Shortest. Camping. Trip. Ever

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10 hours! That’s how long Jasper and I lasted on our very first camping trip. John and Benjamin ended up staying longer – spending some quality dad and son time together. Little Jasper was just so excited to be outside – no gates, fences or walls to contain him. Taking random items from other campsites, spinning aimlessly by the campfire (?), trying to eat live crabs,ย  and running with books over his head (latest ‘fun’ game) are just a few highlights from our 10 hours in the woods. I spent all night and all day having little fits of hysterics thinking about things he’d done – what a nut! Anyhow – it was at 10pm when we were trying to get to sleep (after 3 hours of trying) and enough was enough so I took Jasper home. He was asleep by the campsite exit.

I thought I’d share some pics of our day.

My new dream house. This in an area called Bamberton, also the name of the park we camped in – about 10 minutes from our home. Pretty sweet.


I think we attempted to put this hat on about 100 times. He really dislikes hats!


If you’ve been a longtime blog reader – then this picture may make sense. I loseWeight Exercise SO many cordless phones, it’s ridiculous. I accidentally packed this one with us – ha! and I wonder why they become lost. And yes, if you look closely this phone is held together with clear packing tape. Classy!

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15 responses to “Shortest. Camping. Trip. Ever”

  1. Catherine Avatar

    That is hilarious! We are planning a camping trip to Tofino in July and I am a bit anxious to say the least. All four of us in a tent with the excitement of fire and marshmallows? I’m not so sure anyone will be sleeping! I wonder if there is an emergency mom helicopter that could take Violet and I home? You rock!

  2. Monica Avatar

    I’m lol to hard to comment…been there!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. erin Avatar

    ha! our first camping trip with charlie was at bamberton too. we made it through the night, but when we woke up, we discovered we’d forgotten to pack the coffee pot! mike drove home, had a shower, grabbed the coffee pot and was back in time for breakfast! xx

  4. Amber Avatar

    I am impressed by anyone who even attempts camping. Especially with small children.

    And I’m laughing about packing the phone. Totally something I would do.

  5. Mama Ruck Avatar

    We are going on the first camping trip of the year tomorrow with our 22 month old son. I would like to say that your post gave me the asurance I needed but I am still just as weary! I can’t wait to post about our trip.

  6. CanCan Avatar

    Wow this makes me so tense just thinking about it! I have to take a deep breath now…PHEW!

    My little man is none to safety conscious himself, and he also likes to be “independent” by doing “helpful” things like pouring his own juice.

  7. Steph Avatar

    10 hours is a pretty good run with kids! My boyfriend accidentally bought home the office phone last week.

  8. Michelle Avatar

    I packed our cordless phone last year when I went to my parent’s for a week. I am now ashamed to admit that every night when I talked to my husband (on his cell phone), and he would say things like “I still can’t find the house phone. I’ve looked everywhere! I’ve torn the couch apart!”, I didn’t tell him that I had the phone with me because he be all like “you’re always doing stuff like this!”.

    I’m even more ashamed to admit that when I got back home, I pretended that I “found” the phone next to the washing machine (because I knew he would never look there. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even know the washing machine exists, or that it has a good friend – the dryer – living next to it.)

    1. admin Avatar

      that is totally something I’d do! I once lost a phone in a freezer- sadly though, John was the one to find it in there. i’ll never live that one down.

      i love that you pretended to find the phone!

  9. Naomi Avatar

    I’m impressed your Jasper held out that long! Mine would have probably torn up the tent like a baby bear… he’s rough these days…

    1. admin Avatar

      oh yes – that was happening too. he was fascinated with the zippers and then tried to poke the tent with sticks. i think (and hope) this roughness is just the age. he loves to squish bugs too – something that sends his sensitive bro into tears. talk soon naomi – hope roo is well ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Leah Killian Avatar

    746 comments! WOOO! Compared to 6 months ago- that’s awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Your Sister Avatar
    Your Sister

    What, when did you get a tent?!?

  12. Aphie Avatar

    My little love hates hats of every description right now, as well.
    Aren’t the crazy things they do funny, though (as well as terrifying)?

  13. Devon Avatar

    I love this story, it will be one for the ages. And as you probably know… I ♥ not camping.

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