Serendipity Selection ….. Fleur!


This is Fleur – she is today’s little one that is up for ‘adoption’. If you are interested in purchasing this sweet little gal please leave a comment below (do not click on the picture and then leave a comment, just go to the end of this post and leave a comment there!) She costs $135 (USD) plus shipping and ,if you are Canadian, taxes. One ‘entry’ per person please. The new family will be chosen by a random number generator. This listing is open for 24 hours and will close at 8pm PST tomorrow Saturday March 6th. I will then contact the buyer and arrange payment/delivery details with them. The buyer will have 24 hours to respond to my email to purchase the little gal – after 24 hours we choose another comment (please check your Spam folder – it may be in there! ) Good luck!


Fleur is made with cotton interlock ‘skin’ and stuffed with clean, carded wool. Her awesome hair is made with handspun wool dreds in a pink color and she has gray eyes. She is wearing a kimono, jeans and wool felt shoes.






267 responses to “Serendipity Selection ….. Fleur!”

  1. Jessica Avatar

    She looks like spring!

  2. Ana Avatar

    She is AWESOME!

  3. Stephanie Avatar

    She is just amazing- I haven’t seen one quite like her!

  4. Donna Avatar

    Her hair is so cool!!

  5. Melissa Avatar

    This is my first week of being in love with these little gems! She is perfect!

  6. Julie Avatar

    We need a Fleur for our spring garden! Love that hair!

  7. Lindsay Avatar

    Bubblicious! Gorgeous as always;-)

  8. shanda Avatar

    AMAZING!!!! Her hair is perfect!!!!!!Great Job Christina…

  9. Judy Avatar

    Love to have her!

  10. Shana Avatar

    She is so fun, LOVE the hair!

  11. Whitney Avatar

    I love you Fleur! No, seriously.

  12. Tina M Avatar
    Tina M

    Fleur is BEAUTIFUL!!! My spring baby (who’s not really a baby anymore!) would LOVE her!!! :0)

  13. Rachel Avatar

    LOVE her!!!!!!!!

  14. Stacey Avatar

    You never cease to amaze me! Just when I think I couldn’t love a doll more, you show us something even better! She’s superb! Love her gorgeous hair!

  15. Elisa Avatar

    ok, lucky comment #13, here we go!! just love this doll and her pink hair… I never thought I’d be a fan of pink until I had a little girly girl who adores pink beyond all other colors… guess love will change things that way!

  16. Lisa Avatar

    I could not possibly love her more, my daughter would FLIP for her!

  17. Sophie Avatar

    I love pink!!! Please come to my home, Fleur!

  18. Mari Villarreal Avatar
    Mari Villarreal

    oh wow!!!!!

    just look at that lovely hair!! LOVE her name too!!!!

  19. Wendy Avatar

    I would love to be able to adopt this doll for my little granddaughter!

  20. Alysha Avatar

    I just love her hair!!!

  21. Margaret Avatar

    What a beautiful doll! I’m another grandmother hoping to get a Bamboletta doll for my little one — she would love Fleur!

  22. Chris Avatar

    I’m trying to study for a major test in the morning, and my wife will not hush about this doll. Hope she gets a Bamboletta soon. That’s all I hear about these days. 🙂

  23. Angela Simpson Avatar

    Oh please please I love her so! Let me have the luck of the Irish on my side to get her!!!!!

  24. Robyn Avatar

    Fleur, you want come live at our house. We speak french! You are so fresh and cute!

  25. Lisa Avatar

    She’s really unique, and she’d fit into our home!

  26. Ben Avatar

    Count me in as another hapless hubby who is hoping to tear his wifey away from the computer & her newfound Bambo obsession! 🙂

  27. Diego Ibarra Avatar
    Diego Ibarra

    Sapristi! Je-la gagnerai pour ma fille!

  28. Maura Avatar

    my daughter screams “DOLLIES!!!!” every time she sees your page 🙂 hopefully this one can come home with us!

  29. Julie Avatar

    Me pppppplllllleeeeeeaaaaaasssssseeeeee.

  30. Angelika Avatar

    What a stunning little pick sprite. She would be a loved addition to our family!

  31. Lars Avatar

    trying to help my daughter get a doll

  32. Holly Keller-Moul Avatar
    Holly Keller-Moul

    We would love for Fleur to come live in Pittsburgh where our NHL hockey goalie’s name is Fluery. We think the next doll should be named Sydney for Sydney Crosby. Go Pens!!!

  33. David Avatar

    Are there other grandpa’s on this site? I don’t think I could’ve imagined a couple years ago that I would ever be entering a drawing to buy a pink-haired doll, but somehow it’s hard to resist a certain little cutie who has fallen in love with your dolls and talks about them nonstop!

  34. casey Avatar

    Would make a great addition to our family.

  35. Heather G. Avatar
    Heather G.

    My 5 year old would love to adopt Fleur! Love the pink hair! Thanks!

  36. Kellie Avatar

    Love her!

  37. Melissa Avatar

    Gorgeous!! Love the all pink!!

  38. Michelle Avatar

    Wow, what a stunning doll. I absolutely love her and so would my daughter.

  39. Steve Avatar

    hoping to make a little girl at home (and her mama!) very very happy…

  40. fuzzmama Avatar

    Fleurette, elle est la fleur de mon coeur!
    come play with our preschoolers, they would love you!

  41. Callie Avatar

    She is adorable, looks like my Little Cindy LooWho with that hair! Love her!

  42. Papa John Avatar

    My Granddaughter would love that lavender hair! What a cutie !

  43. Amber Avatar

    She’s gorgeous! I know that my 5-year-old would adore the pink hair. 🙂

  44. Genia Avatar

    Would love for this cutie to come home to us…:-)

  45. Karen Avatar

    She’s GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! It’s my birthday tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe my lucky day 🙂

  46. Teri Avatar

    My daughter says she wants a “boy” costume. When I asked her what kind of boy costume she said “A pink one!” She is so in love with pink – even though she wants to play with her twin brothers so badly she just cannot escape her love of pink no matter how hard she tries! She would go crazy for this Bamboletta!!!!

  47. Jen C. Avatar
    Jen C.

    J’adore Fleur!

  48. Kira Avatar

    Oh my goodness! I am so glad you are doing so many with pink hair!! I just love the pink hair. I hope she is meant to be ours. 🙂

  49. Julie Avatar

    She is just stunning! Oh how we hope Fleur comes to live with us! Crossing my fingers for luck tomorrow!!

  50. SueAnn Avatar

    This doll has a special personality that will blend in such a way with my grand daughter’s personality that I see them hanging together saving our planet from the wrongs of the grummbling old people in their lives……….let’s help give peace a chance!

  51. Theresa Avatar

    Love her! 🙂

  52. Amy Locke Avatar
    Amy Locke

    My daughter has gray eyes, and she adores pink! I guess we can share if I’m lucky enough…

  53. Val Avatar

    What a cutie! I love the pink dreads and gray eye combo!!!!

  54. Jim Avatar

    Very sweet.

  55. Alicia Avatar

    OK, I tried to comment before, but it vanished! Fleur is soooo beautiful! I <3 her 🙂 Arwen really needs a friend!

  56. Brad S Avatar
    Brad S

    Yes, I am signing up for a very pink doll.

  57. matrick Avatar

    What a doll!

  58. Kristina Seth Avatar
    Kristina Seth

    If this is what spring inspires I hope it is spring all year!!! LOVE HER!!!

  59. emily Avatar

    seriously. love. her.
    my daughter was just saying that she wants a bambo with all pink hair!

  60. Jennifer H. Avatar
    Jennifer H.

    She’s a beauty!

  61. Lina Avatar

    I love her pink hair!

  62. Jean Avatar

    I’m trying to get this for my grandbaby!

  63. Krissi Avatar

    Love her, she is adorable!

  64. becca Avatar

    love her!!

  65. Nan Teague Avatar
    Nan Teague


  66. r Avatar

    Oh, just beautiful!!!

  67. Huyen Avatar

    She is adorable – please pick us so my wife could move onto other things.

  68. Nicole Avatar

    She is sooooo FUN!!

  69. Jeanne Avatar

    1st time mama here – we would love to take her home and adopt her. TY.

  70. Amy Avatar

    I LOVE her!!! We need her to be a part of our family!!!

  71. Casey Avatar


  72. Elizabeth Avatar

    I am so in love with this bambo!

  73. Jennyfer Osecheck Avatar
    Jennyfer Osecheck

    She is so fabulous would love to have her!!!

  74. Autumn Avatar

    I LOVE that pink hair. My daughter would be so thrilled with her, she is in love with pink.

  75. Carlin Avatar

    Love her! She’d be the perfect dolly addition to our family!

  76. Jennifer Avatar

    Oh my gosh, we HAVE to have her! She is so beautiful!!!!

  77. Jason Avatar

    My wife and daughter would love this doll…

  78. Miriam Avatar

    Pick me…Pick me…I love that hair and her eyes are beautiful…..

  79. Mandy Avatar

    She is adorable!!!!

  80. Candy Avatar

    Um, Who doesn’t love pink hair.

  81. brooke Avatar

    Perfect! Love the hair! I will cross my fingers!

  82. Bobby Avatar

    My daughter says pick us….She loves pink!!!!!

  83. Ana Ramos Avatar
    Ana Ramos

    Fleur is so cute! Love her pink hair. 🙂

  84. Sarah Burnett Avatar
    Sarah Burnett

    We would love to have her and her pink hair and make her a home! Thank you…

  85. Grandma Lehr Avatar
    Grandma Lehr

    I wish I could come up with something witty to say. I did rush home from the airport to see the new Serendipity Selection. I woke my sleeping husband to show him how beautiful she is. He said “she has pink hair”! I hope we are lucky enough to give her a home with my granddaughter.

  86. Jill C Avatar
    Jill C

    whoa…she’s super gorgeous! love the cotton candy hair. amazing how you keep coming up with fresh ideas!

    and hooray for all the bambo daddys and grandpas! good luck!

  87. Uncle Justin Avatar
    Uncle Justin

    I wish I had pink dredlocks

  88. Bob Avatar

    You would make three 3 generations of girls in my life VERY happy if you pick my number.

  89. Christina Avatar

    She’s got spunk!

  90. michelle hsieh Avatar
    michelle hsieh

    love the pink hair!!

  91. Jennifer Richard Avatar
    Jennifer Richard

    She looks like COTTON CANDY!!!

  92. Andrea Avatar

    I love her hair colour… not like any i’ve seen on your dolls yet. She’s bea-u-ti-ful!!

  93. Tonya I Avatar
    Tonya I

    Lovely! We would be happy and honored to make a home for her.

  94. jenny Avatar

    My little girl is pleading
    A Bambo she is neeeeeding
    I tried and was and was left astounded
    When the last upload came arounded (I know….it’s a word I made up and quite a rhyming reach!)
    A little beauty I couldn’t snaffle (an Aussie word!)
    So lets hope we win Fleur in this little raffle!

    Oh bad bad rhyming….but my little Freya so wants one of these little babes! Fingers crossed!


  95. Suzanne Avatar

    Love the hair. Great job!

  96. priya Avatar

    Love Fleur…lives up to her name, very fleury!!
    So, my daughter wants her for her b’day and I promised her I will try very hard(..ahve been trying for months now. She tells me-“No problem, mommy. All you have to do is take a flight to Canada,ask the lady nicely, give her money, get her and take a flight right back to me.”
    If only taking a flight and asking nicely would do it 🙂
    Crossing my eyes to gether for my lil smarty pants.

  97. Kim R Avatar
    Kim R

    WOWZA! How can one not love her?!?!

  98. Jocelyn Avatar

    I love lil fleur!

  99. Katie Avatar

    Soooo cute!

  100. Carrie Avatar

    So very sweet!

  101. Janine Avatar

    What a cutie doll!

  102. Steph Avatar

    Want this one so much!….

  103. sue shermetaro Avatar
    sue shermetaro

    She is soooooooo cute! Love the hair

  104. Kevin Avatar

    Please let it be me, so I can give my wife her bamboletta fix!!

  105. paula Avatar

    Fleur is like a breeze of Spring ….

  106. Aly Kantor Avatar
    Aly Kantor

    We could use some springtime in our lives over here right about now!

  107. Sam Avatar

    Pink Hair! That is irresistable…

  108. Sarah S. Avatar
    Sarah S.

    Beautiful! My daughter would love her.

  109. Stephen Avatar

    My daughter and wife would love her

  110. Amanda Avatar

    My girls would love to welcome her into our home:)

  111. Robert Avatar

    Would love to have her!

  112. Jennifer Avatar

    Oh, we have been waiting for a girl with all pink hair! She is gorgeous! Hope we get her!

  113. Lisa O'Regan Avatar
    Lisa O’Regan

    Gorgeous, we’d love to adopt her……I think that she’d help us all get in the spirit of spring!

  114. Jason Avatar

    Here we go again….. 🙂

  115. Julia Avatar

    Love the pink hair! 🙂

  116. Stacey Avatar

    Oh, I just love the pink hair!! It’s my daughter’s favorite color!

  117. Derrick Avatar

    She is my wife’s favourite pink haired doll!! Hope she comes home to us:))

  118. S*S Auntie Avatar
    S*S Auntie

    Oh what a gorgeous doll! Sydney would love her!

  119. Matthew Dallman Avatar

    Marla needs a dollie!

  120. Bridget Avatar

    Wonderful grey eyes!!! Pink hair!!! What more could my granddaughter want!!!!

  121. Amie*C Avatar

    Love her so so much! just looking at her makes us smile, imagine what a hug would do?!

  122. AMIE O Avatar
    AMIE O

    I adore her, she has the best hair!

  123. Deborah Kettner Avatar

    pretty in pink! i’m feeling lucky since pink has been dd athena’s obsession all day, all week, all year… fleur would be very welcome here!

  124. Sue Avatar

    Would love to win her for my goddaughter.

  125. Cristina Avatar

    We would love Fleur! My ten year old says,”She is so adorable with her pink hair!”

  126. Chris Avatar

    Love her

  127. Aubrey Avatar

    She is super funky – love that cool hair!

  128. Markus Avatar

    not sure if that would be the end or the beginning of a madness at our house …

  129. Leah Avatar

    Oh, I so love sweet Fleur! Gorgeous job!!!

  130. NYSweeties Avatar

    Could there be a cuter dolly? She is amazing. Who knew so much pink could be that sweet?

  131. Cheryl Avatar

    I think i’m in love. . and i’m sure my daughter is, too 🙂 !!

  132. Lala Avatar

    Wow..this makes me think more dolls should have pink hair. love her!

  133. Peach Avatar

    Would love to win this for my graddaughter. . and then make her a closet full of outfits.

  134. Amy C Avatar
    Amy C

    Gorgeous! What a pretty doll! 🙂

  135. Shauna Avatar

    so cute…love your work and the happiness it brings little ones

  136. Amie Avatar

    I love the pink hair … Spring time & Flowers!

  137. Jodi Avatar

    Such a beauty! We hope Fleur comes to live with us. 🙂

  138. Kelly Avatar

    She is too cute! I know just the perfect friend for her!

  139. Kathleen M Avatar
    Kathleen M

    I may keep this one to live at grandma’s house!!!

  140. Irene Avatar

    I have fallen in love with Bambo, and Fleur is the cutest ever !!

  141. Jennifer Avatar

    Oh, she is lovely! Her hair is just too pretty!

  142. Bobby Avatar

    Gorgeous, as always!

  143. Casey Avatar

    I love her!!! I mean LOVE her!!!! 🙂

  144. Carris Avatar

    Pick me please. She is so pretty!

  145. Erica Avatar

    OMGosh!!!!! I love her sooooooooo much!!!! Please pick me!!!!!

  146. Catherine Avatar

    I just asked my 18 month old daughter, who was sitting on my lap, if she liked the picture of Fleur. She laughed, kicked her legs, and shouted “Hair!” So I think that’s a yes. Fleur is so adorable, and this is coming from someone who normally swears she hates pink. 😉

  147. AJ Avatar

    Just looooove her hair! OMG!

  148. kailee Avatar

    I want her to come live with me please!

  149. Lamby Avatar

    Fleur is waaaay too cute, I hope she comes home to me!

  150. ILOL Avatar

    I “heart” Fleur!!!

  151. julie Avatar

    she is great! love her!

  152. Lori Avatar

    She is so beautiful! That hair!

  153. Carla Avatar

    Oh my! She would make an amazing addition to an Easter basket!
    Good luck ladies, I know she will find the PERFECT home!!! 😉

  154. amy Avatar

    We would love her in this family! Crossing my fingers she will be our first!

  155. jacob Avatar

    she is cute! harper would love her!!!

  156. Erik Avatar

    We need her for our house!

  157. Lisa Avatar

    My daughter saw this picture and loves her.

  158. jennJK Avatar

    Pink perfection! 🙂 love her hair!

  159. Tamara Avatar

    The pink dreds are fantastic!

  160. Stephen Avatar

    My wife would love her, and I am sure my kids would too if my wife decides to share. 🙂

  161. Jennifer N. Avatar
    Jennifer N.

    Love her! She is perfect for my pink loving 2 year old!

  162. alison Avatar

    lovin’ those bubblegum locks! <3

  163. Carli Avatar

    I love her! I was soo hoping she would be available!

  164. Steve Avatar

    Your dolls are just as beautiful as my wife and little girl and in order to curb their obsession with your dolls I hope we can add one our family.

  165. Jason Arenberg Avatar
    Jason Arenberg

    My daughter would just love to have Fleur

  166. Tara Avatar

    Oh Unique, love it!

  167. Don Avatar

    Here we go again…

  168. Rick Avatar

    my girls (and wife) would love her

  169. Erin Avatar

    Fleur is gorgeous! We would love to welcome her home!

  170. Grace Avatar

    I want this dolly!!!!!!!!!!!!

  171. Janet Avatar

    My granddaughter would go ga-ga over Fleur. Her birthday is coming up and this would be the perfect gift!

  172. Annie Avatar

    Grandma of 6 here couldn’t understand the obsession with pink hair, but sure would like to make her young ones smile 🙂

  173. Susan Avatar

    Come live in New York!

  174. Jennifer M Avatar
    Jennifer M

    Pink hair!!!! My daughter would flip! Crossing everything.

  175. Elizabeth Avatar

    What a pretty doll, I love the pink hair, and would love to buy her for my girl.

  176. Ted Avatar

    Trying to win for my grandbaby. . . .i’d be the biggest hero!!

  177. Aimee Boda Avatar
    Aimee Boda

    Oh, I was going to resist, but I must try! She’s pink!

  178. Valerie Avatar

    What beautiful hair! And I love her gray eyes!

  179. Bj C. Avatar
    Bj C.

    Wow oh wow, she’s a fun little girly girl now isn’t she!!

  180. Matt Avatar

    Please oh please pick my number. Many things good things will happen if my entry is the selected one. 1) My wife will stop harassing me to post in this blog 🙂 2) My daughter (and wife) will be enthralled with a doll that has pink hair. 3) and best of all, I’ll be the hero that made it all happen ! 😉

  181. Cristina Avatar

    Love her <3 ! My niece wants a baby with pink hair and Fleur is perfect!! Keeping my fingers crossed!!

  182. Katie Avatar

    Awww the pink hair is so cute!

  183. Marisely Avatar

    Another gorgeous little girl. My daughter would love her.

  184. Jeremy Avatar

    Big birthday coming up – Three years!! Would love to surprise my little friend.


  185. Melissa T. Avatar
    Melissa T.

    What a lovely doll! We would love to have her join our family!

  186. Jenjer Avatar

    She is absolutely beautiful!!! So want to adopt her for our family!!

  187. Meg Avatar

    Fleur for Spring!

  188. shawn Avatar

    Christina… you are killin me…. My wife has yet to say its ok honey we don’t need to try for this one… So here I am yet again trying for my wife… She LOVES your dolls.

  189. tyler Avatar

    My wife has been trying to get a doll for a couple months now… thought I might try for her… she is getting a bit crazy!

  190. Andrea Avatar

    very pretty!

  191. Tayla Avatar

    My DD saw this and said she wanted it! So I’m hoping we can have the opportunity to adopt her!

  192. Elaine Avatar

    LOVE LOVE her!!! SUPER cute!!!

  193. Cayenne Avatar

    Oh how we would love to have her home with us!!! Absolutely gorgeous!

  194. Sofia miranda Avatar

    She is sooooo adorable! Happy prayers that she comes to live with us!

  195. Toni Avatar

    She is perfect, fingers crossed 🙂

  196. Scott Avatar

    My daughter says she ‘needs’ this doll, so I guess we’ll give it a try.

  197. Mary Avatar

    My little granddaughter would absolutely love this doll, pink is her favorite color! 🙂

  198. Aidan Avatar

    I want to win this doll for my sister!!!!!!!!

  199. liz Avatar

    Loves her! Bring her home to Nova Scotia!!

  200. Claudio miranda Avatar

    We love her! Our daughter had a doll named Bliss and she is lost and there have been many tears!

  201. Heather Avatar

    Throwing our hat in the ring, so to speak. : ) At this point we will give a loving home to any sweet Bamboletta, regardless of hair, skin, eye color (though Fleur is sooooo sweet!)

  202. Julie L Avatar
    Julie L

    Keeping my fingers crossed

  203. Michelle Avatar

    mmmm……she almost sounds FRENCH!!! send her to Paris where she belongs.
    kiss kiss Fleur!

  204. Leslie J Avatar
    Leslie J

    Love her!

  205. David Avatar

    My daughter would love this doll.

  206. Kate Avatar

    She’s beautiful!

  207. Grace Avatar

    I want this doll soooo bad, her pink hair is awesome!

  208. Lynn Avatar

    Just lovely! My kids would adore her!

  209. cherie nixon Avatar
    cherie nixon

    Heidi would love this doll 😀 She has wonderful hair
    I wish i had hair like that

  210. Mark C Avatar
    Mark C

    My daughter hasn’t stopped talking about this doll since this am. I decided to give it a go and hope we can win her.

  211. aunt M Avatar
    aunt M


  212. Aiden Avatar

    She is perfect for my daughter, hope I can be her hero!

  213. Samantha Avatar

    What a sweetheart she is! Love the pink hair!!! Great work Christina!

  214. Chris Avatar

    What a beautiful doll! Our family would love her! Hope we get picked!

  215. Susan Avatar

    Ohhh she’s sooo pretty!!! I hope she can come to stay with us!

  216. JenniD Avatar

    Hope we get picked, she is perfect for us! Love love love her!

  217. amber koehler Avatar
    amber koehler

    My daughter and I would be thrilled to have Fluer. This would end the 4 month hunt for a bamboletta doll.

  218. Jay Avatar

    Would love to be the hero to buy this for my little girl 🙂

  219. Ella R Avatar
    Ella R


  220. Nick Avatar

    She’d be perfect for our girl.

  221. C Y Avatar
    C Y

    We will joyfully welcome Fleur into our home!

  222. Jane Avatar

    She is divine! Please choose my number 🙂

  223. Susan Avatar


  224. MS HALL Avatar

    Beautiful. Would like chance to buy.

  225. Nancy Avatar

    She is the cutest! We love to have her in our home! She would be so loved 🙂

  226. Avery Avatar

    Pinkalicious! I would love to be lucky enough to buy her!

  227. Deb Avatar

    I would love to be able to buy her for my grand-daughter’s sixth birthday monday! She is perfect and would make her day even more special!

  228. Eleanor Avatar

    My granddaughter would be the happiest little girl in the world if she had this beautiful doll! I wish I had a doll this special when I was a little girl.

  229. Liz P Avatar
    Liz P

    How lucky is the little girl that gets this doll!

  230. Grammy Jones Avatar
    Grammy Jones

    Wow, I am amazed at the beauty you create in each of these dolls. My granddaughter would love this precious girl :o)

  231. Patrick R Avatar
    Patrick R

    My daughter loves pink hair. I’d love to buy it for her.

  232. Ellie Avatar

    I would love this doll!!!

  233. Kara Avatar

    What a cutie!

  234. Boey Avatar

    Who could resist a doll with the cutest pink hair? Oh, and with the sweetest smile too 🙂

  235. Charlene Avatar

    Adorable, she looks like the girls working at Sephora this week!!

  236. Delaney Smith Avatar
    Delaney Smith

    She is beautiful, if it is still open I would like to throw my name into the lot!

  237. Susan-Marie Avatar

    First timers! We’d love her to join our family.

  238. Chris Avatar


  239. Helen Avatar

    my granddaughter would love this doll!

  240. Matt Avatar

    My girlfriend has become a broken record “Bambo bambo bambo” I’m lending a hand so maybe JUST MAYBE we can talk about something else!

  241. Sara Martin Avatar
    Sara Martin

    Love the dreads! That nesting doll top is the best. Hope she finds a great family

  242. Allison Avatar

    Love the pink hair!

  243. Carson Avatar

    She is so cute, would be a nice addition to any family. Hopefully ours!

  244. Theresa Avatar

    Love the combo of the pink hair & the gray eyes! Stunning!

  245. George Avatar

    PINK HAIR! My daughter would be forever grateful if she recieved this doll. Plus, my wife may actually put her computer down for more than five minutes if we are lucky enough to get picked!

  246. Jason Avatar

    She would be perfect for our pinkaholic.

  247. Misha Avatar

    Yes, please! 🙂

  248. Berry Avatar

    She is cute!! Be mine pls…..

  249. Jill G Avatar
    Jill G

    what are the odds ?? well, one can hope. hope, hope Beautiful doll. dreamed of a pink one for dgd

  250. BenRy Avatar

    Hope to welcome our first Bambo 🙂

  251. Angie E Avatar
    Angie E

    My little lady would love for Fleur to come and live with us.

  252. Dylan Avatar

    My kids are in love with these dolls and looking at them I can see why. Here’s hoping I can get this one and be daddy of the year!

  253. Mike Avatar

    My daughters LOVE Fleur so here I am posting…

  254. Jamie Avatar

    Beautiful Doll!!

  255. Danni Avatar

    Is today our day? We sure do love pink.

  256. Kali Avatar

    Here’s to sending my vibes out to the Universe that I want this beautiful doll, it would me my sweet 15 mo old’s first…

  257. Katie Avatar


  258. LIsa Avatar

    She is so pretty. I am crossing my fingers to get her. My daughter would love her. She is 3.6 years with delays, but can say purple.

  259. LIsa Avatar

    I should have said though the hair is pink, she calls it purple. Still love to have her!!

  260. Shelly Avatar

    She is such a doll! My daughter would adore her!

  261. Jenn Avatar

    What more could you want…She’s a keeper…

  262. Ashley P. Avatar
    Ashley P.

    I Love her freckles…Soooo Pretty…

  263. Shane Avatar

    What a wonderful doll. I would love to have her for my niece

  264. Jenny Avatar

    They just keep getting better and better.I love these dolls,I need one.

  265. Jennifer Avatar

    I want Lola in my Family.

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