Staff Pick!!

It’s a beautiful snowy morning here in Bamboletta-land and it’s time again for our weekly feature ‘Staff Pick’!! Today our Whippletree neighbour Lisa from ‘Cameo Boutique’ got this weeks lucky pick! She chose Spirit, the gorgeous red-dread Sitting Friend.


Clothing styled by: Christina

Hair styled by: Brandi

Likes: Following her heart and surprises.

Dislikes: Being stuck in a rut, conformity and trout.

Lisa fell hard for this dolly and even came in today talking about how much she loves her!!

Our upload is schduled for today, Friday Dec 20th at noon PST.

See you then!

Brooke and Lisa







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  1. Janet Parton Avatar
    Janet Parton

    I know just how Lisa feels! I was able to purchase my first two dolls, Dolly and Tamsin, for my grand girls, two and five, today. I have a very famous distant cousin, Dolly, ironically; my little Emm has that electric white blonde hair and the bluest eyes you ever saw! She has loved doll babies since she was a tiny babe herself. I cannot begin to imagine her excitement when she sees her Dolly! I was so afraid her older sister would feel left out. I actually tried to buy Tamsin over and over as my first choice this afternoon for Audrey. I went to visit the girls after the dolls were sold and then checked the site again tonight when I came home. I was overwhelmed with excitement to see that she was available. My grandmother made quilts and doll clothes for me and to supplement her income and kept dolls herself so I have such solid appreciation for what you and your ladies do. i’m not so sure that the babies great-great-grandmother wasn’t orchestrating these beautiful dolls into her grand babies’ arms. I am being a bit effusive, I know, but I can’t thank you enough for your creativity and for what you do. Merry Christmas to you all! And Ya’ll, you guys! Much love…

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