggle with it!

  3. kimberly gattuso Avatar
    kimberly gattuso

    my Ava would LOVE this!

  4. katrina Avatar

    Super cute little one!

  5. Jen F Avatar
    Jen F

    Would love this — you are very generous!

  6. Aura Avatar

    Every time I see a new photo of one of your lovelies
    I fall deeper in love with handmade.
    So sweet these dolls.

  7. Aleasha Avatar

    Me please!

  8. Jennifer Diehl Avatar
    Jennifer Diehl

    So cute! We would love to win him! Thanks for the opportunity!

  9. Celina Hutchins Avatar
    Celina Hutchins

    So cute!

  10. Mandy Casey Avatar
    Mandy Casey

    How cute! Mandy Casey

  11. Kathleen Avatar


  12. Jennifer Kiser Avatar
    Jennifer Kiser

    My sweet Olive would love this baby. πŸ™‚

  13. Hannah H Avatar
    Hannah H

    Oh! I love that! My baby would love this baby so much!

  14. Kat McKerrow Avatar
    Kat McKerrow

    So sweet!

  15. Valerie Avatar

    Too cute!

  16. Kathy Pearson Avatar
    Kathy Pearson

    Love green and dolls

  17. Shannon Avatar


  18. Amie Avatar

    This would be great for baby coming in February! πŸ˜€

  19. Jodi Avatar

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  20. Ashley A. Avatar
    Ashley A.


  21. Laurie Snow Avatar
    Laurie Snow

    Love the Green! πŸ™‚ <3

  22. Anne King Avatar
    Anne King

    Adorable! I know just who would love this!

  23. Kat S Avatar
    Kat S

    What a cutey!

  24. Caelyn VerCande Avatar
    Caelyn VerCande

    So cute!

  25. Christa L Avatar
    Christa L

    thanks for the chance

  26. Rebecca Brown Avatar
    Rebecca Brown

    Oh he is a cutie!

  27. Shannon Craig Avatar
    Shannon Craig

    Oh So cute!!!

  28. Kelly Avraam Avatar
    Kelly Avraam

    Would love to win for my girl twin, Evie! ❀

  29. Melissa Avatar

    Oh…how cute. πŸ™‚ Melissa

  30. Thamo Avatar

    Ooh my LO would love this πŸ™‚

  31. Rosie Muryama Avatar
    Rosie Muryama


  32. Shannon Isenor Avatar
    Shannon Isenor

    My daughter would love to snuggle this baby!

  33. Amber Traylor Avatar
    Amber Traylor

    How precious!

  34. Shannan Avatar


  35. Nadine M Avatar
    Nadine M

    So cute!

  36. MELISSA BAKER Avatar

    Precious! Would love to win!

  37. Amanda Giles Avatar
    Amanda Giles

    I would love this! The green is nice and festive πŸ™‚

  38. Sarah McT Avatar
    Sarah McT

    Such a sweet baby!

  39. Heather Walker Avatar
    Heather Walker

    Yes, please!

  40. Tessa Bowers Avatar
    Tessa Bowers

    eck! Adorable!!! my daughter would love, love, love!!

  41. Jessica H Avatar
    Jessica H

    My little one would love this.

  42. Janet Avatar


  43. Laura Avatar

    Christmasy! How fun. Thanks for your generosity!

  44. Lore Avatar

    Love it

  45. Danielle Cuozzo Avatar
    Danielle Cuozzo

    Sooo cute! Would love this for our first baby (due this spring)!

  46. Katie Kelley Avatar
    Katie Kelley

    My daughter Sophia would love this!

  47. amy m Avatar
    amy m

    Thank you for the chance!!!!!

  48. summer Avatar

    my eloise would adore this!

  49. Jackie DuPlain Avatar
    Jackie DuPlain


  50. Jessica Engler Avatar
    Jessica Engler

    I would love this!

  51. Amy N Avatar
    Amy N

    Love the green!

  52. Lindsay Hook Avatar
    Lindsay Hook

    Would be a beautiful gift for my daughter!!!!

  53. NB Toron Avatar
    NB Toron

    My little Ezra would love this
    -Natalie Toron

  54. Kathryn Predojevic Avatar
    Kathryn Predojevic

    I have 5, but my youngest doesn’t have a baby yet, this would be perfect for him!!!

  55. Erin Brown Avatar
    Erin Brown

    SO cute for the baby!

  56. Lori Gaston Avatar
    Lori Gaston

    Taelyn or Harrison!

  57. Krystal Avatar

    Awww my 9m old would love this!! Thank you for the give away!

  58. Amanda A Avatar
    Amanda A

    We would love this!

  59. Quincy Avatar

    Quincy Gregory!

  60. Tonia Avatar


  61. cara Avatar

    Cute & snuggly!

  62. Crissy DeGravelle Avatar
    Crissy DeGravelle


  63. Chrystel Avatar


  64. kristen green Avatar
    kristen green

    would love this for my girlie…good luck everybody!

  65. Tristan Gonzalez Avatar
    Tristan Gonzalez

    What a beautiful baby!! My fingers are crossed!!

  66. Laura Murray Avatar
    Laura Murray

    Sooo adorable. My 2 year old daughter would love a snuggly soft doll to hug and care for. Thank you for the terrific giveaways!

  67. Melissa T Avatar
    Melissa T


  68. Justi Avatar

    My daughter would love this πŸ™‚

  69. Cyndie Avatar

    my granddaughter, Savannsh, would be overjoyed to hav this cute doll

  70. Misha Avatar

    Oh sweet! I would give this to my cute little grand-niece. <3

  71. Stacey Stephen Avatar
    Stacey Stephen

    My kids would love to snuggle with this baby!

  72. jennifer royster Avatar
    jennifer royster


  73. Beth Crites Avatar
    Beth Crites

    So cute!

  74. Amber C Avatar
    Amber C

    Thank you so much!!!

  75. Kenna Matheisen Avatar
    Kenna Matheisen

    I would love to have this for my daughter! So sweet of you guys!!

  76. Marie Avatar

    So darling!!

  77. Skye C Avatar
    Skye C

    Ooohhh, I love his sweet little curls!!! <3

  78. Caitlin Avatar

    My toddler has one and I would love for her baby brother to get one too!

  79. Becca Ellingsworth Avatar
    Becca Ellingsworth

    So adorable, I’ve got 2 little ones that would love to snuggle up with this baby. <3

  80. tracy Avatar

    love this

  81. Wendy Avatar

    Miss Vada would love this! – Wendy

  82. Lara Tenckhoff Avatar
    Lara Tenckhoff

    So sweet!!

  83. Kimberly Riehm Avatar
    Kimberly Riehm

    Adorable! My little one would love this!

  84. Dolores Herrera Avatar
    Dolores Herrera

    Please! Please! Please!

  85. Kira Branscum Avatar
    Kira Branscum

    We would love her to bits!

  86. Alicia Marie Avatar
    Alicia Marie


  87. Erin Walsh Avatar
    Erin Walsh

    I love her!! Such a gorgeous color!!

  88. Erin Vegter Avatar
    Erin Vegter

    So cute!!

  89. Rachel D Avatar
    Rachel D

    Love, Love and Love

  90. Jackie Miller Avatar
    Jackie Miller

    How adorable!! Thank you for the opportunity!

  91. Sabrina Walsh Avatar
    Sabrina Walsh

    super cute!!

  92. Leanne W. Avatar
    Leanne W.

    Love!! πŸ™‚

  93. Barbie Harwell Avatar
    Barbie Harwell

    <3 thanks for the giveaway!

  94. Wendy williams Avatar
    Wendy williams

    Oh my. ..I really would win her


    My little girl would love this

  96. Cheryl Avatar

    My grand baby would love love this baby!

  97. megan myron Avatar
    megan myron


  98. claire el Avatar
    claire el

    super cute!

  99. Alisia Dopheid Avatar
    Alisia Dopheid

    Oh so adorable!!! Any of my five munchkins would love love love!

  100. Melissa kowalczyk Avatar
    Melissa kowalczyk

    My sweet little Claire would love this adorable baby ❀️

  101. Mia Jones Avatar
    Mia Jones

    Adorable, thanks for the chance!

  102. Charly Sayer Avatar
    Charly Sayer

    My little Layla would so cherish her! And green just so happens to be mamas favorite colour πŸ˜‰ hehe

  103. Andrea Wright Avatar
    Andrea Wright

    What a lovely first companion πŸ™‚

  104. Emily O Avatar
    Emily O

    Super cute! πŸ™‚

  105. Shelly Mo Avatar
    Shelly Mo

    So cute!!!! XO

  106. Elisa S. Avatar
    Elisa S.

    So adorable!

  107. O Smith Avatar
    O Smith

    Adorable. Thank you!

  108. Rachel Small Avatar
    Rachel Small


  109. Alanna Avatar

    So squishy and soft looking!

  110. Jolene Avatar

    This is so lovely and sweet!!

  111. Leanne w Avatar
    Leanne w

    I love these chubby babies!

  112. Susan Ayers Avatar
    Susan Ayers

    So very cute

  113. Ashley M Avatar
    Ashley M

    Ah, so precious!!

  114. Brae Montgomery Avatar
    Brae Montgomery

    My daughter would love this -your stuff is beautiful

  115. Barbara Cortez Avatar
    Barbara Cortez

    My daughter would love to give this sweety a home! Thank you for this chance to win a lovely gift for my little girl.

  116. kimberly Avatar

    So Sweeeeeeeet πŸ™‚

  117. Jo Day Avatar
    Jo Day


  118. Pam Avatar

    We would love to snuggle with her!!

  119. paula grooms Avatar
    paula grooms

    Happy holidays! We would love this under our tree!

  120. heidy de la puente Avatar
    heidy de la puente


  121. Tamika Freeman Avatar
    Tamika Freeman


  122. NinaN Avatar

    He is so sweet!

  123. Dallas Ann Avatar

    What an amazing sweet dolly! So perfect for the little toddler in our house.

  124. Alicia D Avatar
    Alicia D

    So totally adorable!

  125. Kara Avatar

    lovely little snuggler!

  126. Stephanie Di Trapani Avatar
    Stephanie Di Trapani

    What a sweet little snuggle buddy!

  127. Jennifer Slager Avatar
    Jennifer Slager

    My little boy would love to snuggle her!!!

  128. Michelle Avatar

    Green! I love cheerful green.

  129. Melissa K Avatar
    Melissa K


  130. Amanda Lee Avatar
    Amanda Lee

    My Luna would love this!

  131. Tiffany Jardine Avatar
    Tiffany Jardine

    My daughter would love to have this cuddly Bambo to get some snuggles with!

  132. Alexis Croce Avatar
    Alexis Croce

    Alexis Croce. My little girl loves, LOVES, baby dolls!

  133. tosha Avatar


  134. Sarah Barak Avatar
    Sarah Barak

    Oh my son would love this!!!

  135. Courtney G. Avatar
    Courtney G.

    So sweet :)!

  136. Jasmine Salame Avatar
    Jasmine Salame

    Sweet lovey!!

  137. lark Avatar

    So sweet! Perfect for my pregnant niece!

  138. Stella Avatar

    So cute!!

  139. Lindsay Elzinga Avatar

    Would love to win one of these:) their beautiful:)

  140. Amanda H Avatar
    Amanda H

    She’d get lots of love here <3 I have an almost 3 year old daughter and one on the way πŸ™‚

  141. Ruth Avatar

    Lovely! – Ruth

  142. Kat S Avatar
    Kat S

    My youngest would love this!

  143. Bridget Avatar

    What a sweet little Christmas bundle!

  144. Leigh Meek Avatar
    Leigh Meek

    We would love to have this baby for Emmy!

  145. Sarah T Avatar
    Sarah T

    Sarah T πŸ™‚ I would love this for my daycare!!

  146. Jax Anderson Avatar
    Jax Anderson

    So super cute & squishy!

  147. Cara Obermeyer Avatar
    Cara Obermeyer

    So stinkin cute!!! Thank you for being so generous !

  148. Elizabeth Bean Avatar
    Elizabeth Bean

    My little girl would LOVE her!!

  149. Cassi Laskowski Avatar
    Cassi Laskowski

    So cute! Would love to win this for my little one!

  150. Laurie Wiltse Avatar
    Laurie Wiltse


  151. Beth Schwartz Avatar
    Beth Schwartz


  152. Kim F Avatar
    Kim F

    So cute

  153. Yvone Scott Avatar
    Yvone Scott

    Looks liek a little peas pod ! Love her`1

  154. Shirley Avatar

    ohhhh lovely πŸ™‚

  155. M Avatar

    LOVE him!!!!!!

  156. Lindsy S Avatar
    Lindsy S

    Super cute!!

  157. Jo-lynn F Avatar
    Jo-lynn F

    Yes please!!

  158. shannon Avatar

    What a cute little guy!

  159. Dawn Avatar

    Sweet Pea such a cute Snuggle Baby

  160. Kristen Delahoussaye Avatar
    Kristen Delahoussaye

    My baby needs this baby!

  161. Jamie Avatar

    What a cutie!

  162. Teresa Beeler Avatar
    Teresa Beeler

    My daughter would love! <3

  163. Maureen Webber Avatar

    All I want for Christmas is a snuggle baby, a snuggle baby…. A snuggle baby… All I want for Xmas is a snuggle baby so I can wish it merry Christmas πŸ˜‰

  164. Jaclyn Avatar

    This is gorgeous! Would be perfect for our newest baby coming in February. πŸ™‚

  165. LynnMarie Avatar

    so adorable!

  166. Jacqueline Avatar

    Thanks for getting us into the spirit!

  167. CJ Avatar

    Aww so sweet and ready for a loving home I know of one!

  168. Marissa Avatar


  169. Kelli M. Avatar
    Kelli M.

    Kelli McCormick

  170. Katy Avatar

    Thank you!

  171. Elisa F Avatar
    Elisa F

    Aww what an amazing dolly!! Thank you for the chance!! πŸ˜€

  172. Jill Cruz Avatar
    Jill Cruz

    I have always wanted one of these, and this one is perfect!!!

  173. Mellissa Coles Avatar
    Mellissa Coles

    Would love this!!

  174. Mandy-Lee Rosacker Avatar
    Mandy-Lee Rosacker

    Spoon sweet!! Love the colour

  175. Chelsea Preston Avatar
    Chelsea Preston

    He is so cute !!!!!! Chelsea Preston

  176. Abby Avatar

    Awwwww!!! Love this! I would love to win so I could give this to my soon to be niece or nephew!!! πŸ™‚

  177. Jen Avatar


  178. Erin Avatar

    What a cutie!

  179. Emily Jenkins Avatar
    Emily Jenkins

    So sweet! My little girl would love this πŸ™‚

  180. Michelle Brown Avatar
    Michelle Brown

    Oh wow, we need this. its adorable and looks just like my toddler. she would be in love! you guys rock

  181. Kristy Purcell Avatar
    Kristy Purcell

    Very sweet and snuggly looking πŸ™‚

  182. Kelly Barkman Avatar
    Kelly Barkman

    What a cutie!

  183. Hilarie G Avatar
    Hilarie G

    That little fellow would have a wonderful home with my little fellow!

  184. Candace Avatar

    Super cute! Reminds me of a glow worm

  185. Shelley Ricci Avatar
    Shelley Ricci

    Love it

  186. Jodi Avatar

    so cute!

  187. Amanda McGrath Avatar
    Amanda McGrath

    Such a cute little snuggle baby!

  188. Kerry Avatar

    Love her!

  189. Jennifer Schoenfeld Avatar
    Jennifer Schoenfeld

    Adorable! We would love this in our house for all the kids to love and hug!

  190. Sarapha Avatar

    What a wonderful snuggle buddy.

  191. Laurie S Avatar
    Laurie S

    ooh green and cuddly!

  192. Katina H. Avatar
    Katina H.

    Such a sweet little face! My daughter would love a snuggle baby. πŸ™‚

  193. Catherine R. Avatar

    Adorable! I love the green.

  194. Carol V Avatar
    Carol V


  195. Siobhan Avatar

    a little sweet pea!

  196. Sara Avatar

    These dolls are adorable!

  197. Jessica B Avatar
    Jessica B

    This would be so sweet in my Sammie’s first stocking! πŸ™‚

  198. Heather H Avatar
    Heather H

    This would be perfect for my 6 month old!

  199. Shelby LaManna Avatar
    Shelby LaManna

    Shelby LaManna πŸ˜€

  200. Sandy Avatar


  201. Sarah Avatar

    So sweet and my favorite color!

  202. Tina Grillo Avatar
    Tina Grillo

    Love the green!

  203. Sue Avatar

    Sooooo cute

  204. Heather M Avatar

    Sadie would love this!

  205. Aly Sidjakov Avatar
    Aly Sidjakov

    crossing my toes and fingers πŸ™‚

  206. Melissa Avatar

    So cute!

  207. mandy Veliz Avatar
    mandy Veliz

    Would make a wonderful gift for my daughter’s first Christmas. Waiting until she is a couple years older to get her a classic bambolleta.

  208. Natalie Wipf Avatar
    Natalie Wipf

    I’d be so happy to give this falling a new home

  209. Abi Avatar

    Thanks for the chance!

  210. Stephanie Avatar

    So sweet! <3

  211. stacy hancock Avatar
    stacy hancock

    i have a snuggle bug who’d love a snuggle baby!

  212. Laura Avatar

    Cannot hurt to try!! ~ LAURA

  213. Melanie Nelson Avatar
    Melanie Nelson

    Very sweet!

  214. Molly m Avatar
    Molly m

    My Ella has been begging for one of these!

  215. Julia Childress Avatar
    Julia Childress

    Would love to win one!

  216. Michele kane Avatar
    Michele kane

    My dark haired blue eyed baby would LOVE a baby that looks like her twin!

  217. natalie brown Avatar
    natalie brown

    your name πŸ˜‰

  218. Alex Avatar

    Fingers crossed!

  219. Rebecca Hutchison Avatar
    Rebecca Hutchison

    I would love this!

  220. Jane N. Avatar
    Jane N.

    I have a LO who would love to snuggle with this cutie!

  221. Michelle Quarterman Avatar
    Michelle Quarterman


  222. Bria Avatar

    So cute!

  223. jennJK Avatar

    cute, cute! πŸ™‚

  224. Tandie Kirkpatrick Avatar
    Tandie Kirkpatrick

    adorable snuggly buddy! πŸ™‚

  225. Krista Manson Avatar
    Krista Manson

    It looks so sweet πŸ™‚

  226. Kim Asian-Thunder Giovannini Avatar
    Kim Asian-Thunder Giovannini

    What?!! A Green Snuggle Baby?!! yes, please!

  227. Laura Avatar

    So cute!

  228. Holly Avatar


  229. Meghan Long Avatar
    Meghan Long


  230. Mary Marshall Avatar
    Mary Marshall

    My little boy would LOVE this!! So beautiful πŸ™‚

  231. Andrea Avatar

    Aww, what a cutie. My LO would love this.

  232. Lorene Jones Avatar
    Lorene Jones

    Super Cute!

  233. Chelsie Campbell Avatar
    Chelsie Campbell

    My daughter would love this!

  234. Adrienne Roberts Avatar
    Adrienne Roberts


  235. Melissa Avatar

    Melissa Schell

  236. Sarah Paulsen Avatar
    Sarah Paulsen

    So cute! My kiddo would love it!

  237. Kelsey Avatar

    Love the sweet face and curly hair!

  238. Liz Avatar

    Oh, she is such a dear. Perfect snuggle friend for my younger little girl.

  239. Alicia H Avatar
    Alicia H

    Would love this for my little guy! Happy Holidays!!

  240. Amanda Duncan Avatar
    Amanda Duncan


  241. Jenn A Avatar
    Jenn A

    Would *love* to have this under our tree β™₯

  242. Arizona Dutt Avatar
    Arizona Dutt

    Beautiful! Thank you for the giveaway!

  243. april novack Avatar
    april novack

    would love a chance πŸ™‚

  244. Aliya khan Avatar
    Aliya khan

    Love it

  245. Megan Lunt Avatar
    Megan Lunt

    So cute!!

  246. Chantel Avatar

    So sweet, would love to win

  247. Mindy Avatar

    So sweet! my little ones would love a snuggle baby!

  248. Kennita mains Avatar
    Kennita mains

    Super cute! Thanks

  249. Chelle O Avatar
    Chelle O

    My son would love this cute baby

  250. sarah simmons Avatar
    sarah simmons

    this would be an awesome gift for my daughters first Christmas!! she LOVES dolls!

  251. Brooke Gruehn Avatar
    Brooke Gruehn

    We would love to win!

  252. Judyth Z Avatar
    Judyth Z

    So sweet!!

  253. Stacie Walker Avatar
    Stacie Walker

    Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  254. Rhonda Waldorf Avatar
    Rhonda Waldorf

    Us please!!!!!

  255. Kimberly Avatar

    Crossing fingers! Thank you so much for the chance.:)

  256. Simone J Avatar
    Simone J

    I would love this for my baby girl due this winter!

  257. Dani Avatar

    I love this shade of green and my little one love cuddles!

  258. Kelsey Williamson Avatar
    Kelsey Williamson

    Cute! πŸ™‚

  259. Megan Crose Avatar
    Megan Crose

    My little boy, Finn, would love this! Fingers crossed, thanks for the chance!

  260. Angy P. Avatar
    Angy P.

    Lovely doll!

  261. Christina K. Avatar
    Christina K.

    Adorable! So cozy!

  262. Melissa Avatar

    Love! Thanks for the chance! πŸ™‚

  263. Celeste JW Avatar
    Celeste JW

    Awww adorable!

  264. NAJ Avatar

    Oh, so sweet!! Love this sweet one.

  265. Kristiana Neal Avatar
    Kristiana Neal

    My little girl would love this!

  266. Su Skerl Avatar
    Su Skerl

    Thanks for the wonderful contest!

  267. Sarah Ficko Avatar
    Sarah Ficko

    My little girl would love this!

  268. J Elliott Avatar
    J Elliott

    Sweet pea!

  269. Sheena Avatar

    So Cute:)

  270. leanne spencer Avatar
    leanne spencer


  271. Laura Avatar

    the snuggle babies are so sweet!

  272. Tiffany Kandell Avatar
    Tiffany Kandell

    So sweet

  273. Andrea G Avatar
    Andrea G

    So snuggly looking!

  274. Kellie Sevier Avatar
    Kellie Sevier

    I would love to win this for my granddaughter who will be born very soon. Perfect for her first Christmas! My granddaughter’s name will be Ashauni πŸ™‚

  275. Erin M Avatar
    Erin M

    Would love to win this for my baby! Thanks for the chance!

  276. Courtenay Austin Avatar
    Courtenay Austin

    Thank you!!

  277. Gena Avatar

    A snuggle baby has been on our wish list for some time now! Thank you for the chance!

  278. Marie M Avatar
    Marie M

    Thank you for the chance sweet ladies.

  279. DIANE S DAVIS Avatar

    I am getting a new grand daughter in March would love to have this to put under the tree.

  280. Tammy Crosby Avatar
    Tammy Crosby

    Super cute! Like a little snow pea πŸ™‚

  281. Heidi Avatar

    Oh, yes please for my beautiful midwife friend about to birth her own first babe!

  282. Mery Avatar


  283. Melissa Romandy Avatar
    Melissa Romandy


  284. Deanne Avatar


  285. Cheryl Lynne Avatar
    Cheryl Lynne

    Soooo precious!!!

  286. Nicole P Avatar
    Nicole P

    My Evie would love this baby! Thanks so much for a chance to win!

  287. Heather E-H Avatar
    Heather E-H

    My little girl Leona would love this!

  288. Christine T Avatar
    Christine T

    My daughter would LOVE her!

  289. amanda longmore Avatar
    amanda longmore

    Would love this baby!

  290. Jennifer P Avatar
    Jennifer P

    My favorite color!

  291. Elizabeth Godschalx Wisniewski Avatar
    Elizabeth Godschalx Wisniewski

    This would be a great gift for our new niece!

  292. Leslie Mahar Avatar
    Leslie Mahar

    Love love love! My wee boy would love this cutie!

  293. Kendra Baise Avatar
    Kendra Baise

    My daughter would love this!

  294. Jessica Norris Avatar
    Jessica Norris

    So sweet.

  295. Michelle R Avatar

    Oh so adorable!

  296. Sarah Horsman Avatar
    Sarah Horsman

    Super cute!!!

  297. Idelle Avatar

    Love the color

  298. Nadia L. Avatar
    Nadia L.

    How sweet!

  299. crista smith Avatar
    crista smith

    thank you!! i would love to give this to my girls!

  300. Carly Avatar

    So Cute!

  301. Shea Bristo Avatar
    Shea Bristo

    How cute!! Thanks for the chance.

  302. felicia Avatar

    Would love to win this for my sweet niece!

  303. Rita Walker Avatar
    Rita Walker

    Would love to share this with my special young ones!

  304. Tara S. Avatar
    Tara S.

    So sweet!

  305. Tanya Johnston Avatar
    Tanya Johnston

    so sweet

  306. Amber Dorn Avatar
    Amber Dorn

    This dolly would be perfect for my two year old little boy. He loves playing “daddy”. πŸ™‚

  307. Becky Lee Avatar
    Becky Lee

    would love this for my friends little one!

  308. Jen Avatar

    Deliciously cute!

  309. michelle forbrs Avatar
    michelle forbrs

    Pick us!!!

  310. Tricia E. Avatar
    Tricia E.

    So adorable! My little one would love it!

  311. Lin Avatar

    So cute!

  312. Victoria Avatar

    This makes me want a fire, warm tea and a blanket πŸ™‚ all cuddly!!

  313. Tracy Avatar

    My sweet little 6 month old would love to hug and cuddle this precious one!

  314. Kate Avatar

    How adorable!

  315. Ashley V Avatar
    Ashley V

    We would give this sweet baby a loving home!

  316. Maureen Webber Avatar
    Maureen Webber

    Not trying to sign in again just figured out a better/ clearer ending to my tone:
    All I want for Christmas is a snuggle baby, a snuggle baby…. A snuggle baby… All I want for Xmas is a snuggle baby so my Son can wish it Merry Christmas πŸ˜‰

  317. Vanessa LeBlanc Avatar
    Vanessa LeBlanc

    Would LUV LUV this for a special lil girl!

  318. Jennifer Avatar

    We would love this!

  319. Margo Avatar

    My middle girl would adore this!

  320. Pam W. Avatar
    Pam W.


  321. Wendy Avatar

    She’s adorable!

  322. Angie Avatar

    My daughter would love this! So cute!

  323. Stacey Wiggins Avatar
    Stacey Wiggins

    My Avery Kate would love this!!

  324. Candi Avatar

    I would love to have this for my daughter! It’s so cute πŸ™‚

  325. Anna Walter Avatar
    Anna Walter


  326. Lee L Avatar
    Lee L

    I know a little someone who would enjoy this. thanks for the chance.

  327. Heather M. K. Avatar
    Heather M. K.

    So cute!

  328. Michelle Avatar

    Love her!

  329. Hilari Avatar

    Would love to win! Thanks for the opportunity!

  330. Alexis Avatar

    Love this lil’dolly!

  331. Briana McNamara Avatar
    Briana McNamara

    This would be a marvelous first doll for my kid!

  332. Rachel Daniels Avatar
    Rachel Daniels

    My newest babe would love this.

  333. Darcy Ramwell Avatar
    Darcy Ramwell

    So Cute!

  334. Korrina Avatar

    My little one loves to snuggle.

  335. Misty Avatar

    I have a two year old that would love this!

  336. Leslie Avatar

    Would love this for my nephew coming in May!

  337. Christy Forrester Avatar
    Christy Forrester

    Aww isn’t he just adorable πŸ™‚

  338. Ashley Glennon Avatar
    Ashley Glennon

    So cute!! What a beautiful green!! <3

  339. On nice Avatar
    On nice

    So cute!

  340. shana Avatar

    So sweet, such a beautiful color!

  341. Lisa Jennings Avatar
    Lisa Jennings


  342. Hannah Avatar

    What a lovely snuggle friend!

  343. Lisa Avatar

    Would love this for my sweet grand-daughter <3

  344. Kylie willcox Avatar
    Kylie willcox

    I would love this for my Daughter, Marley Selena! It’s her favourite colour and she hasn’t been given a doll yet, it would make her first Christmas extra special!

  345. Anne Chegwidden Avatar
    Anne Chegwidden

    Sooooo cute!

  346. Liz Williams Avatar

    Would love this sweet baby!

  347. Vanessa Avatar

    My Mila would love this one πŸ™‚

  348. Jennifer Avatar

    So cute! πŸ™‚

  349. Rachael Edwards Avatar
    Rachael Edwards

    how cute!!

  350. Steph W. Avatar
    Steph W.

    Lol hello my name is Steph Weis and I LOVE Bamboletta dolls πŸ™‚ hehe

  351. Betsy White Avatar
    Betsy White

    Would love this little cutie! (so would my daughter!) πŸ˜‰

  352. Erica_C Avatar


  353. Vanessa Avatar

    I’d love this one for my little doll Mila πŸ™‚ thanks!

  354. Michelle Avatar


  355. kim Avatar

    love the color!

  356. Tineke Avatar


  357. Julia Janzen Avatar

    How sweet! I know several little girls that would adore her.

  358. Krista Banerd Avatar
    Krista Banerd

    So sweet!

  359. Kimberly Avatar

    So cute and snuggly! Love the color.

  360. Anna-Marie Ward Avatar
    Anna-Marie Ward

    Oh my little girl would just adore this!

  361. Rachelle Ruddell Avatar
    Rachelle Ruddell

    Love this little baby! She’d be a perfect Christmas present for my 5 month old. We’d be sure and give her a good home! πŸ™‚

  362. Katie B Avatar
    Katie B


  363. Sara Marx Avatar
    Sara Marx

    perfect for hoiday hugs

  364. Susie H. Avatar
    Susie H.

    Really sweet and wonderful color!!

  365. Jane Avatar

    A gift for a friends new baby!!

  366. Brandy A Avatar
    Brandy A


  367. Nicky Avatar

    so sweet!

  368. Calley Avatar


  369. Karen Avatar

    love πŸ™‚

  370. Carla Avatar

    Carla Hazlet. My keiki would live to carry around this cutie in the bags!

  371. Jaime MacDonough Avatar
    Jaime MacDonough

    Adorable silk / glow worm

  372. Josefine Avatar

    I love this and my baby boy would as well!

  373. crystal Avatar


  374. Stacia Avatar

    Would love this for my girl!

  375. Alexandra Avatar


  376. Resi Avatar

    How cute!

  377. Jamie B. Avatar
    Jamie B.


  378. Nadine Avatar

    so cute my girls would love this <3

  379. Sara walker Avatar
    Sara walker

    It’s so cute!!

  380. Linsay Avatar

    Love it!

  381. Kathryn Bergeron Avatar
    Kathryn Bergeron

    Adorable! I’m pregnant and I think my baby would love this.

  382. Dawn U Avatar
    Dawn U

    Perfect first doll for my soon to be niece

  383. Shannon jewers Avatar
    Shannon jewers

    So cute

  384. shandelle meeker Avatar
    shandelle meeker

    Yes please

  385. Anne Avatar

    Oh so cute! Would be a cute gift in my baby boy’s stocking

  386. Rebecca Peters Avatar
    Rebecca Peters

    Rebecca Peters is my name! So cute!

  387. Tanya Reid Avatar
    Tanya Reid

    The perfect cuddle friend.

  388. LisaS Avatar

    Thank you.

  389. Jennifer Richard Avatar
    Jennifer Richard

    Chloe has been after me for one of these for a while and I keep missing them!

  390. Andrea Unrau Avatar
    Andrea Unrau

    Love it!

  391. Kandi Avatar

    Team green! So cute

  392. Danielle K-C Avatar
    Danielle K-C

    Squishy xo

  393. Shannon Hunt Avatar
    Shannon Hunt

    I know the perfect baby for this doll. πŸ™‚

  394. misti deveau Avatar
    misti deveau

    Super cute!!

  395. Sue Avatar

    There all so incredible.

  396. Brenda Lacourciere Avatar
    Brenda Lacourciere

    My little Maple would love this!

  397. Amber Lowery Avatar
    Amber Lowery


  398. Andrea Avatar

    We would welcome that babe with open arms!

  399. Hue Avatar

    A perfect gift for the little miss.

  400. Dianne Avatar

    These are adorable!!

  401. Cassandra Avatar

    Aw! How super cute!

  402. Esther Chanie Dushinsky Avatar
    Esther Chanie Dushinsky

    LOVE this! I’m sure my twin girls will fight over it.

  403. Amy P Avatar
    Amy P


  404. Heather Barrett Avatar
    Heather Barrett

    So sweet!

  405. Jaime Taylor Avatar
    Jaime Taylor

    Super cute!!!

  406. Susan Avatar

    So cute!

  407. Stefanie Turley Avatar
    Stefanie Turley

    So cute!

  408. Larissa Estrella Avatar
    Larissa Estrella


  409. Terressa Avatar

    Love it!! *fingers crossed*

  410. Jodie cook Jarvis Avatar
    Jodie cook Jarvis

    Would love love love this sweet cuddle doll πŸ™‚

  411. kyla christy Avatar
    kyla christy

    so cute love it !

  412. Christa DeHart Avatar
    Christa DeHart

    How adorable!

  413. Laura Avatar

    Penny would love it!

  414. Jess d Avatar
    Jess d

    So adorable!

  415. Courtney Rosser Avatar
    Courtney Rosser

    Thanks for the chance!

  416. Jessica Siddall Avatar
    Jessica Siddall

    So snuggly sweet!

  417. Andrea Avatar


  418. Tanya Avatar

    So perfect for my newest little baby girl (:

  419. sarah porritt Avatar
    sarah porritt

    oh too cute. πŸ˜€

  420. Liana Gabriele Avatar
    Liana Gabriele

    pick me! pick me!

  421. chelsea jardine Avatar
    chelsea jardine

    Would love this for Fabiola’s first birthday! Happy holidays everyone.

  422. Stacy Avatar

    “Oh (little) baby, it’s cold outside!” Come to our house and we will warm you with out hearts!

  423. kathy Avatar

    would love to win this sweet cuddle doll for a friend’s daughter!

  424. Blanca Brazell Avatar
    Blanca Brazell

    Us please!! sooo cute!!

  425. Sami Gale Avatar
    Sami Gale

    OOh I’ve been wanting a cuddly for my little girl.

  426. Casey Barrett Avatar
    Casey Barrett

    Love it! It would be a great present for a little girl having a rough time.

  427. nikki watts Avatar
    nikki watts


  428. Tonie Avatar

    Grandma may have a hard time parting with this.

  429. Avatar

    Samantha Dayton!!! My 1yr old daughter loves these β™‘

  430. Amber Hill Avatar
    Amber Hill

    Love these!!

  431. Sarah Avatar

    So cute!

  432. Karen Powers Avatar
    Karen Powers

    What an adorable little baby!

  433. Jushunica Brooks Avatar
    Jushunica Brooks

    My daughter would love this she loves to snuggle with babies.

  434. Justine McD. Avatar
    Justine McD.

    My daughter would be in love with this!

  435. Tina M Avatar
    Tina M

    She’s a beauty…my three daughters would love her!

  436. jamie hicks Avatar
    jamie hicks


  437. Aimee Finlay Avatar
    Aimee Finlay

    Sweet pea baby doll!

  438. Shawna Smith Avatar
    Shawna Smith

    So cute!

  439. Stephenie Dame Avatar

    So so sweet πŸ™‚

  440. Anna Volpe Avatar
    Anna Volpe

    What a snuggle bug!!!

  441. Barbara Ishii Avatar
    Barbara Ishii

    Super cute! Love the 12 days giveaway!!

  442. Lydia Avatar

    I I love this little dolly!

  443. Lindsay Beane Avatar
    Lindsay Beane


  444. natalia Avatar

    So, so cute!!!

  445. Megh Avatar

    My favorite color!!:)

  446. Katrina Mills Avatar
    Katrina Mills


  447. Erika Teigland Avatar
    Erika Teigland

    GREEN <3 <3 <3

  448. Wendy Weng Avatar
    Wendy Weng

    Love !

  449. Monique L Avatar
    Monique L

    Sooooo cute!

  450. Susan Z Avatar
    Susan Z

    So cute! My great niece would love it !

  451. Shannon Avatar

    Super cute!

  452. Shana B. Avatar
    Shana B.

    So cute! Thanks for the opportunity!

  453. Athena K Avatar
    Athena K

    So sweet. We are due in April with our son. This would be perfect. πŸ™‚

  454. Shannon J Avatar
    Shannon J

    My son would snuggle this baby all day long!
    Thank you for your consideration .
    My son’s name is Wilder πŸ™‚

  455. Joanie Avatar

    My son would love this!

  456. Lauren Kaye Avatar

    So cute! I can see my daughter snuggling this all night.

  457. Haley Avatar

    My little girl with autism would love this sweet babe to snuggle!

  458. Elizabeth Avatar


  459. Julie Hunter Avatar
    Julie Hunter

    So sweet!

  460. Christy Wilcoxson Avatar
    Christy Wilcoxson

    love this little guy!

  461. Gale hart Avatar
    Gale hart

    Sweetpea for my little granddaughter Sydney First birthday. I never get to see her because she lives 3000 miles away but she is coming to see Grammy for her first birthday 12/26 πŸ™‚

  462. ARROW Z Avatar

    yay! this would be a dream come true!

  463. Jennifer Harshman Avatar
    Jennifer Harshman

    Love the green!

  464. Raven Fyre Avatar
    Raven Fyre

    How cute and I love the green!

  465. Suzanne Avatar

    I’d love this for my little girl’s first Christmas!

  466. Courtney Scaggs Avatar
    Courtney Scaggs

    Cutie pie!!

  467. Roxy Avatar

    Oh dear – these are just too . . . cuddly! And sweet!

  468. Caitlin Rohwein Avatar
    Caitlin Rohwein

    How sweet!

  469. Rena Avatar

    Such a cutie!

  470. Karah M Avatar
    Karah M

    Green is mine and my daughter’s favourite colour. <3

  471. Jessica Avatar

    This would be great for new babe coming in April!

  472. Joyce Johnson Avatar

    Sweet little baby!

  473. Jennifer Avatar

    We would love this cutie!

  474. Nicole S Avatar
    Nicole S

    Oh it’s so sweet! My fingers are crossed!

  475. Nikki B Avatar
    Nikki B

    Love!! So cute!

  476. Linda M. Faith Avatar
    Linda M. Faith

    I would love this adorable dolly for my granddaughter, Cora Violet. She would squeal with delight!

  477. Hannah Avatar

    My 18 month old would LOVE this!

  478. Renea Pike Avatar
    Renea Pike

    We would love this for new baby coming in March πŸ™‚

  479. Danni Avatar

    super cute!

  480. Jai Conroy Avatar
    Jai Conroy

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  481. Jessica nelles Avatar

    Would LOVE to win this for my daughter!

  482. liz Avatar

    Christmas is for kids, I know a little girl that would be so happy to get this Christmas morning.

  483. Melissa Gosbee Avatar
    Melissa Gosbee

    I’d live to win this! So cute

  484. Alicia Avatar

    So cute!

  485. Sandra Schniederjan Avatar
    Sandra Schniederjan

    Still trying for a doll for my granddaughter,lol. Tough to get one. Merry Christmas to you all!

  486. Christine Avatar

    I’m always up for a snuggle!

  487. Stacy crouse Avatar
    Stacy crouse

    need this for my babe!!!

  488. Katie G Avatar
    Katie G


  489. Sandra Schniederjan Avatar
    Sandra Schniederjan

    Missed on the call in twice. Still would love one for my granddaughter. Merry Christmas to all of you!

  490. Kaylan Avatar

    Would love this! Thanks for the opportunity.

  491. Ashley Enfield Avatar
    Ashley Enfield

    Love your shop and everything in it

  492. Jeanne S. Avatar
    Jeanne S.

    So Snugglin’ cute!

  493. Lisa b Avatar
    Lisa b

    So sweet!

  494. Karen K Avatar
    Karen K

    Looks so soft, squishy and a perfect first doll!

  495. Ann Kilbreath Avatar
    Ann Kilbreath

    A green baby dioll for an Irish baby.

  496. Jen Avatar

    My little girl would love this!

  497. Jennifer G. Avatar
    Jennifer G.

    So cute!

  498. Lynn Avatar

    So sweet!!! Thanks for the chance! πŸ™‚

  499. Brie Avatar

    So cuddly! Would love to give him a squeeze

  500. Jade Avatar

    How adorable!

  501. Sandra Young Avatar

    Have a great niece who would cherish this cutie!

  502. Samantha Avatar

    My youngest would love this!

  503. Tanya W Avatar
    Tanya W

    So cute!! Miss Fiona has been talking about a snuggle baby for ages. She would love one! Thank you again for your amazing generosity.

  504. christine b Avatar
    christine b

    snuggly cute!

  505. Allie Rae Avatar
    Allie Rae

    PICK ME, PICK ME, PICK ME LOL Thanks for the chance!!!

  506. Kali Avatar

    Perfect for my little babe Cora. 4 months old, big sister Mazie has a bambo doll that I got about 2 years ago.

  507. Patricia Avatar

    So cute!!!

  508. Shelley Avatar

    So sweet!

  509. Samantha Odo Avatar
    Samantha Odo

    Thank you! This is super cute!

  510. Desiree Baron Avatar
    Desiree Baron

    Love it

  511. Shelley Avatar

    This might be that “perfect” gift I’ve been trying to come up with for my wee nephew on his first Christmas!

  512. Beverley Avatar

    Fourth time lucky?

  513. Adriana Espinoza Avatar
    Adriana Espinoza

    I would love to win this for my Hana πŸ™‚

  514. cheryl Avatar

    Would love a little snuggle here. Thanks!

  515. Maureen Rough Avatar
    Maureen Rough

    She would be perfect for my new baby granddaughter and she looks like her too!

  516. Randi Hunter Avatar
    Randi Hunter

    <3 These Little Snugglies

  517. Gina Avatar

    I would love this!!!

  518. Renata CatΓ£o Avatar
    Renata CatΓ£o

    I want so much..My Valentina woud love!!!

  519. Bekki Bielas Avatar
    Bekki Bielas

    My daughter would love to snuggle this sweet baby!

  520. Melissa B Avatar
    Melissa B

    Too precious!

  521. Jennifer Hultman Avatar
    Jennifer Hultman

    Too cute!

  522. Stacie whiteman Avatar
    Stacie whiteman

    My Chelley would so love this doll πŸ™‚

  523. Lindsay Wallace Avatar
    Lindsay Wallace

    This is gorgeous!

  524. Amy P Avatar
    Amy P

    What a sweet pea!

  525. marina carroll Avatar
    marina carroll

    sweet pea!!!

  526. Candace Avatar

    I love this! So sweet!

  527. Kim Cochran Avatar
    Kim Cochran

    Love it:)

  528. Krista Marchetti Avatar
    Krista Marchetti

    So cute!

  529. Sacha Avatar

    Thank you!!! ❀️

  530. Tina M. Avatar
    Tina M.

    This would make a great gift for the newest baby in my family!

  531. Krystal Crompton Avatar
    Krystal Crompton

    So adorable!

  532. Sherri Avatar

    Love it!!!

  533. Amy post Avatar
    Amy post

    Baby on the way would love to snuggle one of these!

  534. shannon j Avatar
    shannon j

    Just starting to introduce my sweet lady to bambolettas–this one is just too cute!

  535. melina Avatar

    So cute…my 3 yo just loves babies!

  536. Brianne Avatar

    Seriously love this – so cute πŸ™‚

  537. Kate Avatar

    I love the hair!

  538. Jessica Avatar

    So Sweet!!!!

  539. Sue Avatar

    Soooooooo Cute!!

  540. Jackie Avatar

    Love the snuggle babies – perfect for little ones’ best friends

  541. Beth S. Avatar
    Beth S.

    These are so sweet!!

  542. Jen Avatar

    Oh my goodness! So soft and snuggly looking!

  543. Katherine H Avatar
    Katherine H

    Adorable! Thanks for the chance!

  544. Susan Kim Avatar
    Susan Kim

    Perfect first bamboletta for our 6 week old!!!

  545. Barb Avatar

    My two year old son broke his leg yesterday and a cuddle doll would make him do happy.

  546. Samantha Avatar

    Oh so sweet πŸ˜€

  547. Rishelle Avatar

    Love this πŸ™‚

  548. claudia Avatar

    that is one sweet baby,

  549. Jenn Avatar

    What a special Christmas baby

  550. Donna Johnson Avatar
    Donna Johnson

    So cute! Ty

  551. Colleen Avatar

    Yay, another cutie!

  552. windy Avatar

    Very sweet snuggle baby πŸ™‚

  553. Rebekah Avatar

    So cute!! Thank you ladies for the chance to win!

  554. Nan Avatar

    fingers crossed!

  555. Alyssa W Avatar
    Alyssa W

    So cute!

  556. sarah hassell Avatar
    sarah hassell

    This is what i imagine a sweet pea to look like!

  557. Ilene Chalmers Avatar
    Ilene Chalmers

    OMG!! Adorable Snuggle Baby!!! LOVE!!

  558. Isabelle Avatar


  559. Rachel Avatar

    Love this sweetie!

  560. Kimberly Avatar


  561. genia Avatar


  562. Jaycie Avatar

    Jaycie shugart please

  563. Barb Bakke Avatar
    Barb Bakke

    Love -soo cuddly!

  564. Jenne hayden Avatar
    Jenne hayden


  565. Tammy Avatar

    How sweet! My little one would love this.

  566. Joyce Avatar

    Love this precious green snugly! πŸ™‚

  567. megan bridgeman Avatar
    megan bridgeman

    Soooo cute!

  568. Terri Avatar

    So very kind of you – thank you for the chance. : )

  569. Helen and the fox Avatar
    Helen and the fox

    So cute!

  570. Amanda orozco Avatar
    Amanda orozco

    So Cute! My daughter would love this for Christmas!

  571. Alma Avatar

    Love it!

  572. Kathy Avatar

    So sweet!

  573. Andrea Avatar

    This snuggle baby is adorable!!

  574. Sharry Hillebrand Avatar
    Sharry Hillebrand

    Merry Christmas to you all at Bamboletta.

  575. Leah Avatar

    Love it!

  576. Devon Lang Avatar
    Devon Lang

    My little man would love this

  577. April w Avatar
    April w


  578. Barbara Taylor Avatar
    Barbara Taylor

    It gets really cold in Cincinnati in the winter. And she is sooooo adorable.

  579. Jenny Sokalski Avatar
    Jenny Sokalski

    Me please !!

  580. Taylor sanders Avatar
    Taylor sanders

    Love your dolls!

  581. Isabelle Avatar


  582. Anne Avatar

    Adorable!!! My baby would love to have it!

  583. cheryl Avatar


  584. Kelli Woodruff Avatar
    Kelli Woodruff

    Awe, too sweet. My little baby Vaughn (9 months old) would totally love him!!!! He loves the texture of everything, this would be perfect for him. Happy Holidays !

  585. Erin E Avatar
    Erin E

    So sweet! My son would love this Snuggle baby!

  586. Robyn G Avatar
    Robyn G

    My little guy would love this little guy!

  587. Melissa Avatar

    My Shiloh would love this. Too cute!!!

  588. dawn Porter Avatar
    dawn Porter

    What a great addition to anyone’s family! My 3 year old would love him. <3

  589. Rebecca Avatar

    I LOVE it! This would be the perfect first snuggle baby to join our family…or whoever is the lucky winner!

  590. Becky Christensen Avatar
    Becky Christensen


  591. Stacy Avatar


  592. Jill Kohlenberg Avatar
    Jill Kohlenberg

    I’m sending a wish and a prayer that my sweet niece will find this under the Christmas tree!

  593. Kristy Beebe Avatar
    Kristy Beebe

    <3 Adorable!

  594. Jennyroo Avatar

    oooh! I know the perfect baby for this little snuggle baby! Still cooking for a few more weeks but almost ready to be born, she’ll love it!

  595. Marianne Fonseca Avatar
    Marianne Fonseca

    Very cute, my daughter would love her

  596. Lauren M Avatar
    Lauren M

    Very cute!!

  597. Bianca Avatar

    Love the green

  598. Cynthia C Avatar
    Cynthia C

    This is so precious! Thank you for the opportunity & happy holidays everyone!

  599. Allyse Avatar

    Baby Abby would just love this! So adorable!! Count us in πŸ™‚

  600. Madeline A Avatar
    Madeline A

    So snuggly looking. πŸ™‚

  601. Andra Avatar

    So cute! My daughter would love to snuggle this adorable baby!

  602. Katie B Avatar
    Katie B

    Something snuggly for my baby’s first Xmas? πŸ™‚

  603. Allison Wyant Avatar
    Allison Wyant

    My 5 year old daughter would just treasure this!

  604. Lisa B Avatar
    Lisa B

    Green is our favourite colour! We’d love to cuddle this little one.

  605. Jaci J Avatar
    Jaci J

    Ohhh how sweet. My Eleanor would certainly hug this one!

  606. Stephanie Matheney Avatar
    Stephanie Matheney

    Love it!!!

  607. Cassidie L Avatar
    Cassidie L

    We’d love to have her πŸ™‚

  608. Marybell A. Avatar
    Marybell A.

    How cute!

  609. michelle n Avatar
    michelle n

    This is so sweet!

  610. Victoria Avatar

    Such a sweet baby. My name is Victoria

  611. Andrea Swan Avatar
    Andrea Swan

    so sweet!

  612. Madeleine Avatar

    This would be so perfect for my littlest girl!

  613. Debi Bergman Avatar
    Debi Bergman

    So love her!

  614. Zak Avatar

    So Cute!

  615. Danielle Morgan Avatar
    Danielle Morgan

    What a little sweetheart! My daughter would love her!

  616. Mary Grace Avatar
    Mary Grace

    Thanks for the chance!

  617. Rona Avatar

    Loverly! πŸ™‚

  618. Diane Avatar

    Perfect for my Grandson πŸ™‚

  619. Heather K. Avatar
    Heather K.

    So cute and my favorite color! πŸ™‚

  620. Keely Nelson Avatar
    Keely Nelson

    ❀️❀️❀️ Love

  621. Hanh Avatar

    So cute!!

  622. Tomi McDonald Avatar
    Tomi McDonald

    This would be a perfect Christmas gift! Thanks for the chance to win.

  623. Dana Williams Avatar
    Dana Williams

    Sweet Snuggles! thank you Christina!!

  624. Cori Avatar

    So cute

  625. Seana Avatar

    I would love to win this for my little man. It is so cute!

  626. Kayleen Brown Avatar
    Kayleen Brown

    The perfect Christmas gift!

  627. Tamara Avatar


  628. Alicia Avatar

    I would love to give this snuggle baby to my daughter Eliza!

  629. Tracy Avatar

    My little girl has doll envy of her big sister’s bamboletta. This is the perfect size for her!

  630. Nichole S. Avatar
    Nichole S.

    You guys are wonderful- thanks for the chance!

  631. Dana Avatar

    What a wonderful giveaway!!!! Thanks for the chance!!

  632. Claire R Avatar
    Claire R

    So So So cute! Love!!!

  633. Jennifer McDaniel Avatar
    Jennifer McDaniel

    Love your dolls!

  634. Jennifer Hawelu Avatar
    Jennifer Hawelu

    Thanks for the opportunity. We would love to give this doll to our son :).

  635. Rhona Avatar

    Love this sweet little doll!!

  636. Chantelle Avatar

    cutest little Christmas elf!

  637. Caroline Avatar

    My little Oliver needs this! His brother has all the babies!

  638. Ellaine P. Avatar
    Ellaine P.