Snowboarding Mt.Washington

Hello all,    

Got a chance to go snowboarding at our local  Mt Washington two Friday’s ago! Sooo sunny and lots of fresh powder in the trees! What a treat! The view alone is worth the trip. Looking across at the neighbouring peaks I kept thinking what an amazing experience it would be to helli-ski  (highly unlikely in my lifetime). When we got back home I did the next best thing and  checked out one of my new favorite snowboarding documentaries on Netflix called “Flight”. Great soundtrack, fantastic scenery and real and funny infusions of everyday life. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming……

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  1. maria Avatar

    fresh powder in the trees?? is there no end to the awesomeness at bamboletta? our ski season is winding down here on the east coast- our local hill closes on sunday, its kinda sad since we have more snow right now than we did in all of january and february. hope you can get a few more days in before its over for the year!

  2. Sarah Avatar

    Hi Maria! Going to try one last time on Saturday, hopefully the snow’s not too slushy. Then it’s on to warmer adventures. Sarah

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