I’ve been working on a few of my custom orders this week. The sweetest being a brother and sister doll for some little ones up in Duncan. I’ll post a pic up soon, they are super cute.. I can’t wait for them to see them. I’ve also got 3 other dolls that I’m working on for a family, I love these sibling dolls! It’s cool because I’ve been doing this for a few years now (online) that I’m now getting requests to make the younger sibling’s first doll. Ahh, my dollies are in good homes, it makes me feel good to know. It’s funny how much that really means to me – that they go to a good home. I still think about this market I did about 4 years ago where the strangest man just came up to my stall, looked around and then pointed to a doll and bought it. It was just so odd and felt ,well, weird to me. I mean I get plenty of men buying my dolls for their children and some buy them for their wives, but this guy was really quite kooky. I’m sure he bought it for a child who loves it and the doll is  warm and safe and dry, but I still can’t help thinking about whatever happened to that doll. I am far to attached to them!

We spent a fantastic day in the sunshine with some good friends down at the beach today. It was nice to finally get outside and enjoy some of this sunshine. We just went through another bout of illness. Goodness, a breastfeeding baby with a cough and cold is NOT fun! I’m finally in this Monday to see a dental surgeon about this crazy horizontally growing wisdom tooth of mine. I’m getting an xray and consult this appointment and we’ll see about when I go in for the big pull out. Yuck. I hate all things teeth and dentist so this is really freaking me out. I suppose you all don’t need to know this information, but, well, it’s a blog 🙂






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    I hope your baby gets well soon – I’ve been there. It’s just so frustrating to see them trying to latch on, only to have them stop again because they can’t breathe through their nose & and drink at the same time. 🙁 And I hope your visit to the dentist will be okay!

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