Staff Pick!!

Hi Friends! It’s Staff Pick time again and this week our beautiful Jennie is the lucky lady who gets to choose! Her pick this week is Nicola, the super stunning dark tan girl with green eyes and rainbow nubby hair.

Clothing by: Nicole

Hair styled by: Shauna

Likes: Autumn weather…especially because she can wear the Nonna sweaters!

Dislikes: Meatloaf

Bff: Angel

What Jennie says about the dolls: “I chose them because I fell in love with their beautiful rainbow hair.”

Our upload is scheduled for tomorrow at 4pm pdt. Angel the Little Buddy will be available to purchase at a surprise time on our Etsy site.

Thank you!!


Jennie and Brooke








3 responses to “Staff Pick!!”

  1. Christine Blanek Avatar
    Christine Blanek

    Omg!!!! Those two are simply stunning!!!!! I <3 them!!!
    Keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

  2. Teri Avatar

    Can you tell me please where I can find some of your rainbow yarn you use? I am making some dolls for my kids and my daughter is in love with rainbows. I especially love the nubby yarn. Any help would be appreciated. 🙂

  3. admin Avatar

    Hi Teri,

    We use several different types of yarn for the hair, one that comes up a bit is ‘Mochie’. Hope this helps!

    Thank you!


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