Staff Pick!!!

Hello Friends! A new week is upon us so that can only mean one thing…it’s Staff Pick time again! In celebration of the return of our sweet and lovely Thamar, she is the lucky gal up for the choosing! So this weeks pick is Ian! The black-haired mister with the sweet muffin face!

Hair cut by: Christina

Clothing by: Thamar

Likes: Baking cookies

Dislikes: Bedtime

Bff: Thamar (of course!)

What Thamar says: “I picked him because of his dark hair and bright red jacket!”

Tomorrow’s upload (Friday) is at 10am pdt. Happy doll shoppin’ friends!!


Thamar and Brooke








5 responses to “Staff Pick!!!”

  1. Lisa W. Avatar
    Lisa W.

    Great pick Thamar!! He’s a real cutie! Welome back <3

  2. Joyce Hermans Avatar
    Joyce Hermans

    Love this doll!

  3. Kim Avatar
    Kim ….cool.

    Thamar!!! So happy you’re back! Must say your “pick” is genuinely loved. He’s a handsome boy. 🙂

  4. jessica filina Avatar
    jessica filina

    im a newby!!!! love all the handwork and love put into these dolls…..we receive our first one soon!!

  5. Rhonda Avatar


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