Studio Tip: Ankles

I have been sewing Bamboletta Dolls for about four years and now I have the pleasure of helping Christina train new sewers.  So much thought, care and loving detail goes into each doll.  Doll making has been a part of humankind for a very long time and at Bamboletta we are so proud to be carrying on the tradition of this ancient craft.

For all of you aspiring dolls makers, in today’s blog I would like to share with you how we try to have our ankles go straight across on our 15″ and Little Buddies.  For me, it is so easy to have the line go all wonky, or start at a point on one side and end up way higher on the other side of the leg.  There are two options, either put pins in on either side of the leg or use a removable fabric pen and mark on the back side of the leg where you want your lines to begin and complete. Making sure to mark the backside or the mark will get lost in the gathering of the fabric.

Happy sewing!







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  1. Kim Giovannini Avatar
    Kim Giovannini

    Excellent tip!! I use the length of my thumb knuckle… but pins would be more precise. hehe

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