stocking up



I’ve set out targets for us to reach every month in order to have enough stock ready for Christmas and my markets. It’s been so nice to have the dolls all together to look at, all ready for new homes. So far, so good with getting enough dolls made. I’ve got about 5 dolls this week in the works for Natural Pod and then the following week is to work on some custom orders.

I’ve just ordered my spring Converse. I’ve had a tradition of  doing this for the last 5 years. I know that they are owned by Nike now, but I still love them and there is nothing quite like a fresh pair of Converse. I’ve ordered the ‘Lil’ RED Riding Hood’ shoes. I’m stealing Amanda Soule (Soulemama)’s shoe’s where I first saw them, they are so cute I just couldn’t resist! New Shoes!!

We had another lovely day, sunshine and warm weather.  Just a putter-y kind of day outside and then finished off with dinner with some lovely friends. Perfect.






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  1. Meike Avatar

    Goodness – they are lovely!! You make me want to drop whatever I’m doing and start working on my dolls. Bad, bad, very bad, beacause I’m supposed to be working, you know. *grins* Anyway. Just wanted to let you know that you’re a big inspiration to me!

  2. Stephanie Ryan Avatar

    I love your dolls. I used to work as a designer/dollmaker for a company called Little Souls, Inc. Your babies remind me of them. I used to love making the one of a kind little treasures. Good luck, great product.


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