Staff Pick!

It’s Nicoles turn today for our weekly staff pick! She ended up picking a doll that Christina and I were previously drooling over while taking photos outside in the garden…so (drum roll please), this weeks pick is…Peaches!!!!! The sweet-faced doll with the ice cream coloured locks.

Nicole with her pick of the week, Peaches…two green-eyed beauties!

Clothing by: Thamar

Hair styled by: Brandi

Likes: Sherbert ice cream (of course!), and taking long walks to find bunny rabbits in the forest.

Dislikes: When a cloud covers the sun.

Nicole says: I really like her hair and her eyes, and how they match. She really stood out to me because she seems so summery and fresh!

We were all so dazzled by her we forgot about her little pal Polly! Look for both of them in tomorrows upload!

And good luck everyone!


Brooke and Nicole

(ps. many of the dolls were extra hugged by me today as I got to help C take pictures…they are all so cute!…and I couldn’t stop saying cute!)



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