Staff Pick!!

Hi Folks!

It’s our weekly feature ‘Staff Pick’ again! This week we have a guest picker, the lovely Christy! She has chosen a super special doll, Claire, the gal with the super sweet style and beautiful rainbow dreads.

Clothing by: Nicole

Hair styled by: Shauna

Likes: Dancing, being silly, cuddles and humming birds

Dislikes: When the music stops playing

Bff: Riley

What Christy says about the doll: “They are overflowing with love and have so much fun where ever they go!”

Happy upload day tomorrow everyone!!!!


Christy and Brooke







4 responses to “Staff Pick!!”

  1. Janet Avatar

    I love rainbows and have a rainbow girl of my own. Now I need a rainbow doll in a sailor’s suit to represent her. I would love to have this doll!

  2. Joyce Avatar

    I need a Claire like this for my Claire! Beyond Beautiful!

  3. Ang Wilson Avatar
    Ang Wilson

    Love her! She is my pick too! And who doesn’t like when the music stops 😉

  4. pmpooper Avatar

    oh my, still playing with dolls?

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