The Adventures of Lucita – Part 13

I’ve had to take a bit of a Lucita break  because things have been nutty at home these past few weeks. For those who are new (hello!) Lucita is a Bamboletta ambassador that is travelling in Guatemala with my friend Heather from Project Somos. Heather is working hard to establish Project Somos, an eco village for orphaned and abandoned children. To learn more about this amazing project please visit their site – Project Somos .



This has been a very exciting time for Lucita to be in Guatemala. Easter is a HUGE celebration here in Central America and Antigua hosts the second largest “Semana Santa” festival in the world. For many Sundays leading up to Easter, we have been able to witness the making of the alfombras along the roads. These intricately designed carpets are made from died sawdust, colourful flowers, fruits, vegetables, etc. For hours families and friends gather in front of their homes or storefronts to create their masterpieces. Processions of individuals dressed in purple (and then black on Good Friday) walk by with huge “floats” on top of their shoulders. The floats depict the history of Jesus’ life and death. The processions walk right over the alfombras and are followed by a band playing somber music. The “Mary” float always follows Jesus and these floats are carried by women dressed in black. The number of processions has multiplied greatly over the last number of days and some of them happen right through the night! It’s a very moving experience and we feel honoured to have witnessed this and even to have participated in preparing a number of alfombras with our neighbours. You will see Lucita amongst flowers ready to be placed, her checking out a couple of alfombras near the central plaza and her pictured with one of the many memorabilia available during the festivities. This little guy depicts the purple-robed individuals we have seen throughout Antigua by the thousands. They are the ones that carry the floats atop their shoulders. 




I know it must be difficult to fully appreciate what this is all about if you haven’t witnessed it before. If you’d like to see more photos of the carpets and processions of Semana Santa, check out our blog at




This weekend Lucita has gone to a small neighbouring town with our friend Jenn and her husband John. Jenn is a creative individual and we’ll see what photos and clothes Lucita comes back with next week! 


all the best from Guatemala,

Heather and Lucita



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  1. cheryl Avatar

    Wow, thats amazing, I never knew what could be done with sawdust. I love the veggie one also.

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