The Return of Thamar!

We are SOOOOO excited at Bamboletta because our dear sweet Thamar is coming home from her Netherlands trip and will be back in the studio MONDAY!!!!! EEP!! We all miss her so much and it just hasn’t been the same without her quirky Holland ways  🙂

So, I asked her to write me a little blog post while she was gone, and she sent me this photo she took on one of her first days home with the caption “Polka dots follow me wherever I go!”.

So, the countdown is on! Only 3 more sleeps till we get to embarrass her with all of our love and hugs!









One response to “The Return of Thamar!”

  1. Lisa W. Avatar
    Lisa W.

    First of all I love the “three more sleeps” comment….it melted my heart!! My now 8 year old grandson always explained time with how many sleeps were left, when he was a toddler….

    Secondly, Yay!!! so excited for Thamar’s return!! Can’t wait to hear about all of her adventures, and really crushing on that cute polka dot car in the pic!!

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