The Online Patron of the Crafters

Robert, of Mahar Dry Goods, is like the patron of the crafters. He has collected so many amazing handcrafted children’s things on his site – it’s amazing.  I’m always so impressed with what he finds.

Like this – I would have freaked out if I had this as a little girl…


Robert has sold my dolls for years. I think we are going on four years now – I’m not too sure. From the ‘crafter’ side working with him has been amazing. He really cares about what you do and just loves all the products he has – it really shows.   That Robert, such a swell guy!


Last week I got a shipment in of sweaters from Guatelmala. Heather found a woman at a local market that knit and put in an order for some doll sized sweaters. All proceeds from these sweaters will go to Project Somos. I hope to get more clothing in specifially for this purpose.  In case  you are wondering, this weeks Lucita blog has been postponed due to Heather working at the Nobel Woman conference in Antiqua .






3 responses to “The Online Patron of the Crafters”

  1. cheryl Avatar

    Ok, My daughter LOVES the sweaters!

  2. CanCan Avatar

    I LOVE browsing in Mahar Dry Goods!
    Around Christmas time I found a blog I think Robert writes that is also amazing!

    I wish I had a larger disposable income! 😉

  3. Robert Mahar Avatar

    That’s quite possibly one of the nicest things anyone’s ever said of me – thank you Christina! The sentiment is mutual – you’re a joy to work with. =)

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