Serendipity Doll … Veronika


Okay if I ever had to choose materials to bring to a deserted island and could only choose one doll to make again and again – this would be it.  I LOVE redheads, especially bobbed redheads with freckles – these are my favorites. Funnily enough I think we only had 6 people choose copper or red hair for customs (out of 100) . Most people chose blonds or brunettes (with both fairy bits and dreds, in case you are wondering). Her name is Veronika .. with a k there, ’cause she’s sassy like that.

If you are interested in purchasing this sweet little gal please leave a comment below (do not click on the picture and then leave a comment, just go to the end of this post and leave a comment there!) She costs $140 (USD) plus shipping and ,if you are Canadian, taxes.

Serendipity ‘Guidlines’
*One ‘entry’ per person please. The new family will be chosen by a random number generator.
*This listing is open for 24 hours and will close at 8pm PST tomorrow, Sunday May 9th. I will then contact the buyer  to arrange payment/delivery details.
*The buyer will have 24 hours to respond to my email to purchase the little gal – after 24 hours we choose another comment (please check your Spam folder – it may be in there! )
*The person purchasing the doll must have the same email address and/or name as what was entered on the blog post.







160 responses to “Serendipity Doll … Veronika”

  1. Elizabeth Avatar

    maybe the first spot will be the lucky one….

  2. becca Avatar


  3. Jodi Avatar

    Love the green eyes and hair!!!! Would love to give her a home. 🙂

  4. Amy Langston Avatar
    Amy Langston

    Awww….I love the little Sassy Veronika! The little freckles across her sweet face make me melt!!!

  5. jamie Avatar

    love those redheads!

  6. victoria Avatar

    What an adorable little girl! Love the outfit!

  7. Cassandra Avatar

    Oh SWOON!
    I am so in love with her. I had to post!

  8. Cindy Avatar

    crossing fingers, toes, and all applicable body parts…

  9. Susan Avatar

    Cute!!! Redheads are my favorites, too!

  10. Susan Avatar

    I always thought I wanted a blonde hair girl like my dd, but when we saw our read head for the first time, we too were hooked on them. My dad’s had a secret addiction to redhead for years…now I see why!!
    Love to have her.

  11. celine Avatar

    it was love at first sight!

  12. Alicia Avatar

    I always love the red heads with brown eyes 😉

  13. Diana Avatar

    Her freckles are adorable…I’m such a sucker for the redheads!!

  14. Kimber Avatar

    Oh she’s just too cute! Would love to give her a home. 🙂

  15. Jennifer Avatar

    Beautiful!! I love her!

  16. Jill Johnson Avatar
    Jill Johnson

    What a sweetie pie!

  17. Krista Avatar

    Oh, she is a sweetheart!

  18. Debby L. Avatar
    Debby L.

    Send sassy Veronika with a “K” my way!!!!

  19. Katie B. Avatar
    Katie B.

    What a sweetie.

  20. MichelleH. Avatar

    She’s perfect!

  21. Todd B. Avatar
    Todd B.


  22. Lauren Avatar

    I would love to being this cutie home! She looks just like I did when I was little & my baby now:)

  23. Aly Kantor Avatar
    Aly Kantor

    She is super sassy! Gotta love the funky red heads! My own mother is a funky red head – maybe I’ll get lucky for mother’s day!

  24. Amy Avatar

    She has the most sweetest face……just adorable….and love the spelling of her name 🙂

  25. Amy Fisher Avatar

    My son is red-headed…my husband is red-headed…I am red-headed…but my daughter is blonde…she would love to feel like she had a little red-headed sister to be “more like her big brother”…LOL 🙂

  26. Denise C Avatar
    Denise C

    She is adorable, we would love a chance

  27. Rosanne Avatar

    So adorable!!!Please pick our family to live with!!!!

  28. Anne Avatar

    Oooooo she is awesome!

  29. Julie L Avatar
    Julie L

    I too am a sucker for readheads!

  30. deborah Avatar

    veronika! i can tell you have a big heart and a great sense of humor. we love to laugh, give giant ‘bear’ hugs, and spend time outside! we read plenty of books. please come live with us!

  31. genia Avatar

    Lovin those freckles…partial to those redheads:-)

  32. Kimberly Avatar

    She’s really cute! Redheads are one of my fav’s!! <3

  33. Robyn Avatar

    The bobs with freckles are my favourite too – they look like little tomboys – sooo cute!

  34. Sharon M Avatar
    Sharon M

    Absolutely adorable 🙂

  35. Jillian Avatar

    I absolutely love her! Please pick me.

  36. Jennifer M Avatar
    Jennifer M

    What a lovely doll!!!!

  37. Claire Avatar

    My own little redhead would love to be your new Momma! Fingers crossed 🙂

  38. Tanya Walery Avatar
    Tanya Walery

    very cute, love the red like my little daughter

  39. Jennifer Avatar

    She is adorable~ love the redheads too!

  40. Whitney Avatar

    I can’t resist this cutie pie! She’s adorable!

  41. susie Avatar

    Aw, so cute!

  42. Nan Tay Avatar
    Nan Tay

    Luck be Tay!!

  43. Heather Avatar

    She is too cute. I’d love a little redheaded girl.

  44. Ann Avatar

    Love,love the redheads.

  45. Katherine Avatar

    Love the mushrooms on her outfit… reminds me of Super Mario Bros. hahahahaha

  46. Jessica Lynn Avatar
    Jessica Lynn

    It looks like she has a lot of love to give, my daughter likes redheaded dolls the best to 😉

  47. Megan Avatar

    She looks like me! lol

  48. Kali Avatar

    a cutiepie for sure

  49. Nicolle Avatar

    Well I used to know a girl and I would have
    sworn that her name was Veronica…Elvis Costello

  50. Olivia Avatar

    Ahhh!!! Freckles!!!! Kiss kiss!

  51. Julie Avatar

    EEKS! She is just perfection!!

  52. Heather Avatar

    My oldest daughter loves this doll. Crossing fingers once again!

  53. Amy Avatar

    My twins have red hair. They would love her!! So would I!

  54. Heather Avatar

    she is gorgeous! crossing fingers that she wants to come live with us!!!

  55. Adrienne Jack Avatar
    Adrienne Jack

    Super cute!!

  56. Ingrid Avatar

    Me too please.

  57. Cheri Avatar

    She is awesome! Would love a chance.

  58. Sarah Avatar

    Love her!

  59. Misha Avatar

    I think Veronica is my favourite Bambo EVER. Pick us, please! 🙂

  60. Michelle Avatar

    You can never have too many redheads!

  61. Amy Avatar


  62. Michelle Beatch Avatar
    Michelle Beatch

    You can never have too many redheads.

  63. Elizabeth Avatar

    She’s so cute! I love the bobbed hair!

  64. Wendy Avatar

    she’s a beaut! crossing my fingers and toes

  65. Laura Avatar

    Aw! we just love the red-heads here!

  66. Melissa Avatar

    What a beauty!

  67. sofia miranda Avatar
    sofia miranda

    Mother’s day hopeful! Our 10 month old daughter doesn’t have a doll yet. Here’s hoping!

  68. Christina Avatar

    OOoooohhhh fingers crossed for this one. LOVE her!

  69. Brian Avatar

    My wife always wanted a red head! 🙂

  70. Audra Costello Avatar
    Audra Costello

    I think Elvis Costello said it best, “Well I used to know a girl and I would have sworn that her name was Veroni(k)a.”

  71. Cody Avatar

    My daughter would love her. She’s cute.

  72. Paula Avatar

    Love red hair!! Beautiful.

  73. Cheryl Avatar

    We love redheads. She does look sassy.

  74. Heather B. Avatar

    Darling! My 2yo saw the pic come up and had to come see! 🙂

  75. Kellie Avatar

    She is just gorgeous and would be loved very much if she came to live here 😀

  76. Danny Avatar

    Ah! She is rad!

  77. Jenny Avatar

    Va Va Va Vooom! She’s a dish!

  78. daddykins Avatar


  79. Natalie Avatar

    what a spunk! fingers crossed….

  80. Bj C. Avatar
    Bj C.

    Love her!

  81. Linda Avatar

    Cutest yet.

  82. Ashley Avatar

    I totally agree….red headed bobs with freckles are my favorite, too! She is beautiful! Count me in for a chance at her!!

  83. Catherine Avatar

    Wow, I’m surprised there weren’t more red-haired customs, seems like they are always popular in the preview photos. My dream custom would have freckles and a red haired bob with bangs so little Miss Veronika comes very, very close. She’s so cute, I can forgive her for the lack of bangs though. 😉 Love her!

  84. Sarah Oster Avatar
    Sarah Oster

    Oh, she would be perfect for my little Matilda on her birthday!! Fingers and toes crossed!!

  85. Jennifer N. Avatar
    Jennifer N.

    very cute! I love her!

  86. Casey A Avatar
    Casey A

    Love the hair!

  87. Abby Avatar

    I would love to put her hair in bunches, have always loved “carrots”!

  88. Paula M Avatar
    Paula M

    Ohhhh, I do love redheads and I was hoping for a redhead! (Our 1st and only custom looks like my brown-haired dd with some funk!)

  89. Brenda Bell Avatar
    Brenda Bell

    She would go great with our other Sassy girl!!! Love the bob hair and the freckles!

  90. Michelle Avatar

    My first custom HAD to be a red head. So we can now move onto other things. But I still love those red heads the best, too.
    We’d love her!

  91. liz Avatar

    Love her!! She looks just like my 8 yo dd. Same hair cut, colour and eyes, and that is rare for redhead. And in the summer she gets the little freckles too, from the sun!

  92. Stephanie Avatar

    She is so special- Love the bob and the brown eyes with red hair! fingers and toes crossed

  93. Alexis Avatar

    I have to post!!! She looks exactly like me!! So funny. My DD fell in love with her. I was looking at Veronika and she was saying “Have to have a “Mommy” baby”!! She thinks she looks like me too and I didn’t even say anything. I have freckles, brown eyes, bright red hair, and the same hair cut! Is that bad that we have the same hair style? HEHEHE

  94. Kristina S Avatar
    Kristina S

    VERY Cute!!! She would be welcome to join the family!!!:)

  95. Lori Avatar

    One of my monkeys would love to have her:)

  96. Erin Avatar

    She is beautiful! And I love her name!!

  97. Bridget Avatar

    Couldn’t agree with you more….love the red hair, bobbed ones. Look like little tomboys.

  98. Jill Avatar

    She is cute and sassy–perfect description. I love her!!!

  99. Shelly Avatar

    Oh Veronika! You want to come to Michigan, right??

  100. Miriam Avatar

    Love that hair…

  101. Leanne Avatar

    Another beautiful redhead !

  102. Wendy S. Avatar
    Wendy S.

    Veronika with a k! LOVE IT. She’s sassy!! 🙂

  103. Jennifer T Avatar
    Jennifer T

    My little Jack would love a little ‘sister’ to play with. Love the red hair to match his strawberry blond.

  104. TJ Avatar

    What a wonderful mothers day gift for my wife this would be!

  105. Melissa Avatar

    Please, please, please let Veronika be mine! For all the lovely work you ladies do……thank you. Happy Mother’s Day.

  106. Tayla Avatar

    AH! She’s beautiful! And she’d be wonderful as my DD’s “birthday” gift when the new baby comes!

  107. Jared Avatar

    Would love to get this for my daughter!

  108. Megan Hardie Avatar
    Megan Hardie

    Funny- I wanted to order a copper-haired, green-eyed, freckle-faced Bambo ’cause they just call to me…..but my hubby didn’t agree. Maybe Miss V can come live with us and then I’d have my red headed beauty!

  109. Juliet L. Avatar
    Juliet L.

    Love this doll too!!!

  110. Melissa Avatar

    She is adorable. I love the bob and freckles.

  111. Ana Ramos Avatar
    Ana Ramos

    Veronika is just too cute! Hope she gets a great home! 🙂

  112. Tex Avatar

    Would love to have her for my daughter…keeping my fingers, toes, eyes and everything else crossed!

  113. Jodi O. Avatar
    Jodi O.

    My little bobbed redhead would love her! <3

  114. helen Avatar

    Cute hair! My little girl would love her.

  115. Heather Avatar

    Love the doll!

  116. sue shermetaro Avatar
    sue shermetaro

    I love the red heads:) soooo cute

  117. Ellie Avatar

    She’s a doll…LOL. I never get tired of that comment 🙂

  118. Janine Avatar

    She’s cute…still hoping…

  119. Sam Avatar

    i love the redheads too!

  120. Allison Avatar

    Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!

  121. Hilary Avatar

    She’d be a fun sister for the custom you made us with the same outfit. Have a beautiful mother’s day!

  122. Gabrielle Avatar


  123. Amie *C* Avatar
    Amie *C*

    She is so super adorable! She looks like a little bundle of fun 🙂

  124. Joy Avatar

    oooooooo She looks just like me!!!! She’s precious me and two little girls would adore her!

  125. Tim Avatar

    My daughter would love her.

  126. BrianS Avatar

    Trying again for my daughter.

  127. Amanda Avatar

    Oh my – swooning over this one! We’d love to give her a home. 🙂

  128. Pumpkinpie Avatar


  129. C Avatar

    Aw, we’d love to give this cutie a home. Love the red hair and bob! 🙂

  130. Michele Avatar

    She’s Irish, like us 🙂

  131. Rob P. Avatar
    Rob P.

    Hope this is the one

  132. Jan Avatar

    Count me in for the draw. I do so love the red heads 🙂

  133. Kelsi Avatar

    She’s so cute! Hope she can come live with us!

  134. Renee Avatar

    Would love to give the sassy Veronika a home!

  135. Karen Gross Avatar
    Karen Gross

    She would have a nice home in New Jersey!

  136. Isaac Avatar

    she would make a great birthday gift for my niece!

  137. Shayne Ostrowski Avatar
    Shayne Ostrowski

    love her!

  138. Sarah Riggs Avatar
    Sarah Riggs

    PLEASE delete this if I made a mistake, but I really thought I’d entered this morning around 9:30 CST, but can’t find the comment. I’ve *NEVER* duplicated my comments before, but have had computer problems all week and using my phone just doesn’t always CUT it!!! I wonder if the comment even went through… I know it’s not likely that I’ll win, but I CAN’T if I don’t even have a comment entered!

    I just think this little cutie is amazing and am in AAaAaaaAGgGggGGOOOoOooo-NEE wondering if I have a chance!


  139. Jolie Avatar

    Such a perfect face! I love her!

  140. Lisa Dryden Avatar
    Lisa Dryden

    My oldest daughter’s nickname is Sassy, my youngest daughter is Fiesty

  141. Rebecca Jennison Avatar
    Rebecca Jennison

    Gorgeous!! She is fantastic…fingers crossed!

  142. Marisely Avatar

    She’s super cute.

  143. Teri Avatar

    OOOOOHHHhhhh! I hope I am in on time for this one!! Will be hoping and wishing! I love her!!!!!!!!

  144. jenny L Avatar
    jenny L

    LOVE her!

    Happy Mother’s Day to all 🙂

  145. Roxane Avatar

    love redheads!! and would love, love, love to have her for my granddaughter!

  146. Joel Avatar

    Well, we had said we would wait for a long-haired redhead but…can’t argue with serendipity, can you?

  147. Melissa Avatar

    Love her hair!

  148. SueAnn Avatar

    Oh MY ! she would make a wonderful sister to Charlotte

  149. Nicole Avatar

    Oooh. She’s a cutie!

  150. Jenna Avatar

    Cutie! I hope she’s coming to our house.

  151. Scott Avatar

    I really hope this will be our chance for some Serendipity!

  152. Mary Avatar

    She is very cute!

  153. SabrinaY Avatar

    love her sweet freckles =)

  154. Di Avatar

    So sweet!

  155. Melanie Avatar

    Veronika with a k is definitely sassy!

  156. Jenifer Avatar

    OMGoldfish! It’s the big sister version of our little Bambo-boy! Perfect for my little man’s big sister (who is still Bambo-less). Please make your way and fly to my precious daughter before your ‘little brother’s’ arms get ripped off from all the fighting! LOL, maybe YOU are the reason I can’t ever get lucky enough during the uploads, maybe you are the one meant for us 🙂 We can’t wait to meet you!

  157. bindu Avatar


  158. Jennyfer Osecheck Avatar
    Jennyfer Osecheck

    did I miss her I hope not!!

  159. Janet W, FeltOnTheFly Avatar

    Your dolls are absolutely precious! Just discovered your site, and I’m looking forward to being a frequent visitor!

  160. Barbara Houck Avatar
    Barbara Houck

    Missed this one, but just wanted to comment on how GORGEOUS she is! I’m sure she found the perfect, meant-to-be home!

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