Staff Pick!

It’s our weekly feature Pick of the Week today! AND! It’s on time! We are very timely ladies around here   🙂   Our resident beauty, Sarah is the lucky one (and yes, the gals actually fought over who’s turn it was today). This weeks ladies are especially cute (I know we say it every week, BUT) but Sarah made an excellant choice…drum roll please…so this weeks pick is Alita! The tanned skin beauty with the sweet brown eyes.

Two brown-eyed beauties <3

Clothing by: Thamar

Hair styled by: Brandi

Likes: Picking beach shells

Dislikes: Stinky flowers

Bff: Her big brother Ryan

Alita chilin' with her big brother Ryan

What Sarah says: “I am so in love with her because Alita is so huggable and snuggable. I just love her Curly hair and sweet brown eyes. I think she would be a really great listener!”

Good luck this week everyone, and thank you as always for being great fans and friends. We really appreatiate you all!


Sarah and Brooke







2 responses to “Staff Pick!”

  1. DeRae Avatar

    Great pick! I love brown eyes…and can I just say that Sarah has the most glowy skin EVER?!

  2. grace lemberski Avatar
    grace lemberski

    I loved both of them !!!!!!

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