The Adventures of Lucy – Part 2



Lucy  (well, my friend Heather) will be reporting back every Monday telling us about her journey to Guatemala. Lucy is on her way there to help Project Somos set up their village for orphaned and abandoned children. For more information about this wonderful project, please see here!

It’s been 9 days since we left Vancouver. As you know, we’re driving south to Texas before flying to Guatemala on February 3rd. We have visited many friends and family along the way and Lucy is a huge hit wherever we go. First stop, we visited my sister Heidi and her family. Heidi, a long time sewer, agreed that Lucy could not go to Guatemala wearing just one outfit so she and her daughter, Gabrielle got to work. The three of us spent hours putting together a few more sweet outfits for Lucy. We next headed to Rossland, BC where Lucy attended the “Joe Hill Coffee House” in town. That was a blast and my two nieces enjoyed dressing her up for the evening and taking turns holding her during the concert. From Rossland, we went to Nelson where we saw a whole slew of different friends. My friend, Ilana decided that Lucy needed a hat and scarf for the trip so she had Lucy for a sleepover and crocheted a hat and then knit a scarf for her. We’re now safely in Arizona where I’ve taken off my snow boots for the first time in 7 weeks and Lucy has shed the hat and scarf! Yesterday was a spectacular drive through Utah to Arizona. Such incredible scenery.  And now the temperatures are so mild and the scent in the air is incredible. I think it’s a mixture of eucalyptus and sage. Lucy is starting to get more and more curious about Guatemala. She keeps hearing us talk about it but every time we cross a border, the sign has yet to say “Guatemala”. At this point we’re glad that we’re not driving all the way as originally planned. Lucy and I send lots of love back to you in Canada! Stay well. -Heather



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4 responses to “The Adventures of Lucy – Part 2”

  1. Amber Avatar

    OK, I’m loving Lucy’s adventures so far. I can’t wait for the next installment!

  2. Cate Avatar

    Go Lucy! I love her style, an outfit for every occasion, divine!

  3. cheryl Avatar

    I just love to hear of Lucys adventures. I also think its great she is getting so much love and also clothes on her trip. You know how much girls love clothes. Go Lucy !

  4. amanda Avatar

    I’m so glad that Lucy is along for the adventure and that she’s sharing the tales with us! 😉 And I’m so grateful for the introduction to Project Somos – thank you!

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