dolls4This pic has nothing to do with this post .. it’s from a shoot last week by the talented Devon at Tall Tree Photography.

I miss blogging – I really do. I don’t feel like I’ve really slowed down since last October – it’s been such a nutty few months, even taking the half hour or so it takes to do an entry seems like an impossibility of my time. But , you know, I really like blogging and I really miss it  – this is such a neat space to talk about what is going on with Bamboletta and all the ladies working within it. So I’m going to make an effort to come on here more often – I’ve said this many times before – but I really want to make the time.

I’ve just finished putting in my very first series of huge orders in for materials.. I’m talking 400 lbs of wool – 120 lbs of mohair – 400 meters of ‘skin … this feels like quite a big step for Bamboletta . The past year has seen production go from 40 a month to now about around 35 a week – a bit of a jump! I’m now working with 6 of the lovliest mama’s that sew the dolls together for me – then there are my ‘in house mama’s’ – Rachel – she’s is my ‘number 2’ and works with me all day,  4 days a week, Brandi who works afternoons (these lovely ladies do the sewing and stuffing and shipping) and tomorrow I’ve got a new gal starting with me for 4 mornings a week to do even more sewing and stuffing and shipping!

Can I tell you how hard it’s been for me to trust that someone may , just may, be able to stuff dolls as well as I do? Or – that someone else can take doll pictures or sew a body or update orders or get a doll ready to go home? I am very particular about ‘my babies’  – so you can imagine how picky I am and , yes I’ll say it, what a control freak I am about every single aspect of this business – I did it all! Now Rachel can stuff a body better then I ever could – Brandi puts on the cutest little noses – both can get an entire upload packed and shipped in a few short hours. These ladies – all these amazing moms that work with me – are Bamboletta. This business would not be where it is without them – I often watch the girls do something and just run over to them and give them a hug – I feel like a proud parent! It is such a great feeling to know that I’m almost (just almost) to the point that I could be away for a week and things would run smoothly. The dolls would have no faces (I don’t think I’ll ever give that up) but they’d get made and things would move along. This has been the greatest Lose Weight Exercise off my shoulders – it’s taken to the ‘next step’… now if we could just get out of this basement…






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  1. Michelle Avatar

    It has been truly amazing to watch your business grow. I found your blog about twelve months ago and am not surprised at the demand for your gorgeous dolls. I sm pleased that you have been able to grow in a way that really suits you.

  2. melissa Avatar

    what a wonderful post! it warms my heart to know that bamboletta is coming into its own. all the attention you’ve been receiving as of late is so so well deserved and hooray hooray that you have such an amazing core of mamas working with you now.

    and 400lbs of wool!?!? wowza!!

  3. Veelana Avatar

    Wow, thats so awesome! as someone who is really stuggling with her etsy shop I’m so impressed by you whole success story! and those numbers! 400 meters of skin? whoa! You came a long way and the basement will be history too!


  4. Amie *C* Avatar
    Amie *C*

    I love that you call them your babies…What a special thing you do C! I feel so lucky to have some of your amazing creations as part of our family. <3 Sounds like you have some wonderful ladies working with you.

  5. Meredith Klobucnik Avatar
    Meredith Klobucnik

    So exciting! I am so happy for you and your business, your dolls are so special… as are those that make them <3 Hugs to you!

  6. Cassandra Avatar

    Wow! You are one busy lady and I agree! It was very heart warming to read! It must be so overwhelming at times but so glad you have other to help you and they can be apart of your business that brings so much happiness for others all over the world!
    I can see it being hard to let go of some things but you have many caring others working along side you!
    I love reading your blog. Your loveliness just shines through!
    Cheers to everyone at Bamboletta! You guys rock and it shows through to your dolls!

  7. Karen W. Avatar
    Karen W.

    I want to come work with you! If you ever open an east coast operation, please call. 🙂 You are amazing! I find that I am a better mom when I am able to express my creativity, balance that with work and family. You have found a way to make it work — and make it work with other mamas! Being “picky” ensures quality — quality brings back customers. I’ve been tinkering with making a few dolls and I am *so* proud when someone asks where they can get one. I’m going to make more for family and friends — it is very rewarding, so I can only imagine your pride of sending out 30+ per week. Rock on, Mama!! Not only am I excited to get our custom Bambo this year, I am doubly-proud of the care and creativity that you team will put into our girl. Thank you for sharing and inspiring this mama!

  8. Ellie Avatar

    I have chills reading. we’re blessed to have gotten a custom spot and just one more “Baby” we’re trying for this year and I will be content…or will I! thansk for making the magic happen 🙂

  9. Jill Avatar

    Thanks for posting this and thanks for all that you ladies do to help make our childrens’ dreams come true!

  10. Tonya Avatar

    Your story-inspiring! I have been making waldorf dolls for some time. I understand the feelings of emotion and care that go into making handmade treasures. Sometimes we fear others will not put in that just right, something specialness that I really cannot put a name to. I mean it’s like the something special that we feel for all those wonderful treasures and blessings that we adore and love. Oh, they are lovelies (the name just came to me). And this was just a really nice way to tell us all how much you care.

  11. Julie Avatar

    The huge growth could not have happened to a more fantastic business owner! Your dolls are so incredibly special. I have NEVER seen Zoe bond and care for a doll like she has her “Zoe” doll. 🙂 To see the way she changes her doll’s clothes every day..puts her down for a nap…..takes her for walks in the stroller….it’s just SO sweet. 🙂

    Keep up the inspiring work!

  12. Amie Avatar

    Sometimes growth and change are the scariest things out there. It sounds like you have found a group of ladies who share your vision and your passion for all the babies you create for our babies. So thank you all for everything you do to create such love!

  13. Jennifer Avatar

    You continue to inspire and amaze me! Thanks for the beautiful creations that come from your heart. Where oh where on earth are you going to put 400 lbs of wool – that’s incredible! I hope you have an extra large basement 🙂

  14. Ingrid Avatar

    Welcome back! There has been a void in my blog reading waiting to be filled. Big steps this year GF. Poor John. Sounds like he’s been demoted from his number 2 spot. Not showing enogh vampire-love, huh? And remember admist all that wool and cotton and skin to take some time for yourself, too.

  15. Brenda Bell Avatar
    Brenda Bell

    I am so glad that you have found such wonderful helpers!!! You all do such beautiful work. I say that you need a vacation soon girlie! Love.

  16. Rosaleen Avatar

    Christina, I am so happy that your business is going so amazingly well for you. Your dolls are so special and beautiful. I will never forget when i got in touch with you and you managed to make my little girl her special waldorf doll in time for Christmas, even though it was very close to christmas when i contacted you. That must be about 18 months ago now and so much has changed in that short time for your business. So i’m basically saying, I’ll never forget your kindness and please know that the Bamboletta girl ‘Mia’ and the Bamboletta baby ‘Rainbow’ you made get played with daily and live permently in our family room. Mia in her little wicker cot and Rainbow sitting on her vintage chair.They are a special part of play in our home. I think I enjoy them as much as the girls do!
    Thank you ♥

  17. Casey Avatar

    I’m glad that you’re feeling comfortable with the speed Bamboletta is growing — you do such an amazing job balancing and managing all aspects. Good for you. Take a vacation, you deserve it.

  18. Ann Avatar

    Christina, you and your team have brought many smiles to my face since I was first introduced to the world of Bamboletta. Not only was there perfection in the craft , there was something in the little smiles that spoke to me in a way I have a hard time putting into words. Every time I see an upload or view fan photos there is one thing that stands out every time. What I see is a little dolly saying, “love me and I will love you back tenfold.” Recently I was visiting my Dad in a nursing home and I saw several women carrying baby dolls and mothering them like they did their children. I was thinking this is another generation that needs Bamboletta love. From my granddaughters to my daughter, from myself to those special mommas in the nursing home the power of Bamboletta love never stops giving. Thanks to you and all the sewing mommas for spreading the joy. Smiles, smiles and more smiles.

  19. Rebecca Jennison Avatar
    Rebecca Jennison

    Thank you for sharing a piece of your life with us – it is a very special business….we are still patiently waiting for the day when a “baby” comes too us….I know it will! 🙂

  20. Hilary Avatar

    So good to hear from you. I found your blog and dolls almost 2 years ago through Mothering magazine. I have enjoyed watching your business grow. Although, I admit I miss the days where I could order my custom doll and find a ready made toddler doll last minute for a gift. I just got a blanket baby for my baby a few weeks ago. I have missed your blogging. I got some really great toy ideas for my kids from your blog and loved to hear you talk about your kids school as my Mary is getting to be “preschool” age and I am debating all of the options. So, congrats on your great business and thanks for what you do.

  21. Sharon M Avatar
    Sharon M

    This blog is a welcome change from other blogs I have been involved with recently. Let the blogging begin!! Christina, I am happy for your success and your dolls are sweet and creative. I hope to have one soon.

  22. bindu Avatar

    🙂 … it brings a warm feeling to see growth being handles with so much love and humility.

  23. cheryl Avatar

    My son would love to be at your house when that delivery comes. Your boys are very lucky to have such a talented mama and lots of packages…The boxes are the most fun.

  24. Jan Avatar

    It is great that you are now able to stand back for maybe just a few seconds and watch the business running itself. We are off for a 4 day break (our annual holiday) and hubby is having hysterics about the idea of leaving a company for the mice to play while the cat is away, even though only 2 of those days are work days 🙁
    Mind you – the thought of all those faceless Bambos is a bit frightening! LOL

  25. Lisa O'Regan Avatar
    Lisa O’Regan

    Great post Christina – its so refreshing to hear from someone who truly loves what they do and its their passion. Someday (after I pay off my visa bill) I’ll be back trying for another bamboletta doll for our house – keep up the great work and I’ll be watching the blog for more entries!

  26. Shelly Avatar

    Christina, it is such a joy to witness the growth and heart of your business. I have never fallen so in love with anything (except DH and sons) like I have with your dolls … they are magical. What a wonderful thing to have a talented and like-minded crew working that magic with you!

  27. SueAnn Avatar

    I’m glad you are here……making lovely babies for all of us and writing your blog. Thanks for the love.

  28. Amber Strocel Avatar

    I think that it’s a good thing that you have a hard time letting go. Really. It testifies to your commitment to your work. If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t be making the dolls that you do. With time, you’ll figure out what you can let go and what you can’t. It sounds like you’ve already figured a lot of it out. But in the process you can know that your dolls are true to your vision, and that’s why we love them.

  29. sarah Avatar


    Thanks so much for posting this. I love hearing about what goes into making the magic of your dolls. Your dolls really are magical, thank you and the sewing mama’s for all the hard work.

    This is an aside but I love the idea that when you drop your son off at school the other mom’s probably don’t know how famous you are and how wild the internet is about your ‘day job’ it makes me giggle to think about it.

  30. Rachelle Avatar

    I think you should expand your business to the US at some point! I bet their are a lot of mommas that would love to help including me….I am thinking you have one of the best jobs in the world. You make the cutest dolls and you make so many children and families SO happy! Congrats on your success!!!!

  31. Kali Avatar

    You & your great mamateam that you have there not only make beautiful pieces of art, but it’s so clear that each of your babies have a real heart & spirit about them. It seems like this is your dream, and so I commend you and your success 🙂 Can’t wait to support you too, but it seems I’m just not fast enough! Soon enough though- I work with a lot of women trying to increase their fertility, and even when everyone’s healthy, sometimes it takes a while for the right baby & family to get matched up. It seems the same theory applies with bambos!!!

  32. Pam Cannon Avatar
    Pam Cannon

    I know of a wonderful family that would love for this doll to come and live with them! 6 great kids and wonderful parents! It would work for a birthday and an adoption gift! Please oh please pick me! The doll would be loved so much!

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