The Adventures of Lucy (ita) – Part 9

Part 9 (!) of Lucy’s journey with Heather and Greg from Project Somos! If you are reading about Lucy for the first time, she is a Bamboletta ambassador travelling in Guatemala, hanging out with Heather and Greg while they establish a eco village for abandoned and orphaned children.


Esperanza’s niece, Sandra came through with Lucita’s new sweater! Not a day too soon as Lucita and I both have colds right now and she is wearing hers to keep cozy. You’d think with us living in the land of perpetual Spring that catching a cold would not be an issue but, not so… Greg got his at the beginning of the week and Lucita and I yesterday. Lots of sneezing and nose blowing!


We held our first Project Somos Event via the web on Wednesday evening. While a group of interested people gathered at Ethical Bean Cafe in Vancouver, we gathered around our computer and video, giving all the latest news from on the ground here in Guatemala. It was nice to be able to connect “live” with everyone! 


On Thursday we went to a networking meeting with other non-profits working in and around the Antigua area. It was inspiring to meet so many interesting people and to hear about their great work. And yesterday, we went back to the market to see if the sweater was ready. And as promised, it was! Turns out the sweater is crocheted so we’ll have to factor that in when we compare it to Nona’s beautiful knit ones!  I also had Sandra make a sweater for the 14” Bamboletta dolls. Check it out. I definitely like the red one best. 


Con Amor, 

Heather & Lucita xoxo


I like the red sweater too – so cute! Thanks Heather 🙂 xo Christina






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  1. cheryl Avatar

    I’m so glad she has a sweater, but I must say the red one is too cute. Drink lots ot tea, not so much for Lucy…we dont want her to get all soggy.

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