I love people who wear skirts over pants. It’s an especially nice look if you have a bit of ‘muffin top’ and like the extra layer of skirt to smooth things over. I’ve always been very hesitant about wearing a ‘skirpant’ combo, I just don’t have the fashion guts because a little part of me does think it may look silly, which it doesn’t, but..well, you may know what I mean. Last Sunday I went on a date with my sister to go shopping for Canadian souvenirs for my mother to take back on her trip to Italy (you really didn’t need to  know this). Anyways, I tried out a skirpant combo..just to see what Laura, a fashion maven, would say. Would she mock? No! She said it looked nice. Ha! It was like a freedom was bestowed upon me..skirpants! I shall wear skirpants! I’m tired, this makes no sense. Am I trying to be like Lindsay Lohan?

I think we may start looking for an aupair to help out with childcare. I like the idea of someone becoming a part of the family and some sort of time commitment. We’ll see what happens. It’s funny going through the ‘ads’ though some of these gals look like they are looking for a husband, not an aupair job – some pretty racy photos! Strange.

We have our other inlaws staying with us this week, this time it’s John’s lovely father and his partner Dot. We took them over to Salt Spring today for a visit to the Island. John wants to sell our house and move to the Island. It’s so pretty there. I have such a fantastic group of pals over here, the Waldorf school and everything else..maybe I can convince all the gals to move over too.

Okay, Jasper is finally asleep at the breast. I’m calling it a night.






4 responses to “Skir-Pants”

  1. Meike Avatar

    That’s so funny – I never wear those either, because I always feel like I’m trying too hard then. But maybe now that you bitten the bullet, I should give it a try too? Skir-pants world domination! (Can you tell I’ve had too much coffee this morning??)

    Good idea, an aupair. Do you get to interview them yourself? That way you can eliminate the vixens. 😉

    Right, I should really stop now and get rid of that excess caffeine…

  2. erin Avatar

    i don’t think it would take much convincing 🙂

  3. devon Avatar

    you should see my mayfest photos… it’s one skir-panted mama after another. inspiration perhaps?

  4. admin Avatar

    I know what you mean Meike, that was what I was trying to say! You try it too! You can be my skirpant sister! You can interview them yourself, Id liket o get one with experience and maybe one that sews! Wouldn’t that be great?
    okay Erin, I know Tracey is in too! let’s start a commune!
    Ha! Devon, I need to see the skirpant pics. I think I tend to go more lohan/olsen then hippie. I have to see them. Are you in on Salt Spring too?

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