Staff Pick!!!

It’s Staff Pick time again!! We have been very busy this past week (even more than usual) getting our new shop ready for it’s opening tomorrow…SO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!! So I was a little behind on this post but managed to snag our resident sweetheart Brandi to make the pick and she chose Ashley!…the sweet purple-haired beauty with the flair for fashion.

Clothing by: Thamar

Hair styled by: Me! (Brandi)

Likes: Going for hikes on the weekend

Dislikes: Getting wet feet on a cold day

Bff: Charlotte

Why Brandi chose Ashley: “I fell in love with her sweet face and her beautiful purple hair”

Upload is today (Friday) at noon pst…happy day everyone!!


Brandi and Brooke


Tara A - December 2, 2012 - 10:05 pm

Oh she is scrumptious!! Great choice 🙂

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