Thursday Finds

As life somewhat returns to normal, children getting better and work is getting back into a rhythm – I can get back into what I kind of started before with my blogging theme days. I think I only did a few of these Thursday Finds but I do want to make it a regular thing here on the blog. Most of my finds are off Etsy – just because I spend an enormous amount of time on there – it’s how I relax. So, without further ado…


My feet are always cold. I work in the basement- so basically on concrete floors all day. I know now isn’t the time to be thinking of wool socks – but look at these! They look like spring in a sock. I spare my self few luxuries in life and handknit socks are one of them. Really – go find yourself a pair of wool socks, they’ll be one of your most favorite things. These beauties are available through CherryBlossoms .


I am a massive fane of Sarah Jane Studios. I’ve worked with Sarah and she is a terrific mom and amazing artist. There is such an inncence to her illustrations – I often get a bit weepy looking through her work. Anyhow, I love this family tree she has on etsy right now, it’s such a wonderful keepsake.


I’ve spoken many, many times of my great friend Constance. She is always coming up with cute clothing ideas for the dolls. Her latest, the doll tutu, is a little gem. She also makes matching doll and child tutu sets. I mean, come on! So cute.

I’ve two new gals going up on the shop tomorrow – their names are Elisa and Felicity. Just two tomorrow – I’ve been working on a few dolls for an auction at my son’s school and just finished up a store order. Next week there will be more – and then the following week there’s going to be a giveaway! More on that to come.








2 responses to “Thursday Finds”

  1. CanCan Avatar

    …did some body say GIVEAWAY!?

    Those are some lovely finds! I wish I needed warm cozy socks!

  2. andrea Avatar

    what?!?! 29.50? those ARE beautiful but handspun, hand dyed and hand knit??? that is insanely cheap! i’ve made handspun, hand dyed and hand knit socks for christmas presents but never even considered what a fair price would be for them. they were priceless and had to be presents. the amount of work that went into those beautiful cherryblossom socks is ever so much more i know. the colors are serious fun!

    and yes, the tutu! sillycon’s clothes are the best!

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