Staff Pick!

Hi Friends! It’s Thursday again and that means it’s Staff Pick time again!!!! Our resident cutie-pie, Brandi, got the lucky pick this week and she chose Miriam, the dark-haired sweetie with the pretty braids.

Clothes by: Thamar

Hair styled by: Christina

Likes: Rainstorms

Dislikes: Green peas (canned and frozen)

Why she chose her: “I picked her because of her cute hairstyle and freckles!”

Our doll upload is tomorrow (Friday) at 12pm pdt…see you all then!


Brandi and Brooke







2 responses to “Staff Pick!”

  1. Laurie Whiteman Avatar
    Laurie Whiteman

    Cute picture

  2. Marie M Avatar
    Marie M

    I totally missed the blue in her hair from the upload pics. Love those braids. Peas are a no no here too. Ew! Lol

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