Tutorial on Paper Bunting

Flags everywhere,

Bunting is a simple way to dress up a room or outdoor space. It makes me allways so happy and in a party mood seeing  these strings full of happiness. Because of that I decorated my house with bunting.

Here at Bamboletta we have in each corner something nice from dolls and bunting to pictures, paintings and cards (lovely cards and paintings we have gotten from you all).

Since we embrace color and love anything that has cuteness to it, here an idea for in your own house.

So my recipe for today is:


*1 newspaper/magazine/colorful paper

*paper (for making a template flag)

*1 scissors

*1 pencil

*String (I bought some string at a nursery, nice and strong)

*1 Glue stick

*1 or 2 hours of your time(or as long as you want)

*1 or 2  empty wall(s) or window in desperate need for decoration

How it works:

-Decide how big you want your flags. I use different shapes and sizes all the time.

-Make a template of the first flag.

-Grab the newspaper/magazine or any other paper you decided to use, and fold the edge towards the middle

-Use template to trace your flag onto the newspaper and make sure the top of the flag is parallel to the fold.

-Cut a few layers in one go.

-Fold 1 flag, you just cut out, over the string and glue both sides and stick the glued sides together.

-Repeat this until you have string of bunting like your desire.

Last but not least……

Decorate one of your empty walls.

Lots of Crafting love,


We have some cloth bunting for sale in our shop right now made from our beautiful Bamboletta fabrics!







2 responses to “Tutorial on Paper Bunting”

  1. Christine Avatar

    Thank you! I will be making these out of paper all summer long 🙂 These are beautiful and we LOVE the one we purchased from the frock upload a few weeks ago!!!! It’s darling in my daughter’s room 🙂

  2. Janine Avatar

    Thanks for this post. I found it while searching home made bunting! Just what we were looking for 🙂

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