Thursday Finds

Thursday Finds are something I try to do every week with new things I find out about, books, songs, whatever really..

As  you can imagine I buy loads of fabric. I’ve resisted going the wholesale route because – well – then you have to commit to a whole bolt and a particular designer and I would get so bored of the fabric by the end of  the roll. There are certain fabrics that I will never, ever get bored of – like Folklore and The Sprites of Tillebrook – but I’m pretty fickle. Especially because so much yummy new fabric comes out so very often. So – I buy my fabric retail – trying hard to support mama businesses as much as I can.  I’ve spoken many times about Cynthia over at Fabricworm but this particular ‘Thursday Find’ is for my Canadian friends. Cheryl , a mama in Ontario, has just opened Pink Panda Fabric. She currently has a great selection of fabrics and is getting even better fabrics in soon (in my opinion, but I’m a floozy for Japanese imports  which is what she’ll be getting in soon). Anyhow, no insane custom charges (why so much for fabric – really?), local shipping – what’s not to love?


Speaking of fabrics – I got in a bunch of knit and FOE especially for making doll underwear. I had to show these new Strawberry underpants off – so flippin cute!

This is not new – so not new – but I really have fallen in love with Facebook. I’ve had a personal account for years and, once the initial friending everyone from highschool is over – I kind of fell off the wagon. I’ve had a Bamboletta page for a while, but was pretty inconsistent with it. But these past few weeks I have fallen in love with my page. Customers post their pictures, I can comment and post random things throughout the day and have ‘kind of’  conversations with you all. It’s so great! I’m on Twitter too – but that just seems like it’s so random. Maybe I just haven’t really given it a ‘go’ but it feels like it requires more effort then I can give right now.

Okay – that’s it for tonight. (here is some ‘random-ness’)  I am going to post another doll giveaway very soon and it’s a little guy doll named Harry. I’ll be sending out a newsletter about it. I have 5 dolls up for ‘adoption’ for tomorrow and some new pj’s.  We are working on some new doll clothing designs – I am having way too much fun with this! Any suggestions? Here’s a pic of the new dolls in the tree this afternoon.






6 responses to “Thursday Finds”

  1. kiko Avatar

    The undies are so cute! I want a pair…..I mean for the dolls. or even matching ones for my girls! Thank you for letting me know about a fabric shop in ON! I will definitely check it out!!

  2. Sarah Theriault Avatar
    Sarah Theriault

    Thank-you so much for the Canadian fabric source! Must check it out right now.

  3. Cheryl Avatar

    Thanks you so much for spreading the word about my store 🙂 And I agree… I have a soft spot for the Japanese Import fabrics. Something about them makes my heart race. I am trying to offer a wide variety of fabrics – some modern and clean, some a little bit cheeky and fun. So if there’s anything you’d like to see, let me know!

    I’ve noticed tweeting is off and on for me as well. Difficult to do it consistently when you have kids to raise at the same time.

    I love those strawberry undies! Wish I had a pair of adult sized ones. Haha 🙂 One day soon I will be ordering a little doll for the Pink Panda. And maybe I’ll order an extra pair of undies so she can match with her doll!

    Take care!

  4. Wendi Avatar

    How about a peasant top, and little ribbon trimmed skirt like these I’ve been making for my daughter all summer:
    Or, a little smocked top sundress (Like in the Weekend Sewing book), with a coordinating short-sleeve sweater?
    Wish I had one of your dolls, I’d love to sew up a wardrobe for her!
    Ooh, little capris would look good with a peasant top, or a smock top shirt!
    I LOVE THE UNDIES! Adorable!
    How about a little baseball cap for the boy doll?

  5. Angela Avatar

    I am so excited to be the winner of the last giveway! I love love the dolly underwear you made -so cute!

  6. Cheryl Arkison Avatar

    Yay, another Canadian source for yummy goods! Thanks for the link.

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