Staff Pick!

This week our lovely Sarah had the tough job of staff pick…so tough in fact, she couldn’t decide until this morning! 🙂 Her pick this week is Sherry, our natural tanned beauty.

Two brown-eyed beauties, our beautiful Sarah with her pick of the week, Sherry

Clothing by: Nicole

Hair styled by: Shauna

BFF: Vicky

Likes: Having picnics the park and chasing butterflies

Dislikes: Rocks in her shoe

Sherry loves playing with her little sister Vicky!

While I’m in the studio throughout the week I get to visit and play with these girls and boys often, which makes it even harder for me to pick just one as a favorite. They all have their own special sweetness . What finally settled it for me was Sherry’s beautiful glowing skin and sun-kissed tresses. Her warm summer palate with classic messy buns is just my earthy type. I could definitely see us hanging at the beach, playing with each others hair, or looking for fairies in my backyard together.  Sherry and her little buddy Vicky became best friends as soon as they saw each other! It happens that way sometimes. So I just know that these cutey pies will make fast friends with you too.









3 responses to “Staff Pick!”

  1. Tara A Avatar
    Tara A

    Awww, she’s beautiful 🙂

  2. Kelly Hall Avatar
    Kelly Hall

    Vicky is my pick for this week!

  3. admin Avatar

    Kelly, I agree, little Vicky is not to be overlooked! So sweet! – brooke

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