Thank You! Thank You!


I’m sure many of you know about last weeks ‘Get Rita Some Wheels’ auction I held (see last post). I have to send out a big huge thank you to all of you who donated – I can’t wait for Rita to get the cheque! I’ll make sure to let you all know what she says and the reaction… so exciting!

Next weekend is the BIG Auction to benefit the MS Society – I’ve never done anything like this before. I’ll be auctioning off 3 ‘packages’ that can be bid on individually. Each package will include TWO dolls – so a regular 15″ doll and then a Little Buddy Fairy – as well as the dolls (and this is the RAD part) I have a big bin of handcrafted goodness to divvy up between the 3 dolls – things like handcrafted quilts and clothes and slings and more! I wish  that we could do this as a raffle , but we can’t – (Gov’t laws and Paypal don’t like online raffles I’ve discovered!) The auction will take place on my Hyenacart shop and will go live sometime Friday night – running until Monday night. (In case you are wondering what the heck Hyenacart is – I’ve had lots of people ask – it’s kind of like Ebay or Etsy but for moms kinda … and it’s capable of doing auctions and drawings – love it!) I’ll be sending out a Newsletter and doing the blog/facebook to promote it too – I’m pretty excited about the whole thing! This Blue Fairy is a little auction ‘teaser’ for next weekend.

**Most of you may know this but SERENDIPITY DOLLS are not on the blog anymore! Instead of doing it on here a few times per week – I will post a week’s worth of dolls over on my hyenacart shop (it’s all set up to take raffles like this) – you may pick and choose whomever you’d like to try for – you don’t have to limit yourself to just one! Two entry’s per household (so both you and hubby can try for whichever doll(s) you’d like). Now, if you have already reached your 2 doll per month limit I would please ask  you to please not enter in for a Serendipity Doll as getting one of those counts towards the 2 per month limit. Cool?**

Have a great night everyone!






8 responses to “Thank You! Thank You!”

  1. Michelle Avatar

    Wow, shes a cutie. Good luck with the auction.

  2. emily Avatar

    she’s beautiful!

  3. Elaine Avatar

    oh my! she’s beautiful!

  4. Amanda Avatar

    I’m so so so excited to see everything!!!!!

  5. Fiona Pingyin Avatar
    Fiona Pingyin

    She is so cute and blue is my favourite colour

  6. cheryl Avatar

    Love that idea and cannot wait to see what other goodies will go for the auction…Can a Natasha look alike go up for a serendipity…Just a suggestion

  7. Susan Avatar

    Beautiful fairy. The limits are very fair.
    Thank you,

  8. Mari Avatar

    Im sure Granny Rita will be super excited!!!! 🙂

    Best of luck with the MS auctions…. I cant wait to see all the goodies and beautiful dolls!!!

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