The Adventures of Lucy – Part 3


Here is Part 3 of Lucy’s adventure to Guatemala. This will be a Sunday ‘feature’ on my blog. We get to catch up on what Heather and Lucy from Project Somos are up to. I don’t know about you guys, but I am loving these updates. This is so exciting to see how this wonderful project will unfold and see it begin. I am so glad to be able to share this with all  you gals (and guys!). 

This week has about being a mom. Pure and simple. This week, I took  care of my 22 year old daughter, Meg who is in El Paso attending  midwifery school. They may grow up, move out and live far away but  when it comes down to it, they’re still our babies. Lucy got a taste  of mom-in-action this week. A good thing for her to understand as  moms are the heart and soul or our project. No exciting road trips  for Lucy this week (except Phoenix-El Paso & El Paso-Dallas), no  border (except the Mexican border always in sight from El Paso) and  no foreign language (oh-except Spanish which is heard more than  English in Texas!).

I don’t think I’ve seen Meg this ill since she was six years old.  As heart broken as she was not to be able to have a fun-filled week  with us, I was glad to be there to take care of her. Meg is my only  child and I raised her as single mom. We homeschooled all along and  somewhere along the way, she developed an independent spirit with a  desire to travel. Maybe it’s something I passed on to her or maybe  it had something to do with the two big trips to India we took  together in her teens. Anyway, she’s been on the go since since her  18th birthday. I’ve always managed to track her down though; we’ve  surprised her in Scotland, met up with her in Turkey and last year  hung out with her in Honduras and Guatemala. Our goodbyes are always  teary affairs which we are both starting to find quite hilarious!Lucy was a great sport all week. We did make it out to a couple of  coffee shops together (one of Meg’s favourite adult activities with  her mom now) and she spent some time in bed with Meg while she  recovered! On the road yesterday we saw this awesome Jack Rabbit and  just had to stop take a photo of Lucy with him/her (I couldn’t tell)!  We have now finished the driving part of our journey; we arrived in  Dallas last night. Tuesday we fly to “Guate”!






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  1. Amber Avatar

    Yay! I love the updates from Lucy. I’m a little jealous to see that her so obviously enjoying the warm weather. 😉

  2. Michelle Avatar

    I agree. No matter what age or what stage they remain our babies!

  3. Francis Avatar

    Really good mate. Also I

  4. Gayler Avatar

    Not sure I agree entirely, but I have to say that I find the commentary insightful.

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