Thursday Finds – a day later!

Sorry about this. My Thursday finds are a day late. I don’t know what it is about working from home, but I always loseWeight Exercise track of days and dates. I thought I’d expand on my last post and let you all know what my favorite cookbooks are. I may have sounded a tad bitter in my last post about my lack of insipration for cooking – my cookbooks have served me well. It just feels like it’s been YEARS since I’ve gotten a new cookbook and I tend to make the same recipes over and over again. So, here are my cookbook fav’s –

1) Rebar: Modern Food Cookbook is my most favorite. I love this cookbook so much, if you’ve been a longtime reader of my blog – I think I’ve mentioned this cookbook once or twice (wink, wink!) Not one recipe has failed me – it’s fantastic.

2) Nourishing Traditions . I like this book more for the interesting information it has in it about food and  food preparation. There are quite a few good recipes in it as well.

3) New Food Fast by Donna Hay. Quick and easy recipes, loads with Asian flavoring ( big hit over here). The photography in this book is gorgeous too, not that it counts!

4) 660 Curries . We are HUGE curry fans over here. While travelling through South India I had the most incredible coconut curry in a restaurant that I will never forget. It was a Korma – but made with coconut milk. Anyhow, I fell in love with this book when I found a recipe that is identical to the curry yumminess I had in Kerala that hot evening many moons ago.

I have a bunch more cookbooks, they just sit there – mocking me with the goodness I know is inside them. I think with the spring veggies starting and the weekly market trips I will become excited about food again. I’m also excited about trying out some of your suggestions for cookbooks – thanks everyone! I’ll let you know how it all goes.

Now on the subject of food – here are 2 of my favorite things we use daily at my house. Both found on Etsy – natch!


These are made by a local lady down in Victoria, BC. They are fantastic for storing sandwiches, snacks – whatever really. I bought several in different sizes and use them all the time. They can be found on Etsy – she doesn’t have much in stock right now but I’m sure if you convo her she’ll hook you up!


I’ve been using these bags for a few years now – they are so handy and keep your produce so fresh and ‘non slimy’ like their plastic brethren. Super low on the eco guilt scale as well – especially when pared with your cloth grocery bags.

And, finally – a few new favorite songs. This first one may be a tad controversial – it’s called ‘Sugar Man’ by Rodriquez. It’s all about drugs but it is such a great song- smooth and summery. I don’t think I’d want my kids singing about ‘sweet mary jane’ so I keep this one to myself. Then there is Peter, Bjorn and John – I love it all but especially ‘Nothing to Worry About’ and ‘Amsterdam’. Finally – ‘Skeleton Boy’ by Friendly Fire. It’s so 80’s .

xo, c






6 responses to “Thursday Finds – a day later!”

  1. Leah Killian Avatar

    today’s dolls are adorable! Love Cedar especially 🙂

    I think I may try one of these cookbooks- I’m in a food rut.

  2. erin Avatar

    check out my new kootenay fave – “whitewater cooks” and the latest one “whitewater cooks at home”…yum!

  3. gardenmama Avatar

    ‘non slimy’ like their plastic brethren
    hahaha! so funny!
    I have the Donna Hay book and agree the photography is excellent
    good inspiration for wanting to make the food!

  4. Toni Desrosiers Avatar
    Toni Desrosiers

    Thank you so much for the great Abeego mention! I am happy they are fitting nicely into your home!

  5. CanCan Avatar

    Okay, kind of creepy because I have been looking at those bags this week too….
    We are on the same wavelength somehow.

  6. Teri Meri Avatar
    Teri Meri

    I just love your dolls. They are so life like.

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