Shop Delay

We have to delay our ‘shop opening’ a few more days as our little one has become quite ill. Both boys have whooping cough, but it has hit Jasper especially hard – my hands are shaking as I type this, I’m just so worried about him.

It’s almost ready to go, there are just a few kinks to work out! I have about 1/3 of my inventory up there and there is much, much more to come. It’s been a tough few weeks with little time for doll making and website work. It’s coming though, and very soon!!






25 responses to “Shop Delay”

  1. Jane Avatar

    Sorry to hear this! Many prayers for healing for your little ones and for your own wellness. I am sure your eager customers will understand.

  2. Casey Avatar

    I’m so very sorry to hear about your little ones. I hope they are feeling much better very soon. Much peace.

  3. erin Avatar

    get well soon, baby j. thinking of you guys – xx

  4. Natalie Avatar

    Oh no! You and your boys are in my thoughts! I hope everyone feels better soon. Take a deep breath– this too shall pass.

  5. Meike Avatar

    So sorry to hear this, Christina! Get well soon, little ones!

  6. Lindi Johnson Avatar
    Lindi Johnson

    My deepest prayers are with you and your sweet family. Family is such a blessing. Heartfelt wishes for a quick recovery and much needed rest for Mom and Dad.

  7. Sue Avatar

    Hope your boys are getting better soon. Whooping cough is scarry!
    Big hugs and all my best wishes for the kids and you!

  8. eAshley Avatar

    Don’t give another thought to the online store for now. Your dolls are wonderful and worth the wait. We have been hit hard with illnesses this winter as well and it is so difficult just to take care of normal daily chores with sick children. Have faith that you will all be well soon enough; eat, rest, and accept help from others. All in good time.

  9. Annique Avatar

    Big hugs Christina, you and your boys are in my thoughts!

    Get well soon little ones.

    Best wishes

  10. Naomi Avatar

    I am so sorry, I hope your boys get better soon. It’s so scary when they can’t breathe.

  11. Monica Avatar

    Oh Christina!! Much love and many prayers for a speedy recovery. {hugs}

  12. victoria Avatar

    Thinking of you and your little ones. Sending lots of healing prayers and energy your way.

  13. Beth Avatar

    Best wishes for your boys’ speedy recovery. Please take care of yourself and John as well. I can’t imagine the level of stress you are feeling right now. Sleep when you can, and we’ll have our credit cards at the ready when the shop opens!!!

  14. Leah Killian Avatar

    Your boys will be in my prayers. I have been worried with how quiet you have been 🙁 I wish you were quiet doing something wonderful, not having this trouble.


  15. Sarah Riggs Avatar
    Sarah Riggs

    As many have already said, the shop can wait.

    I’m looking forward to seeing it, but would MUCH prefer for Jasper and the rest of you guys to be feeling back to normal.

    The anticipation will only make it sweeter when we DO get to see everything; for now, I just want to send you guys some healing vibes and lots of love.

    It’s scary when your heart walks around outside your body (and then gets whooping cough!)


  16. Shawn Avatar

    Blessings and prayers to you (and John) and your little boys!

  17. CanCan (Mom Most Traveled) Avatar

    Rest when you can, Mama.
    I will be thinking of your boys.

  18. Kim Avatar

    Oh Christina, my heart goes out to you and your family.I hope the boys are well again very, very soon! I’ll be sending healthy vibes your way.

  19. Cate Avatar

    Hang in there! my thoughts are with you and the boys. I will send all my love thoughts your way. x

  20. dottyspots Avatar

    How frightening! I hope they are better soon!

  21. juana Avatar

    stop. breathe. don’t let the fear in. i pray for clarity so you can hear and act in love. i pray for peace so you can be in the moment, not in the past or in the future. i pray for quiet so you can rest in your blessings.

  22. Tressa Avatar

    sending soOoo much healing light and love to your entire household, prayers for rest and ease for chests tight with illness and anxiety alike. you are surrounded and protected by divine light. all will be well.

    xoxo t.

  23. Alicia Avatar

    Oh Christina you must need rest too,
    Sooo Sorry to hear this!
    Many prayers for healing for your boys and for your own health and wellness.
    Your willing customers will definitely understand.

  24. Kate B Avatar
    Kate B

    Nothing else matters but the health and safety of your precious boys!
    We will be sending lots and lots of the best wishes we can possibly send your way!

  25. kate Avatar

    sorry to hear you have poorly boys, i hope they are both better soon

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