I’m going to have to sort of redo Thursday in the next few weeks. It felt like we were so behind today even though everything got done in time. It’s something about doing an evening upload adds in an extra little dose of stress .. maybe because I have to finish up at the shop and then have my family time and then back to doing an upload? All while trying to answer emails and checking in on Facebook. Anyhow, I was good at taking the pics up until about 1 ish and then it was a bit of a blur!

So .. today at the post office I had a package of sweaters from Grannie Rita! These will be in next week’s upload …


t2Shauna doing some more blushing and then we lay the dolls on the mat to get ready to dress.

t5Shauna scoring tickets for us to see Bon Iver in May!  Yipee! Look at that happy face!

t7We had a visit from the lovely Andrea and her family! She came by with her lovely family and showed us her new sweet baby boy.What a cutie .. he kept trying to nom on my shoulder.

t4Gals getting ready…


t9Then they go for their hair do’s… It takes Shauna and Brandi almost four hours to do all their hair.

t10Sarah and Jennie are starting the stuffing.. This is my new area that we just expanded into. I can not wait to get this place painted and pretty!

And so much more happens but this is when I stop to take the doll pictures and Rachel and I start our computer part of the upload .. listings, etc. Rachel works on getting the dolls named, listed and matched up with pictures all day – it’s a big job and she does it very well. I’ll try to get more pics next week!







8 responses to “Thursdays!!”

  1. Cassandra Avatar

    That is so awesome! Loved the post and pictures. Cheered me up a bit and the dolls are gorgy but the baby you are holding is beyond precious! Very cool about the concert….I haven’t been to an adult one in ages. Last concert was the wiggles! lol!
    Sweet sweaters!

  2. Mandy M. Avatar
    Mandy M.

    I love seeing what goes on! A week in the life of the Bamboletta girls!

  3. jennL Avatar

    I’d love to be there on a Thursday. Helping get them dressed & trying to do their hair would be a tonne of fun. 😀

  4. Denise Avatar

    Bon Iver tickets. So jealous!! Hee hee

  5. Maria Avatar

    I laughed at the scoring tickets pic. Getting a bambo during an upload feels like scoring really hard to get concert tickets when they go onsale. Click click wish!

  6. Linda T. Avatar
    Linda T.

    Great pictures. They all look like special loved dolls even before they go to their new homes. I know my daughter would jump for joy if she was lucky enough to have one of her own. Keep up the great work.

  7. Amber Avatar

    I’m just catching up on my blog reading, and I wanted to say it was really fun to have a peek into your days. 🙂

  8. Sarah Dauncey-Smith Avatar
    Sarah Dauncey-Smith

    I hope I’m not doing this wrong, I was wanting to enter in the give-away of your beautiful dolls. I’m in love with these lovely dolls, they are so beautiful and have so much character.I love the choise of colour and fabrics and the fact they are made with natural fibers. I have gotten my daughter Penelope a waldorf cuddle-doll and she just adores him and I think she would love a Lemon Meringue doll even more with all her vibrancy and adorable freckles. Penelope is a very vibrant little 15 month old and I’m sure these two could be the best of friends. So great of you to do the serendipity dolls, it’s quite difficult to get one otherwise.

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