Serendipity Selection …. Violette

‘Serendipity Selection’ is a new, regular feature over here at Bamboletta. Several times a week I’ll be post a listing for a doll for sale -keep checking back!


This is Violette – she is today’s little one that is up for ‘adoption’. If you are interested in purchasing this sweet little gal please leave a comment below (do not click on the picture and then leave a comment, just go to the end of this post and leave a comment there!) She costs $135 (USD) plus shipping and ,if you are Canadian, taxes. One ‘entry’ per person please. The new family will be chosen by a random number generator. This listing is open for 24 hours and will close at 8pm PST tomorrow Wednesday March 3rd. I will then contact the buyer and arrange payment/delivery details with them. The buyer will have 24 hours to respond to my email to purchase the little gal – after 24 hours we choose another comment (please check your Spam folder – it may be in there! ) Good luck!


Violette is funkalicious! I LOVE this gal’s wool felt dreds and cool purple eyes. Violette’s body is made with cotton interlock in a dark color and then stuffed with clean, carded wool. She is wearing a kimono, pants, underpants and wool felt shoes. Made with lots and lots of love.

Good luck!






103 responses to “Serendipity Selection …. Violette”

  1. Aubrey Avatar

    You must have just listed her as I popped on – no comments yet is unheard of!! I will give this one a shot as well. She is too cute. LOVE her eyes and her hair! xo

  2. shanda Avatar

    Another little beautie Christina! Well done :0)

  3. Maura Avatar

    She’s beautiful! i hope she can come home with us!

  4. Jill C Avatar
    Jill C

    wow, she is spectacular…love her violet eyes…

  5. Whitney Avatar

    I really see Violette and Lucille being BFFs! : )

  6. Julie Avatar

    What a beauty! We’d love to haver her join our family!

  7. Lars Avatar

    our daughter really likes purple, she’d love this doll

  8. Claire Avatar

    Her purple dreads are too much!

  9. Shoshannah Guerrero Avatar
    Shoshannah Guerrero

    hoping this is my Serendipity moment. Love her~~

  10. Karen Avatar

    Oh wow she’s gorgeous!!!! Fingers crossed again. I am hoping 2010 is our year for a a Bamboletta!

  11. Delaney Smith Avatar
    Delaney Smith

    Love her. Pick us please!

  12. Miriam Avatar

    She is purple. Love it.

  13. Christina Avatar

    Oh Violet – sweet Violet – we hope you find a home with us! 🙂

  14. Gita Skorija Avatar
    Gita Skorija

    Simply adorable!

  15. Cristina Avatar

    So cute!! Keeping my fingers crossed

  16. r Avatar

    Oh, I hope she can come live with my niece.

  17. emily Avatar

    another beautiful girl! i adore her!! 🙂

  18. Sarah S. Avatar
    Sarah S.

    My daughter would love her!

  19. Papa John Avatar
    Papa John

    She is adorable! My grand kids will love her !

  20. Callie Avatar

    What a lovely doll! Her eyes and hair are absolutely wonderful!

  21. Cindy Avatar

    What a wonderful doll, love how the eyes complement the hair!

  22. Krissi Avatar

    She is lovely! Hoping my night is serendipitious!

  23. angie Avatar

    Love her! Would love to have her come and play with our other bambos 🙂

  24. Jeannie Avatar

    She’s adorable! Violet would be right at home at my house. I know the winner will be one lucky soul!

  25. Phoebe Avatar

    Gorgeous! Love her…

  26. Julie Avatar

    oooooo she is so pretty.

  27. Elisa Avatar

    here’s hoping! Sophie loves loves loves her purple dreds!

  28. Jen Avatar

    terrific coloring, lovely doll, here’s hoping

  29. Angelika Avatar

    Maybe tonight is my lucky night!

  30. Elizabeth Avatar

    My daughter just saw this and said “awwww that’s Lena’s baby!” (talking about herself). I would love to make her happy and for her to have “her baby.” 🙂 She’s beautiful!

  31. Brooke Avatar

    My oh my! So sweet!

  32. Megan Avatar

    What a lovely doll. Fingers crossed here.

  33. Carli Avatar

    Too cut! My dd would adore her!

  34. Autumn Avatar

    Wow, she is such a cool doll. She’s really unique!

  35. Theresa Avatar

    We love her! 🙂

  36. Mary Lee Avatar
    Mary Lee

    This would be a wonderful doll for my grandaughter. She is neat with her dark coloring and funky hair.

  37. leanne Watson Avatar
    leanne Watson

    Those eyes are so piercing, and her hair is adorable!

  38. Val Avatar

    Ooooohhh, I love the hair/eye combo! She’s captivating!

  39. Jim Avatar

    we would love to adopt her.

  40. Holly Keller-Moul Avatar
    Holly Keller-Moul

    Oh Violet – Please be ours…

  41. Carrie Avatar

    Sooooo sweet!! We would love her to be part of how family!

  42. Carris Avatar

    So cute. Would love to have her!

  43. mary Avatar

    My sweet and wild daughter would love her!!!

  44. Andrea Avatar

    we’ll give her a good home!

  45. Andrea Avatar

    I will give her a good home too!!! LOL. I love her 🙂

  46. Jennifer Avatar

    I love Violette!!! Her hair is so funky, and she has such a cute expression!

  47. Heather Avatar

    Another beautiful doll that we would love to love here in California!!!

  48. Melissa Avatar

    She is just so gorgeous!! Love that hair!

  49. Jennyfer Osecheck Avatar
    Jennyfer Osecheck

    would love to have her join our family!!

  50. michelle hsieh Avatar
    michelle hsieh

    All your bambolettas are adorable and this one is no exception!!!

  51. jenny Avatar

    My little Freya would love to adopt this little lady!

  52. Steph Avatar

    We would love to have her here….

  53. Deborah Kettner Avatar

    magical hair and eye color combo!

  54. Kristin Avatar

    Violette is absolutely gorgeous and would be adored in our family.

  55. Kathleen M Avatar
    Kathleen M

    Oooh – she is beautiful!!! I would love her!

  56. Kristina S Avatar
    Kristina S

    Please pick me!!!! She is almost like my favorite Gillian!!

  57. Brad S Avatar
    Brad S

    Since I have to make my son late for school so I can sign up please pick me so we can maybe be on time tomorrow.

  58. Jennifer M Avatar
    Jennifer M

    What a pretty doll!

  59. NYSweeties Avatar

    She’d be a LOVELY addition to our family, wow so beautiful!

  60. Kate Avatar

    Pick me! Pick me! I love her eyes <3

  61. Erik Avatar

    So Cute!

  62. Diego Avatar

    My daughter would love her to pieces!

  63. Lisa Avatar

    We would love to have this little one around!

  64. Bj C. Avatar
    Bj C.

    She is just too cute for words!

  65. Deana Avatar

    Wow! Fell in love with your dolls immediately. So beautiful. Would love to give one to my best friends little girl for being such a great flower girl.

  66. Cayenne Avatar

    We love the purple hair. She is gorgy!!!

  67. Nick Avatar

    My daughter would be so thrilled with her.

  68. Stacey Avatar

    she is so pretty!

  69. Shawn Avatar

    And yet another one that my darling wife thinks would make a wonderful additiona to our household. But then again she thinks all of them should come live with us. We may need a bigger house!

  70. casey Avatar

    We just love the hair and the eyes!

  71. Sue Avatar

    Would love to adopt her for my goddaughter.

  72. Danni Redding Lapuz Avatar
    Danni Redding Lapuz

    Oh please, this is the one!

  73. Geoff Gross Avatar
    Geoff Gross

    Love her too. Would love to bring her home.

  74. Cara Avatar

    I love her <3

  75. Terry Avatar

    My grand-daughter would LOVE her….She has a Bambo family!!

  76. lynn Avatar

    sydney loves mushrooms and purple…perhaps she’ll come live with us.

  77. SueAnn Avatar

    Just so darn cute! I love her outfit too!

  78. Susan Avatar

    She is hard to resist with purple (my fave colour) hair and those eyes that hold so much wisdom. We would love to have her join our family

  79. Matrick Avatar

    Missed another upload! Trying again over here!

  80. Alicia Avatar

    She’s beautiful

  81. Adam Avatar

    So, my wife asked me to help her try and get a doll in the 1:00 sale: HOKEY SMOKE they go fast!

  82. tanya Avatar

    I would love her….please let me win. I tried to buy one at the 1pm sale and no luck.

  83. Bridget Avatar

    1 pm (4 pm here) has come and gone and alast no baby yet to fit the beautiful outfits I have been ordering. Maybe this will be my night……..fingers are crossed and so are my toes!!

  84. wendy Avatar

    beautiful bebe!! LOVE her eyes & of course the hair! LOVE the hair :c)

  85. Jenifer Avatar

    Entering each time until each of my babies has a baby to love 🙂 and hers finds her way to her 🙂 (Henry already got lucky 🙂 )

  86. Amanda Avatar

    Violet is perfect!
    You ladies are awesome!
    Thank you!!!

  87. Deborah Avatar

    “Though many a flower may win my praise,
    The Violet has my love;
    I did not pass my childish days
    In garden or in grove:
    My garden was the window seat,
    Upon whose edge was set
    A little vase, the fair, the sweet,
    It was the Violet.”
    by Miss Landon, The Lady’s Book of Flowers and Poetry, 1842

    The Lady’s Book of Flowers and Poetry, 1842

  88. Aunt M Avatar
    Aunt M

    you’re turning violet Violet!

  89. Cabin fever Avatar
    Cabin fever

    Me please:):):)

  90. Stephanie Avatar

    Violette would be very welcome in our home:)

  91. Sarah Riggs Avatar
    Sarah Riggs

    OooooHhhhhH! I tried to be “good” and NOT try for this little lady – there are SO many mommas that DON’T have Bambolettas yet – but Christina, you don’t play fair!

    I’m kidding, of course, but you know what I mean – she’s exquisite! I just have to throw in my proverbial hat for her. As Daffy Duck would say, “I can’t help it – I’m a greedy slob. It’s my hobby. HELP ME!!!”


  92. Rick Avatar

    my girls would love her

  93. Susan Avatar

    What a beauty. I know a little lady who would love her.

  94. Filbert Avatar

    Oh, I said I wouldn’t, but she’s SOOO beautiful. Violette has been calling me! 🙂

  95. Lindsay Avatar

    Funkalicious indeed!! Love her 😉

  96. Lori Lehr Avatar
    Lori Lehr

    Harper really loves Violet!

  97. Jacob Chmara Avatar
    Jacob Chmara

    We would love to give Violet a home! My wife and daughter will give me lots of kisses if I win.

  98. Amy Chmara Avatar
    Amy Chmara

    She is beautiful. We would give her a very good forever home.

  99. carey Avatar

    She’d be great for my niece’s 2nd birthday!

  100. Bob Lehr Avatar
    Bob Lehr

    Hi, I am Bob ~ please pick my number so my wife will stop getting up in the middle of the night to check her email. She wants to get big grandma scores by somehow figuring out how to bring a Bamboletta home. And of course she will have to personally deliver Violet to her granddaughter in DC!

  101. Casey Avatar

    She is so cute! My daughter would do back flips for her. ha ha 🙂

  102. Kellie Avatar

    She is gorgeous and would be more then welcome to come and live here 🙂

  103. LIsa Avatar

    The dolls are so beautiful. Just learning about them from Cristina. Wow!!

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