sneak peaks!

I’m gearing up for the store ‘opening’ which I’m thinking will be around the middle of April (?). I am so excited about this next step in our business. First off, we are building up doll stock so that there will be a good assortment of dolls ‘ready to come home’ and  getting a good assortment of clothing and accessories (little red riding hood capes!)  together.

One of the most exciting thing that I’m doing for this is getting together some of my favorite artisans to participate and be able to sell doll related goodies. I’ve got the fabulous Ella making these cute, cute CUTE matchy matchy crown sets. I’ve also ordered a few of her wonderful dolls


Then, oh I’m going to bust out over this one, I have Berrie from Moonchild working on some dolls and clothing. I heart Berrie and her dolls and I love that we ‘do’ the same thing, but so differently.

Jane, from Little Seedlings is making some clothing sets and some little dollies. Her clothing is divine!

I’ve also got some doll quilts and matching BONNET sets coming too – all this and of course Constance’s doll clothing and Mike’s wonderful sewing machines.

I’m making the site all things natural doll – I’m not going to get into anything other than doll stuff – it’s what I love. This is all so much fun, to be able to have a place where all these fabulous crafts people can sell their wonderful doll ‘stuff’ – much fun!

** I’m still working on the ‘Sew Along’. You will need to find an old sweater made with natural fibres that you can cut up. It will need to be felted, which means that you’ll throw it in the washing machine a few times on hot – I even throw my stuff in the dryer too.**



P.S. A big thank you to the lovely Leah over at Life As Lou for her Bamboletta Love!






5 responses to “sneak peaks!”

  1. Beth Avatar

    I’m so very excited! We’re saving our pennies so that we can get a Bamboletta for our daughter’s birthday this May. It looks like we’ll have to get a riding hood and bonnet, too! Congratulations on getting so many other talented folks to support your beautiful work.

  2. CanCan (Mom Most Traveled) Avatar

    Those crowns are wonderful! I might need to add a set to my wish list too!

  3. nathalie Avatar

    i’m coming up with several designs for bambolettas! let me know if you would like to see them. capes, and some other cute things, like a doll blanket, etc. i will show you what i set up for abby in k’s room. it turned out pretty cute! i loooove ella’s matching crowns. sooo cute!

  4. Leah Killian Avatar


    can’t wait to see the new site!

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