The Adventures of Lucy – Part 8

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Lucy, or Lucita as she is now known, has been traveling with Heather and Greg from Project Somos. They are working hard building an eco village for orphaned and abandoned children in Guatemala, where the situation for these children is pretty grim. Lucita is a representative for Bamboletta, tagging along for the ride. We hope one day that we can work with Project Somos, providing a bit of work to bring in some funding for the village. Dare to dream!


Lucita has now been in Guatemala for just over a month and she’s doing great. As busy as we are, she still insists on being a tourist at times. I don’t think there is a single tourist who has come to Antigua and not taken a photo of the “Arch” with the Volcano Agua in the background! And here’s Lucita checking it out!

Our week has been consumed with thoughts about the land we found and described last week, a board meeting via Skype, preparing for a Project Somos Information Event in Vancouver this upcoming Wednesday (with us reporting live from Guatemala via the web) another visit to the land, etc. etc.

Somehow, I felt that time would move a little slower for us here and that we’d have so much more time to accomplish things. You’ll be pleased to hear, we are not alone in the time crunch factor. It definitely seems to be universal!



While at the market this week, Lucita met some really sweet women that sell baby and doll clothing. I introduced Lucita to them, and they were fascinated. They said, “This doll must have a story,” turned down their loud music and then looked at me expectantly waiting for me to share it with them. I told them all about Bamboletta and they were really interested. One of the woman, Esperanza, has a niece that knits Barbie dresses for the shop. Esperanza took Lucita’s measurements and is going to have her niece knit a sweater for Lucita! Esperanza asked if they could  take Lucita while the sweater was being prepared. “No, lo siento.” (No, I’m sorry). I won’t be letting Lucita out of my sight that easily!!!


Lucita and Heather






10 responses to “The Adventures of Lucy – Part 8”

  1. Steph Avatar

    I love reading about Lucita’s adventures and Project Somos!

  2. erin Avatar

    i spent time in antigua 15 years ago (yikes – makes me feel old to write that!). those pics bring back so many memories of being there – it’s such an amazing place. i walked through that arch every day on my way to spanish class!
    glad to hear lucita and friends are doing well!

  3. Amber Avatar

    It’s so exciting that there are people in Guatemala who are interested in Lucy. I really think that big things might happen with Bamboletta and Project Somos. 🙂

  4. CanCan (Mom Most Traveled) Avatar

    Wow, Lucy is making all kinds of friends. I can’t wait to see her sweater! 🙂

  5. Con Avatar

    I LOVE it! Yay Lucita and Heather

  6. Erica Hildebrand Avatar
    Erica Hildebrand

    I love living vicariously through Lucita! How exciting!

  7. cheryl Avatar

    Im glad to see she is having a great time and making all sorts of friends…but can the sweater beat Nana’s

  8. Heather Avatar

    The sweater is supposed to be ready Saturday. But this is land of “mañana” so we’ll see….If it is ready, we’ll be sure to take a photo to include on the next blog. I’m doubting it will even come close to Nana’s sweaters.
    p.s. for any Vancouverites-Project Somos is having an Information Event tomorrow evening, 7pm at Ethical Bean Cafe, we’ll be coming in “live” via Skype (from Guatemala). Lucita will say “hola” to all the Bamboletta Fans!

  9. Shawn Avatar

    Reading about Project Somos and the adventures of Lucita is uplifting. It is uplifting and at the same time it challenges me to action. I too look forward to seeing the sweater.


  10. Marcia Eleccion Avatar
    Marcia Eleccion

    Amazing!!. I am so inspired. Thank you for all you do

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