Staff Pick!!

Hello Wonderful Friends!!

I’m back from my mini stay-at-home vacation and so is our Staff Pick blog! Deprived from the dolls for a week, I’m in absolute dolly heaven today, the hair! the faces! the clothing! It’s all just incredible!!

Thamar got the lucky pick today and chose Adella, the gorgeous pastel dream of a doll with pretty green eyes!

Hair styled by: Brandi

Clothing: Thamar

Likes: Playing dress-up

Dislikes: Bed time

Our upload is scheduled for tomorrow (Friday) at noon PDT over on our website…see you then!!


Brooke and Thamar







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  1. Gail Kilpatrick Whitis Avatar
    Gail Kilpatrick Whitis

    Love this photo and love the Staff Pick! I’ve been watching for a birthday doll for my granddaughter, so I’m a friend on FB and on your web site frequently. I saw this photo earlier but never connected it to the doll I was about to purchase. She is fabulous and adorable!! AND…her characteristics are just like my granddaughter!
    Thank you, Brandi! Thank you, Thamar!
    Thank you, Christina and Team Bamboletta! Hugs, Gail

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