Tofu love

‘Tofu’ is well loved at our home. This is ‘Tofu’ the doll , John really dislikes tofu to eat. Anyhow, Ben received this doll about 15 months ago and has slept with him and carted him around daily- it is so sweet to see this relationship develop. It’s different than how a girl plays with a doll, it’s much more understated. Tofu never gets changed (unlike girl dolls), he never talks about him really – he’s just always around. These are just a few of my favorite pictures of Ben and Tofu together.


Breastfeeding Tofu. He generally will lie in bed with me breastfeeding his doll while I lie and breastfeed Jasper in the morning. We share quiet stories and plan our day, it’s my favorite time of the day.


And, yes, those are Lightning McQueen pants. There- I feel like everyone knows our little secret!! Ha! That one is for the Waldorf mama’s out there. (They were a gift from Nonna- so I’m not entirely to blame)

I’m pleased to announce that this week I plan to do a doll giveaway. Yes- in November.  Holy Moses, this doll making business is really happening for us and it’s all because of you and your support and your business- so I wanted to do something to thank you. That and I always love a contest! Stay tuned, maybe Wednesday or Thursday.






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  1. chris Avatar

    we would love to be entered in the contest to win a doll. Too late to order for Christmas, but I have been looking for them on Etsy…waiting to try and get one…wining a giveaway would be fab…I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  2. Monica Avatar

    Christina~ Boys really do love on their babies differently, huh? Bear and Gracon (who is called baby boy) are inseparable. Not in the way Emma and Paige are, but, like you said, in a more understated way. Bear makes sure he comes out of his room each morning and goes to bed each evening. If we’re in the play area, so is baby boy. If we go outside, often baby boy does too…it’s just darling. Baby boy almost got into the tub tonight when I turned my back. That was a close call. 😉
    Needless to say, this baby is loved. 🙂

  3. Naomi Avatar

    Oh, those pictures are so sweet! I am so anxious for my Jasper to find his lovey but he has shown no signs of favoring anything yet. Is your Jasper ambivalent to the dolls?

  4. Lou Avatar

    I am ALL OVER a give-a-way 🙂 And will mention it on my blog 🙂

    Absolutely darling pictures. I love little kids breastfeeding- it is so sweet.

    Confession- when I held Maggie’s Christmas doll- I felt such warmth toward her I actually had the urge to breastfeed her. I know that is so silly- but there was just such a sweet nurturey kind of love there 🙂

  5. pascaline Legros Avatar
    pascaline Legros

    how lovely are your pictures… cars … my boys are fan too here.. unfortunately!! but I still resist for the cars pyjama… Max wears the underpans and socks … that s enough for me no? have a good week

  6. Kristin Avatar

    Please count me in for the November doll give away, we’d be so lucky to adopt one of your beautiful babes!

  7. CanCan (Mom Most Traveled) Avatar

    I’m so excited for the giveaway on Wednesday! As much as I would love to win, I am also going to talk about it on my blog so that others can be in on the action!
    I’m so intrigued with the way my 2 boys play with dolls. We have a rag doll and also a big, bald plastic-headed baby doll. Earlier this week they got in a big fight over who was going to play with the baby doll (they are 4 and 1 so it was mostly a wrestling match). I couldn’t help but just watch them, like I was observing gorillas or something.

  8. ELla Avatar

    aw Ben. that’s just adorable. i have a little gal who comes to bake bread with us (parent&tot style)on Tuesdays and the first thing she does after waving to her mama in the window is head upstairs to find Little A’s dolls. She loooooves them. Her love has actually inspired little A to play with them more. He’s mostly into changing their clothes.

  9. andrea Avatar

    oooh! hope lives again! might it be a boy doll-in honor of tofu and ben???!! haha, just speaking for all the mamas of only boys out there. i love that you updated tofu’s story, i read that entry about him several times. here i am still trying to make my little boy his first doll. i use your dolls as inspiration, hope you don’t mind.

  10. Anna Avatar

    What a touching story! And I like such morning moments so much too;)))

  11. Christine Avatar

    How cute!! My son plays with dolls on a regular basis, he reenacts what happens around him or what happened during the day. My daughter never plays with dolls and never has, which is kind of sad for a mama like me who loves dolls and makes them herself, lol
    Of course I’m going to enter the giveaway when you put it up, if I can of course (shipping to Europe’s probably expansive). Congrats on having such a wonderful holiday season with so much work!! You deserve all the success, enjoy it.


  12. Meike Avatar

    *giggles* And such a naughty secret it is! 😉 I can’t stay behind now – confession time! My son has about 20 Cars cars… *blush*

    The pictures are precious BTW!

  13. April Avatar

    Lightning McQueen – I’m glad we share the same little secret. My kids LOVE Cars, thanks to their uncle Stevie and their Bubby and BubbyDash (that’s Grandma and Grandpa-with-the-mustache in 18 month old vernacular, and it stuck!) But I have to admit, though I’ve seen Cars one too many times, I still enjoy it.

    I’ve now made 7 dolls – I just can’t stop – and for whatever reason, the first one I made for my little guy’s first birthday is the one both of my kids like best. He’s lopsided, has funny hair, and I didn’t give him a nose – he’s probably the least “technically” perfect, but he probably has the most love and energy in him as I thought about my baby’s birthday while I was making him. He is always naked, but he’s always around, just like Tofu.

    Happy Holidays! I’m in the spirit!

  14. admin Avatar

    Thanks everyone 🙂

    And for all the mama’s who have the same secret as me Ka-Chow! OMG? Did I really write that?

    Andrea, I think the next doll give away will be a boy doll- thanks for the idea 🙂
    Naomi- Jasper has a lovey- it’s me. He follows me around shrieking and makes the sign for breastfeeding – I’m the comfort object 🙂
    Thanks Leah and CanCan for the blog mentions 🙂 The more the merrier!
    I’d love to respond to all the comments, but I have to get back to work!!

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