Staff Pick!

It’s a gorgeous day here in Bamboletta-land! Christina is away in Vancouver at our Bamboletta booth on Granville Island (you’re missed!) and us ladies have been keeping busy with stuffing, sewing, photo taking and admittedly some cupcake eating (Thank you Danica!). Shauna had the lucky pick today and she chose handsome Jake!

Clothing by: Thamar and Nicole

Hair cut by: Shauna

Likes: Baking

Dislikes: Baths

Why she chose him: “He reminds me of my youngest son, Gabriel.”

Our upload is tomorrow at 2pm pdt on our website. See you all then!


Brooke and Shauna







2 responses to “Staff Pick!”

  1. Kim Giovannini Avatar

    Shauna, I can’t get enough of that orange-red scarf. It lights up your face. 🙂 I must ask about your earrings… they’re pretty spectacular!

  2. Shauna Avatar

    Hey Kim!

    Thanks, I love that scarf as well, I got it at Radway in Cowichan Bay. It is banana leaf fabric. My eldest son bought me the earrings for Christmas from the store next door to our wee retail store in Cowichan Bay. Makes them extra special <3

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