I love when people post pictures of their work spaces so here is mine. It’s changed a bit since then, it’s always changing. Julie has quite the magical decorating ‘touch’ and rearranges things all the time. I’ll pop out to pick up Ben from Kindercottage and come back to my furniture all rearranged and Julie with a sly grin on her’s great. Honestly since moving here I haven’t really felt any decorating mojo. Our old home in Vancouver was a character home which we (who am I kidding..I) reno’d from the studs was a lot of fun, but then I didn’t have any children and could spend hours in various shops contemplating faucets. Sigh… the luxury. When we bought over here it was a bit of a shotgun purchase. We needed a place to move into and at 6 months pregnant the thought of renting and going through buying with a newborn made me feel ill. I like our house but I don’t love it , it’s too far away from my esthetic. Floral wallpaper (with a border!), now gone shag carpeting, the curtains (tres 70’s and not in a good way) the list goes on. Anyhow.. I have a home, I feel like a twit talking about this. To make a long story short I want to thank Julie for helping me create a space that feels like it’s mine which is a pretty hard task seeing as the space is in the basement where the furnace is!

On the Doll front.. Bamboletta is in the May issue of Canadian Family magazine! I have looked EVERYWHERE in Duncan for the magazine but apparently it’s in between issues. I’ll be heading into Victoria today to see if it’s there. So exciting! I’m a Must Have!








4 responses to “Spaces”

  1. Meike Avatar

    Your work space looks so nice! Look at all those dolls all lined up & ready to go…

    Congrats on making it into Canadian Family magazine – I saw the pictures on Flickr, well done!

  2. Berrie Avatar

    Hey! Nice quilt!

  3. Ella Avatar

    oh how i envy your work space. it certainly doesn’t look like the basement. i feel like i work in a phone booth, my space is so small.

  4. admin Avatar

    The most beautiful quilt..ever!!

    Thanks Ella, I find though, the more space you have the more you tend to ‘spread out’. I’ve put it out there that the next place we get has a little cottage or something that I can work out of.. so there is a bit of seperation. I find that I’m down here all the time, not that that is a bad thing, but sometimes I do want to seperate it..know what I mean?

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