The Story Behind our Cowichan Sweaters

I wanted to write a post to give you a little background info on our beautiful handknit Cowichan sweaters. As most of you probably know, our studio is located in the beautiful Cowichan Valley in BC, Canada so these sweaters hold a lot of special meaning to us. If you are interested in the history of the sweaters, here’s the link to a Wikipedia article…ah Wikipedia, good ol’ informational friend 😉

Our dolly Cowichan sweaters have been custom made for your 15″ Bamboletta by Liz and Marilyn – 2 amazing ladies from the Cowichan Tribe (they’ve knitted for the Pope and Prince Charles!). The sweaters are made with hand-spun wool also from the Cowichan Valley…this is locally made at it’s finest!


This is more then a sweater – it’s like a piece of art … very durable and warm art! And with our long and chilly winters, we gals at the studio love wearing these beautiful works of art too!

Our sweet Brandi in her Cowichan sweater with her doll friends.

There will be a select few available in today’s frock upload at 4pm PST. And we have the ladies working on something new for the dollies too, I’ll let you all know as soon as they are ready!









2 responses to “The Story Behind our Cowichan Sweaters”

  1. Cassandra Avatar

    I am always admiring the sweaters with the amazing detail.
    Just beautiful and love that Bambo is showing the local talent and bringing these things with the dolls for all to enjoy.

  2. Debbe Avatar

    Love,love,love your site!! Is there a knitting pattern for sale for the Cowichan sweaters? Many thanks! Debbe

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