The Last Adventure of Lucita..

Sadly, this is the last installments of the Lucita adventures. Heather has been hard at work in Guatemala laying the ground work down for a children’s village, which will be home to orphaned and abandoned children. Read more about Project Somos here.
We’re just back from a little holiday to “the lake”. Considered a sacred site, Lake Atitlan is an amazing place with many indigenous villages surrounding it. On Friday, we took a three hour shuttle to Panajachel and then caught a boat to San Marcos. Boats are the main mode of transportation between the towns around the lake. It was fun to ride with the locals and to listen to them talk in their indigenous language and it was really magical to be on the water surrounded by the lush green hillsides and volcanoes.
The rainy season is now officially here. Anything we previously considered the rainy season, turned out to be just a warm up. Every day since Wednesday we have been hit with the most intense downpours. On the way out of town, the roads in the next village over, literally turned into rivers! It was unbelievable!
We spent yesterday exploring San Marcos and then commuted to San Pedro to explore there. This morning we checked out Panajachel. Lucy enjoyed the intense greenery and amazing flowers. She is now feeling really sad about departing Guatemala on Wednesday. There is so much more she would love to see. She looks forward to returning in the Fall after we successfully raise the money to secure the land we found!

-Heather and Lucita



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