Spring Dance

It’s quiet this morning save for the gentle chirping of new spring songs,
which I somehow feel must have been saved just for this moment.
The cleansing West Coast mist does it’s job encouraging new buds
to unfold bringing with them their sweet scent of sap.
Then slowly, specks of crystal blue sky begin to emerge, and so too,
life around the Bamboletta Studio begins stirring into this new day.
Each of it’s inhabitants emerging, one by one,
 into Christina’s workshop of wonder to create and begin anew.
Soft chatter of “Good Mornings” and hand picked mugs of warm tea
and coffee bring each of us together again.
Soon after, the familiar “whirrr” of sewing machines, and then,
 a wool dance of stuffing bodies and giggles begins.
‘Little Companions’ are our private audience.
These colors and sounds feel like home here, as though we are the busy
little bees working for and among our flowers.
And so I am reminded,
that yet another beautiful Friday has arrived….







3 responses to “Spring Dance”

  1. Kim Avatar

    What a wonderful blog entry. I feel like I’m beginning the new day alongside the magical studio. 🙂

  2. cheryl Avatar

    I wish I was there also….

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