Staff Pick!

This week the though job of staff pick was given to Rachel! Her pick of the week is Cherry, the pick boucle beauty with the bright violet eyes!

If Cherry was a person, I think her and Rachel would be pals ;)
If Cherry was a person, I think her and Rachel would be pals 😉

Clothing by: Nicole

BFF: Zoey

Likes: Sunny days at the beach, and chocolate chip cookies

Dislikes: Brushing her curly hair

Cherry chillin' with her little sis Zoey
Cherry chillin' with her little sis Zoey

Here’s what Rachel has to say: “I have the honor of seeing each doll every week in our studio.  This lovely lady caught my eye with her raspberry and pink boucle standing out among a group of girls.  I instantly knew Cherry would be the doll for me to pick for this weeks ‘pick of the week’.  I fell in love with her funky colored hair, her bright violet eyes, and her charming smile.  She’s sporting one of my favorite hair colors (pink), and eyes so bright you can’t help but see the charm and love in her.  To top it all off, she has a little buddy sister just as rockin’ as her, Zoey!  I know she’ll bring a big smile to her new momma, a smile just as big as what was on my face when I saw her.  I hope you’ve enjoyed my pick of the week, and I can’t wait for her to find her new home <3

Happy upload day tomorrow everyone!

xo Rachel







6 responses to “Staff Pick!”

  1. Jenn E. Avatar
    Jenn E.

    Gorgeous pick of the week! Love how there’s sisters in the upload :).

  2. Nancy Ragot Avatar
    Nancy Ragot

    Such a calming and cheerful little face. The whole package; she’s adorable!

  3. Amy Freemon Avatar
    Amy Freemon

    Those are the cutest ever!

  4. Barbara H. Avatar
    Barbara H.

    AMAZING pick! Love both Cherry and Zoey!

  5. sandra Egan Avatar
    sandra Egan

    that is the doll that I loved as well Rachael. it was all about the hair and the lovely pink in the clorhes

  6. Tanya W Avatar
    Tanya W

    Gorgeous pick Rachael!That raspberry colour gets me every time 🙂

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