this could be all about microfiber..

Just a quick post to let you all know what’s happening in Bamboletta land. I feel weird writing that- I’m sure everyone is just dying to know what I’ve been up to this week- just joking!!  I was lamenting to Berrie about blogging and how my life is so uneventful I was actually going to post about how amazing microfiber cleaning clothes are, really I was… but they are pretty amazing.

I’m busy, but a really good busy. I’ve been sitting in the workshop sewing away, listening to Fleet Foxes and getting all the dolls ready for holiday time. I’ve been having so much fun working on the custom dolls. Connecting a  doll to a child, it’s a wonderful way to work and so incredibly rewarding. I have just sent these 2 beauties over to Natural Pod.


I’m almost finished up 4 little 10″ dolls that I will have up on Etsy very soon. I’m also finishing up a rainbow fairy (!) and a blue haired fairy that I should have up there by the end of next week- I’ll keep you in the loop.

With any of my spare time, which lately has been between 2 and 4:30 AM –  a time which Jasper has declared par-tay time, I’ve been working on content for my Bamboletta shop. I’m working with the great gals at Aeolidia on this project. I will be able to offer the customization feature for all my dolls and all types of dolls and I’d also like to be able to offer Bamboletta clothing ( I can hear it out there, a collective ‘finally!’) . Constance will be adding in clothing as and when she makes them as well as her very cute matching child and doll clothing (see pic below). The shop should be ready at the beginning of next year some time.


Picture is by my wonderful-ly talented friend Devon at Tall Tree Photography! The little sweetie is her daughter, so cute.






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  1. pascaline Legros Avatar
    pascaline Legros

    waouh… busy time for you then… it is a really good idea to add the possibility to buy just the clothes… for litthe girls or boys wanted to change their dolls…
    I love the dolls you sent… really lovely…
    thanks for you lovely blog which make me dream of having one doll of my own sooner or later even with two boys..

  2. Christine Avatar

    Well, I was almost starting to get worried about you, but I’m glad you’re “just” busy. Sounds like so much fun, a good busy that is. And I really like the idea of selling the clothing separate! It’s part of what makes Bamboletta so special I think, the clothes. I’ve seen somewhat similar faces on dolls, but never the same style of clothing or use of colors. And I love colors, so I like yours the best. 🙂
    Happy Halloween!

  3. admin Avatar

    Pascaline, my friend brought her 5 year old daughter over for a visit the other day. She’d had never seen the doll workshop before- it was so much fun to see her reaction to the dolls and all the clothing. I gave her 3 dolls to dress, she had so much fun. My boys have little interest in the dolls aside from their own. I often long for a daughter to share the dolls and this process with but I think we are ‘done’ …for now!
    Christine- Thanks so much 🙂 It will be fun to offer the clothing and the amazing things that Constance comes up with! Have a great weekend everyone 🙂

  4. Laura Avatar

    I know what you’re getting me for Christmas!

    Anyway, when I was in Toronto I phoned you in front of this store because I knew that you would’ve loved it. I didn’t go in because I don’t share the fabric love and it was a little intimidating, but here is the website so you can see it I imagine one day your workspace will look like that.

    Also, I think you will enjoy the new TV on the Radio album, it’s called Dear Science.

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