sometimes good things come from a can

 I’m a commercial canned food snob. My mother is an amazing canner/preserver and I was fortunate to grow up with most my food handmade.  We lived on a 1/4 acre suburban lot, a lot in which my Italian parents had most of it as garden, labyrinths of beans, tomatoes, zucchini and peas provided me with countless hours of entertainment. Every few weeks my mother would bake all of our bread and freeze it,  I would sneak handfuls of raw dough and eat it under the table. I disliked bread day because it was my job to run the cookie sheets up and down our stairs between our 3 (!) ovens. Looking back I realize how lucky I was to have this kind of upbringing. Our neighbours thought we were crazy with our backyard chickens and tomatoes the size of baseballs.  I remember having a birthday party one year and being so embarrassed because my mom made home made pizza, i don’t remember the toppings but it was probably with bocconcini and prosciutto or something like that, all I wanted was to go to McDonalds like the other kids.

All this good food-ness growing up turned me off of certain things, like canned food. I remember when I first met John and was making a pasta dish and I sent him out for parmesan, he got parmesan – but from a can. There isn’t anything wrong with that, I’m not down on the canned cheese- but, know.  Anyhow- goodness this is a long story- when Johns mom was visiting she introduced me to the gloriousness of Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake in a Can, an amazing feat of British culinary excellence. you boil it in water for 30 minute, open it with a can opener and voila, a wonderful and tasty dessert..especially with Birds custard– that comes from a can too. Yum! Totally NOT organic and made with really bad things like white flour and sugar- but hot damn it does the trick. We drive into Chemanius every few weeks to go to the ‘British Allsorts’ shop where all the Brits go to get their mushy peas and Paxo fix. We always make sure to pick up a couple of cans of pud’.


It’s been slim pickin’s on Etsy the past few week, I’m working on a few store orders and my custom work. Hopefully next week I’ll have some up for sale. It’s been a nutty few weeks- everytime I’m making some dolls to sell- I get an email about an upcoming birthday that a doll is wanted for- I can’t say no. The window display at Birkelands is coming down this weekend so all the dolls that are in the window will be up for sale- hopefully by the end of next week.


Because that’s her name. I’m loving the iron on transfers!






9 responses to “sometimes good things come from a can”

  1. Adrianne Avatar


    Antonia has the best hair EVER!!! Is this one of the yarns you dyed? It really looks fantastic. Every time I think I have a favorite, you post a new doll and I just fall in love all over again. You’ve outdone yourself Christina. Great Job!! 🙂

  2. Holly Avatar

    How wonderful boucle yarn looks for curly hair!

    …Speaking of birthdays, it’s my birthday soon! *hint hint* :p

    Two Cheese Please

  3. pascaline Legros Avatar
    pascaline Legros

    not a big fan of can too. if I can do without any , i am happy;;.. but your pudding things is interesting…. lovely transfer…have a nice week end… take care


  4. Meike Avatar

    That hair is simply gorgeous! O, to have such curls… 🙂

  5. Monica Avatar

    Also…speaking of birthdays…Happy one to you Christina!!

    And, oh my heavens!!! Antonia’s hair is simply amazing! I think Paige is going to need a friend (well, in addition to Trevor’s new baby coming for I don’t think I could ever have enough of your dolls Christina…they’re like children…each of them is such a blessing!!

  6. Victoria Avatar

    Oh the hair! I’m so jealous. She is beautiful!

  7. Rohini Avatar

    Antonia’s hair color is simply amazing. So so beautiful!

  8. Heather Avatar

    The dolls are gone from the Birkeland window-I saw that this morning while having a coffee date with friends at Bean Around the World. Sad to see them go… they were such a cheery addition to Main Street. I hope they all go to wonderful families!

  9. Linzy N Avatar
    Linzy N

    I love reading this, 4 years ago and you were looking into Markets and store sales, and now look at you guys, congrats

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