Staff Pick!

Hi Friends! I cannot believe it’s been a whole other week…time is whizzing past these days. Bamboletta Land has been a frenzy of activity all day getting prepared for the two uploads. Our gorgeous Shauna has made the special pick this week, and she chose Freedom! The soft-rainbow boucle girl with the pretty eyes.

Clothing by: Nicole

Hair style by: Me! (Shauna)

Likes: Swimming at the river at dusk

Dislikes: Rainy days

BFF: Neila

What Shauna says: ‘I love both their hair colour, so super summery!’

Have a happy upload tonight (at 9pm pdt) and tomorrow (noon pdt) and good luck everyone…may you snag the doll of your childs dream!


Brooke and Shauna







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  1. Beckie Avatar

    Such cutie-pooties! Truly wish I could afford one for my grand-niece.

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